5 Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Tuesday is Bridal Beauty day on the Corinna B’s World blog, and today I am pairing a hair story that is relevant to brides, mothers of brides – any one in the bridal party, and is equally relevant to those of us who are not in the wedding game too.
It’s all about hair mistakes that age us unnecessarily.


1. Color Is The Ultimate Ager.
This applies any which way you look at it, whether you have made a color error, or whether you are not coloring your hair when you should be.
Un-colored hair can look flat and make your complexion look dull. Simply adding some warm highlights to frame the face can soften your features, warm up your skin and make you look younger.

Hot. Mess.
Lindsay Lohan’s platinum hair is just awful

The two worst color offenders when it comes to adding years to your look are 
1) blondes that are too pale, which washes out your skin tone, and 2) coloring your hair too dark. 
Black hair color and super dark hair color can sap the life out of your skin and make you look harsh.

Catherine Zeta Jones’ black hair is too harsh, and ages her lovely face

Blondes that are too pale are super aging, especially on anyone who is out of her 20’s. (in your 20’s it just looks like you don’t know any better). Too pale blonde also makes you look hard.
A friend of mine’s too pale blonde wife recently celebrated her birthday, and I was stunned to find out that she’s not in her 60’s, but is actually in her mid 50’s. The combination of too much sun and borderline platinum blonde hair has her looking far older than she is.

2. An Out Of Date Cut.
Your cut shouldn’t be identical to the one you wore 5 years ago.
As your face ages your haircut needs to move with it, to bring out the best in your features. Adding a little balayage color around your face to maximize the shape of your new cut, and to compliment your skin tone can keep you looking youthful.

3. Not Trimming Regularly.
Crunchy, split ends detract from your lovely face and can be really aging. A small trim every 6 to 8 weeks keeps your cut looking fresh, keeps the movement in your hairstyle, and keeps you looking youthful.

4. The Fringe And The Part.

Sophis Bush’s blunt bangs are too heavy for her face, accentuating the hollow under eye area

Two super quick fixes to update your ‘do are changing your fringe and/or moving your part.
Again watch how the aging process is affecting your features, and use your bangs and your part to either soften your look, or to divert attention. For example if your eyes look heavy or tired, blunt bangs will accentuate the bags and the crows feet, whereas soft, side-swept bangs will minimize them. Regardless of your age

5. Wearing Your Hair Too Tight.
Pulling your hair back too tightly accentuates every fine line and every flaw in your skin. It also accentuates any aging that is showing around the eye area.
Instead try either not pulling all of your hair up, or soften the look by letting some soft wispy pieces fall around your face.

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