The Hangover Beauty Remedy

How To Look Good With A Hangover

Woo hoo!! Its party season again.

Endless fab outfits, endless fun to be had.

And if you haven’t exercised moderation,

hangovers to wake up to.


Before we go any further you have to know that there is nothing hot, sexy or cool about a drunk girl.

She’s just a drunk girl.

And to everyone who’s not drunk, she looks stupid. 

Stupid drunk girl.


There are times that you wake up on the wrong side of a good time, feeling the pain, looking like the devil, and you still have to get up and go to work/meeting/a shoot 

and you need to look good, fast.

I’ve done about a million early morning shoots/breakfast TV segments

with girls who’ve partied their hearts out the night before, 

and now need a high speed trip to gorgeous-land,

and I’ve got the roadmap for you.

So here’s the recipe:

How To Look Good With A Hangover

1. Drink water and poweraid.

Tons of water and poweraid.

You absolutely have to get your system rehydrated. 

Otherwise you will look like a worn out old bag all day. 

2. Exfoliate.

Even if you did it yesterday, do it again.

You need tons of moisturizing, and the extra exfoliation will help your face to absorb it.

3. Hydrating Face Mask & Eye Gels

Take 10 minutes to lie down (you probably want to anyway) and get a mega infusion of help.

Skyn Iceland skin care products are solutions for stressed skin, and believe me, work wonders.

4. Shower

You’re smelly, so make it a good one.

5.Use Eye Makeup Remover

Get rid of last night’s mascara and liner before you go even one step further.

Trying to pull off a slick eye makeup maneuvre over the remnants of last night’s products just looks skanky.

Not the look we’re going for.

6. Eyedrops

You need them. Clear your bloodshot, itchy eyes with a dousing of drops.

Blue eyedrops will make your eyes look super white again

7.Hydrating Serum or Grape Seed Oil. Or both.

Your skin will need it, and will soak it up like crazy.

8. More water, more poweraid. B12 if you have it.

9. Depuffing Eye Cream

In my kit I carry Kiehls Facial Fuel Eye Depuffer just for clients who’ve been on the boogie the night before.

10. Moisturizer.

Your liver and your brain will have soaked up every available drop of moisture in your body, so you have to keep adding more in.

A moisturizer with caffeine and menthol will get your skin invigorated again. Try Nickel Day Spa Morning After Recovery Gel. Designed for dudes who played it too hard the night before, it works wonders on the ladies too.

11. Drink More Water and Poweraid.

12. Use A Good Primer. A Really Good Primer…

Give yourself a couple of minutes to sit down (you’ll want it) while your moisturizer soaks in, then apply a really good primer, such as Makeup Forever HD Primer. (the violet one will cancel out that sallow, hungover look). Your skin will be thirsty and will eat off your makeup, so you have to help it out all you can.

13. Don’t Use A Matte Foundation, Or A Powder Foundation, Or A Crushed Mineral Foundation

Instead use something dewy and light reflective. All of the above will make you look like an extra tired version of the Crypt Keeper. You have to pull out every trick possible to make your skin look luminous.

14.Use A Cream Blush

I recommend them everyday anyway, but for the girl with the hangover a cream blush will help infuse love and light into your cheeks and your complexion. Powder blush will make you look old and hungover.

15. Use Bronzer

Preferably a lightweight rose champagne that is slightly reflective. 

You need to warm your complexion and help it to glow. 

Otherwise you will look half dead. 

Especially if it was a big night out…

16. More water, More poweraid

17. Flesh Roned Liner Along The Waterline

Don’t be fooled into using a white liner. It looks ridic.

Flesh toned liner will open the eye and make it look lighter and brighter.

Assuming you worked wonders with your color correcting concealer, we now need to lift and open your eyes.

Avoid lining the lower lid if possible, and focus liner on the outer corner of the upper lid.

Curl your lashes, and go all out with a ton of mascara. As in, create a major diversion with it.

18. Use A Juicy Gloss

Hungover lips look less than luscious. Frequently they look parched and cracked, so a heavy lipstick looks awful. Instead opt for a colored gloss. 

Choose one thats good and juicy, so that your lips look alive. 

But don’t go for a porno-gloss. 

Anything too glossy will make you look like last night’s good time. 

Which maybe you were.

19. Perfume.

You smell. Put something good on. 

That fresh out of the shower loveliness will have worn off about, oh, 5 minutes after you dried off. 

Opt for something fresh and lively. 

This isn’t one of your sexy, spicy moments.

20. Breathmints

Even if you brushed your teeth 20 times, be advised that she who is hungover has raunchy breath.

Chewing on a wad of gum not only makes you look bovine, but it also looks so cheap and 

tacky. Which is the exact opposite of the look we’re going for.

Most importantly, whatever you did last night, own it.

Walk tall, head held high. You can get away with almost anything with a good lip gloss and a sexy slice of confidence.

Go girl.

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