10 New Ways To Spend New Years Eve

Ever get tired of the same old routine on New Year’s Eve?
This year I am totally over it.
I’m going to change it up this year, and was googling different things to do when I found this fabulous blogpost by 
Madewell Musings

Are you doing something different for New Years Eve? Tell us about it in the comments section below



Because you’ve popped Champagne every other year…

Ever heard that old adage that how you spend New Year’s Eve sets the tone for the rest of your year? While we don’t totally buy it, we’re all for a fresh beginning. From a psychic reading to a midnight stroll, 10 unexpected ways to kick off 2015.

1. Get perspective on the coming year with a visit to a psychic or palm reader. 

2. Wind down at a spa and pick the right massage for ultimate relaxation. The main differences between the nine most common rubdowns, HERE

3. Start 2015 with some good karma and volunteer at a soup kitchen or shelter for the evening. 

4. Hit the slopes for an after-hours ski or sledding session; many regional ski areas offer nighttime lift tickets. 

5. Slip into downward dog with a night of yoga. New York-based Jivamukti studio has a whole evening of activities

6. Host a clothing swap and donate what’s left. 

7. Take a midnight stroll in your warmest coat with a thermos of hot chocolate (standard or spiked). Recipe HERE

8. Write a secret resolution out in sparklers and take a photo. 

9. Borrow a New Year’s Eve tradition from another culture. In Spain, for example, people eat 12 grapes at midnight. In Belgium, children write letters to their parents. More ideas HERE.

10. Check into a hotel for the night—in your own city. 

Photography by Angi Welsch.

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