One Million And Counting!

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On Friday night the Corinna B’s World blog

achieved it’s one millionth page view!!!

And since then it has blown right past 1,000 000!

Put in perspective, it hasn’t been a million days yet since Jesus died.

Every day, all around the world, people click on and read my little blog. From tiny, far away places, war torn countries, the biggest cities in the world, the biggest countries in the world, remote beaches and mountain tops. Let’s face it – I don’t need to tell you because you already know. It’s you that is clicking on the links, typing me into your search bar, opening me in your email every day (sign up in the side bar over there ——-> ), saving the Corinna B’s World blog to your favorites. 

You all know where you are.

But do you know how much I appreciate you???

From the bottom of my heart I thank you.

A million times over, I thank you!

When I started this blog it never entered my head that it would be read a million times. In fact I didn’t think anyone apart from my mom would ever read it, but here you all are, in all your countries, in all your time zones, in all your languages.

There is some fabulous new content coming your way, from travel stories, the Corinna B’s World Glam Italia 2 Tour, beauty stories, and lots more! So please stay with me, bring your friends along for the ride, and lets see how quickly we can reach that second million!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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