Our rituals are a part of what defines us.

The little rituals we make as families shape our memories and help us to identify ourselves as a family. From Saturday night pizza and movies, to the order our Christmas follows, from the way we celebrate family birthdays to the way we take our annual vacation, it’s the little rituals that form our little memories, that go on to become the big memories once we are grown.

Sometimes our rituals are what keep us sane in a helter skelter busy world, where the demands of a career, family needs, endless commuting and a fast paced life can leave your head spinning.

Do you have any little rituals that you look forward to? For me it’s the little things. 

clearly this is not me :))

Like my Sunday night ritual. If I’m home, and not on a shoot I like to put on a sheet mask, kick back, put my feet up and read for a while.

some of the sheet masks I ordered last week

I buy sheet masks on Memebox. And I buy tons of them. 

Sometimes  I want a skin brightening mask if I think my complexion is looking dull. Or a deep hydrating mask, or maybe a firming and lifting mask – whenever I’m freestyling around on the Memebox website I always wind up buying more. At anywhere from $1 to $8 each they are totally affordable, and always feel so luxurious.

I buy serums and essences, facial mists and ampoules, every kind of skin care product you can think of on the Memebox site, but always add in sheet masks.


And on Sunday nights I take a little time for myself (and my complexion!) and have a little sheet mask love. This weekend I’m doing a pearl brightening mask. I have a bunch to choose from….



Memebox Starter Kit #Beginwithskin

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