5 Ways To Survive Mercury Retrograde While Traveling

I’m one of those people who if you don’t tell me it’s Mercury Retrograde I won’t notice anything. But if you do tell me, I will think things are going awry. I never think about it when I’m traveling, but how do you wrangle mercury Retrograde when you’re on the road?

I found this blogpost on one of my favorite travel sites, AFAR.com,
and it is a repost from another site, The Wayfarer, written by Ryan Evans.

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5 Ways To Survive Mercury Retrograde While Traveling 

So, since so much of travel includes data, communication and activity, what does a Mercury retrograde mean for travelers (besides the ubiquitous computer crashes, weather delays and misplaced luggage)? Should we avoid travel altogether and hide under a rock? Of course not. Here are the general rules and guidelines for travelers and Mercury retrograde.

 1. Avoid scheduling something new during a Mercury retrograde, unless it’s old business that needs finishing, in which case it’s perfect. If you absolutely must travel or schedule travel during a retrograde, then the “re” prefix is key. Do your best to figure out how to integrate any of the “re”trograde themes—revisit, rebuild, rejuvenate, recover, retreat, reconcile—into your experience. For example, Mercury is retrograde from December 19, 2016 to Jan 8, 2017. Avoid travel during the holidays? Inconceivable! But going back to the farm to see Pops and revisit memory lane? Perfect.

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2. Be cautious and take your time. There are bound to be mishaps and communication erros, so do your best to be ready for them. Buy travel insurance even if you don’t think you need to. Be extra alert when you double check everything and do so patiently. Keep your eyes and ears open and listen to tiny omens or clues alerting your intuition. Any time you feel rushed, frantic or flustered, let that be the clue to slow down and breathe for a minute. Taking time to calm down just may prevent your locking the keys in your car! 

3. Use the power of the Mercury Retrograde to your advantage. Have you been feeling a need to head to a mountain hideaway to relax and reevaluate your life? This is a perfect time to do so.

4. Don’t let Mercury’s mischief get the best of you and cause you to become more upset. This likely will save you from further complications. Remember that any snafu has a lesson for which patience, lightheartedness, and acceptance are the cure. If the flight is delayed then make it positive and use that time to call and reconnect with your Mom like you’ve been meaning to (thus making Mercury work to your benefit).

5. Don’t blame the Gods! Just because you ignored the “check engine” light for a month and the car broke down during a Mercury retrograde does not make it Mercury’s fault. Mercury is simply reminding you of what you already knew. Next time, listen when the engine knocks or when it takes two hours to purchase an airline ticket.

Essentially, knowing the astrological climate helps us to dress appropriately. Mercury is not here to cause us pain. Mercury is here to help us integrate our lessons, teach us how to be more aware, conscious, thoughtful, and deliberate. And with Mercury, the archetype of the storyteller, we’ll at least have lots of human experience to compare and laugh about once Mercury goes direct!

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