4 Makeup Tips For Super Bowl Parties

Super Bowl is here in Phoenix this year.
I’ve been working non stop on Super Bowl events (and the Phoenix Open too – its also here this weekend), in fact until Monday I am eating, sleeping and breathing Super Bowl makeup.

A couple of years back I was at a spectacular Super Bowl party in Scottsdale, and was stunned that so many of the women there were so ridiculously overly made up. They almost looked like caricatures of themselves.
A full face of makeup looks silly at a Super Bowl party, so how do you do your makeup and feel pretty but not look overdone?

Here are my 4 Makeup Tips For Your Super Bowl Party

Kate Upton in gorgeous makeup

1. Ease up on the foundation. A thick cakey foundation, or a dried out crushed mineral foundation look equally out of place and totally overdone. Let your skin glow and look fresh with a BB cream instead.

2. Step back on the liner. Black eyeliner is too harsh for a Sunday afternoon. Use an expresso brown instead, smudging it into the lashline so that it enhances the lashes but doesn’t draw too much attention to itself.

3. Give yourself a rosy glow. It’s easy to look flat in the middle of winter. There’s no sunshine bouncing off your complexion and the world around you is grey, so light things up with a rosy glow to your cheeks. Bring the color forward a little to give yourself a slight flush.

4. Lighten up on the lip. Super Bowl parties are all about drinks and finger foods. If you are sporting a bold lip or a dark lip, it will end up all over your fingers and all over your glass. A strong lip also breaks down and looks tacky if you don’t keep it maintained.
Opt instead for  lighter or softer lip.
(If you really can’t go for a softer lip use a longwear formula but check it often!)

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