Easy Like Sunday Morning….

As far as I’m concerned, the Sunday morning reset is so important.

Love Style Life Garance Dore

I’m trying really hard not to book work on Sundays. Sometimes I have to do a shoot or a wedding, but I really treasure the Sunday mornings when I can just wake because I finished sleeping. No alarms, no racing to get ready and out the door.

I have a little ritual for Sunday mornings.

It starts with a couple of hours of digital detox. No social media, no TV, no checking email.

I put on some chill music and open a book.

Love Style Life Garance Dore

I love coffee table books, so instead of diving headfirst into a novel, (and not resurfacing until lunch) I like to make a killer cup of coffee and have some quiet time being inspired by the art and the thoughts of the ones I admire most.

Love Style Life Garance Dore

I either make a  Nespresso or I make  Illy Coffee in my French Press. I’m pretty particular about my coffee.

This morning my Nespresso and I spent some QT with Garance Dore’s book Love Style Life .

Love Style Life Garance Dore

I gave her book  Love X Style X Life to several people for Christmas last year, and I also have given it as a hostess gift. It’s just fabulous.

Love Style Life Garance Dore

This morning I was rereading her style evolution and day dreaming about Paris.

I will be back there soon.

Happy Sunday

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