How To Avoid Hat Hair This Summer

image by Kelly Capelli
makeup by Corinna Cooke

If I so much as put a hat on for 60 seconds my hair is trashed for the rest of the day.
It drives me insane.
And it can be a real problem during the summer, especially on vacation, when you’ve been out and about in the sun all day with your fabulous hat on, and now everyone is going to lunch/dinner/drinks/or some other place where you either can’t have your hat on or will look stupid with your hat on.

So what is a girl supposed to do?

 Tips For How To Avoid Hat Hair This Summer.

Start by choosing a hat that fits your head, is not fitting too tightly anywhere, and that is made of quality, light materials. This will help your hair to breathe beneath the hat.

1. Pull your hair back into a low pony or low braids and wear your hat loose.

2. Don’t put your hat on over wet hair.

3. Fold a bandana or scarf flat and place the non seamed side against your forehead, tying it above your ears. Let your hat sit against the scarf, stopping your hat from leaving indentations against your forehead.

4. Fold a silk scarf into a large triangle and place the longest edge against your forehead, the V over your head, tying the two corners behind your head. Let your hat sit loosely on top.

5. If you wear your hair in a part, direct it in the opposite direction before you put your hat on. When you take your hat back off flip your hair back to it’s normal side you will have created volume!

6. If you can avoid getting an indentation on your forehead, when you are done wearing your hat spray some dry shampoo (I use Klorane) into the roots of your hair, letting it sit for three minutes. Fluff your hair with your fingers,
spritz the mid-lengths and ends with Ouidad Botanical Boost Curl Energizing and Refreshing Spray 

ouidad-botanical spray

for curls or glossy hair, or Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion for beachy waves, then clip or tie hair into a high pony.


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