Behind The Scenes, Google Campaign

I always mean to post behind the scenes stories from makeup jobs that I do. I seldom get around to it.
There are so many things to factor in to the equation:
*much of what we do cannot be shown before the project/ad campaign/ magazine goes live.
* as a makeup artist you seriously have to protect the privacy of your celebrity clients, and the sanctity of the makeup room
* you don’t want to be showing the photographer’s lighting
* when shooting fashion you can’t be posting the clothes and styling before the shoot goes live
… there are many more factors too. So I mostly don’t write about it.

But today I’m giving you a look behind the scenes at a week long campaign we shot recently for Google.
The key to any project going smoothly is to 
a) have a great leader, in this case our handsome and fabulous photographer Eric Cassee
who b) assembles a group of like minds who function seemlessly as a team.

Our handsome leader. 

There is always a group of girls (crew and models) sitting behind Eric, waiting for him to bend over and shoot. The general consensus is that he has the absolute perfect butt. 
Eric is both brilliantly talented and fun to be around, so his set is always a really happy and cool place to be.

For me it all starts with setting up my makeup room. The studio we were shooting in has several different makeup rooms and makeup bays. I always take this one because it is huge, and it has really comfortable lounge chairs in it. 
Also it is directly across the hallway from the wardrobe room. I like to be able to zip back and forth, checking details on a model’s wardrobe so I can make sure my work is 100% on point.
I also love being next door to our amazing wardrobe stylist Zoe Hennessey. She has the 3 F’s in spades – she is fun, completely fascinating and endlessly fabulous.
The makeup room is always a place where everyone wants to hang out, so I like it to be comfortable, clean and always smell good.


My friend Diana Elizabeth was one of our model/actors. She and I have worked together for years. Back in my days we worked together often, and I would sometimes be the beauty expert guest on her show. ( I just found my SheKnows Chat Pack bio online! See it here)
We always have fun together!

Diana wrote about the shoot on her fabulous blog, Diana Elizabeth Blog. 
Below see one of the photos from her blog, sitting in my makeup chair. 

The fabulous Diana Elizabeth in the makeup chair

Read her blogpost here 

The international glam squad

The beauty team on this shoot was from all over the globe.
If you follow me on Instagram (@Corinnamakeup) you will already have seen this image. I called it “The United Nations Of Glam”  because we had my assistant, Persian beauty Zee, who lives in Bahrain but works Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Dubai, and I think Lebanon too. She is a makeup artist and was in town for a couple of months to take a class I was teaching and to work with me. I hope to get out to the Gulf sometime soon to work alongside her.
Then there’s me, originally from New Zealand, and here via London (5 years) then Los Angeles (10 years). The hot blonde on the right is our hairstylist Patrycja who is from Poland but came to us via 17 years in New York.
We are a really fun team!

touch ups on set


As much as we fool around in between shots, when it’s work time we are all on set, watching, touching up, making sure everything looks perfect.


Behind -The-Scenes-Wardrobe-And-Makeup
Wardrobe stylist Zoe Hennessey and the beauty team


Zoe’s assistant Ale on set


On our last day of shooting we had gorgeous model Zack with us, Patrycja couldn’t resist  making her own matching beard.
Have I mentioned how much fun this shoot was?? 

Zee trying on a fringe wig

Every shoot ends with a crew shot.
This campaign was so much fun to be a part of. I can’t wait for the next one!

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