5 Makeup Trends For Fall

I really love fall.

I love the soft light, I love the soft hair

and I love these 5 major makeup trends for fall 2014

fall 2014 makeup trends

1. Metallic Touches

Don’t you just love soft gold and bronze metallics around the eyes?

Everyone looks gorgeous in them.

image via fashion maga-zine.com

image via fashiondivadesign.com

2. Glowing Skin

Always, always my most favorite thing is a gorgeous, glowing complexion.

fall makeup glowing skin

3. Lots of Lashes

This is the season of the big lash.

And I love a season with a big lash!

big lashes at Gucci

4. Bold Lips

After soft glossy summer lips its fun to venture out into a big, bold lip again.

bold lips for fall 2014

bold lips fall 2014

5. Color

This season you can add a pop of color, like a bold mascara or a vibrant eyeliner.

Cara Delevingne blue eyeliner

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