6 Tips For Planning A Trip To Venice

Are you planning a trip to Venice?

Tips-For-Planning-A Trip-To-Venice

Hopefully you have read my blogposts on traveling in Venice (click here) and have a better idea of some of the amazing things to do in this unique and spectacular city, as well as a few of the pitfalls to avoid.

I adore Venice. I went there for the first time in 1987, and fell in love with her. I’ve been back many times since. 
For those of you who haven’t been, or who are thinking about going back on your own (as in not with a tour or on a cruise ship), I have a few pointers for you.


Here are 6 Tips For Planning A Trip To Venice

* Before planning your trip check out the monthly weather averages. Although some parts of Italy seem to have perpetual sunshine, Venice is not one of them. There are months where it rains hard, and when it floods, it really floods!

* Avoid traveling to Venice in July and August. It is so crowded at that time, the lines to get into the churches and palaces are huge and take forever! That means you stand around forever and don’t get to see too much.
Also when the days get hot and the sun beats down on the lagoon it gets smelly!

Venice is moody and magical in the rain

* Venice gets rainy. Pack a travel umbrella and/or a rain poncho.
The minute the skies open umbrellas go up in price. Last year I left my travel umbrella back in Florence and had to buy one in Venice when the rain started. Everywhere charged 10 euros for a junky little umbrella.
I can’t ever be bothered dragging around rain coats on the off chance it will be wet, so either packing a travel rain poncho or a travel umbrella makes life so much easier.

* Wear shoes you can walk around in. Venice is a walking city and you don’t want to miss out on the good stuff because you have the wrong footwear.
Also when it rains it can get slippery if you are just wearing sandals.

* Try and stay a few days in Venice. There is so much to see and do, and 80% of the 13 million+ travelers who go there each year are in Venice for 8 hours or less, and miss most of it.

* Travel within Venice is by boat, so you need to have easily maneuverable luggage. You also need to condense your luggage. The fewer bags the better.

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