Rescue Me.

Ever feel like you need rescuing? These days I do. On an almost daily basis. (Sometimes life is just straight up stressful.)

Blowing you kisses from the makeup room on International Kiss A Ginger Day.
And desperately needing a haircut…

Even though it’s not exactly freezing where I live – not compared to most of the country anyway, something happens to my skin and to my hair every January.

Both get a little lifeless, both get a little dull, both get dehydrated.

So I’m always looking for a wonder product to come save me.

A couple of months back I was shooting a huge campaign for Starbucks, and had the absolute pleasure of working with a hairstylist who had arrived in from Milan a couple of days before. She was completely fabulous. And her skin showed no tell tale signs of jetlag.

One of our assistants, Whitney, made this behind the scenes video

She introduced me to a product that she was slathering onto her gorgeous skin, and told me it was the holy grail of skincare. So of course I got on and ordered it immediately.

It’s a Swiss product that looks expensive but is infact, super affordable.
Weleda Skin Food is apparently meant to be a body product, but if your skin is dry or irritated, it’s fantastic on your face too. It’s job is to hydrate, restore and protect skin with nourishing plant oils and extracts.


I love the feel of Weleda Skin Food on my skin. It’s like a long, cold drink of water on a hot, hot day. Especially right now when the combination of cold weather and central heating is making my skin feel parched. 

Over the Christmas break I finally found time to really sort through the Corinna B’s World makeup closet, organize it, pare it down, get it streamlined.
I found some amazing products that I completely forgot I had, which almost felt like Christmas all over again.
One of the products I found was Sebastian’s Potion 9.


I used to use this a lifetime ago. It’s been around for 20 years now, and I still remember when it first came out. I was living the Hollywood dream at the time, and every hairstylist and makeup artist was using it.
Anyway, somehow along the way I forgot about this fabulous hair product. (Apparently my hair didn’t though!) I am so overdue for a hair cut, my locks have been looking frazzled and dried out – not their usual shiny self. As soon as I started using  Potion 9 again my hair got all kinds of happy! It’s back to super shiny and lusterous and feels really soft. It’s also got lots of body back.
I’m so excited – it’s like finding a whole new product! And it’s only half the price of anything else on my shelf which is making me super happy too!

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