Amal Clooney And Sideshow George ~ One Year And Counting

On yesterday’s flight home from Australia I was reading 
Grazia Magazine‘s article about Amal and her ‘arm candy’ George. 
All the newsstands had pictures of her killing it in a green Versace dress this week, and there was also mention of their one year wedding anniversary.
I can imagine these two going the distance. He always seems both in absolute awe of her, and as though he is endlessly chasing her to keep her interested in him.


Charlotte Tilbury Looks Campaign

I just love Amal. Quite apart from the fact that she is brilliant and accomplished and is at the top of her international game in a non show biz career, she has a flawless sense of style. Personally I think she is already becoming iconic.

I also love that George (The Chairman) is so completely eclipsed by her. In any photo of the two of them your eye is immediately drawn to her. Every time I see them I think “it’s Amal and Sideshow George“. 
But don’t you just love how proud he looks? One year on and he still looks as though he can’t quite believe he actually got her. 

Interestingly she also manages to steal the spotlight from Cindy Crawford in any photograph, even though Cindy has spent 30+ years training our eyes to land directly on her.
The Gerbers and the Clooneys spend so much time together – do you ever wonder what Cindy and Amal talk about? Amal is fashion. I can’t imagine her being overly interested in talking about it endlessly. Who knows, maybe Cindy can talk human rights and international politics?

Anyway, here is a quick look at what Amal has been wearing this week.

At the O Brother Where Art Thou 15th Anniversary, in Versace.
(photo credit Splash News / Pop Sugar)

Where does your eye go? Straight to Amal




 Amal in New York wearing red Dolce and Gabbana

photo credit Felipe Ramales/Splash News 

Amal and George leaving a restaurant on Portobello Road, she is wearing Dolce and Gabbana.

photo credit Splashnews

All images in this post were taken from Amal Clooney Style, a fabulous blog devoted to what the divine Mrs Clooney wears. For a complete breakdown on Amal’s outfits and accessories, check out Amal Clooney Style here 


Read the Grazia Magazine article here

Charlotte Tilbury Looks Campaign


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