You Need To Know Meghan Markle’s Secret To Healthy Travel

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Have you ever wondered how celebrities such as Meghan Markle can fly around the world all the time and not get sick? How they can jet back and forth across the world and not get jetlag?

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Meghan Markle told us the answer 2 years ago on her blog, The Tig. I didn’t see her original post but I did catch the recap on Bustle, in a post they did about Meghan Markle’s top 4 travel essentials (linked at the bottom of this post).

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Prior to hooking up with Harry, Meghan was working in Toronto, living part time in LA, and traveling the world and writing travel guides for her blog.

When you travel you are eating foods your digestive system isn’t used to and sometimes may struggle with. You are drinking different water, and moving at a different pace than usual, (whether that is lying on a beach chair or hammock all day or whether you are running around tourist attractions). Your sleep schedule changes and you are exposed to new germs and sometimes more germs than usual.

In my opinion as a frequent international traveler there are 2 super important steps to staying healthy while you travel:

2 Steps To Staying Healthy When You Travel

My first is to use chlorox wipes and disinfect everything in and around my seat on the plane. Arm rests, seatbelt buckle, headrest, tray table, TV screen, and any buttons I may need to touch. Planes don’t get cleaned between flights, and they seldom if ever get disinfected. That means that regardless of where you are sitting on the plane, if the person occupying that seat before you had the plague, the flu, a sinus infection or any other contagious affliction you now own it too.

The second step to staying healthy when you travel is to proactively take care of your intestinal health.

Dr Ohhira Probiotics

Travel And Your Immune System

If I asked you to point to your body’s immune system, do you know where it is? 70%-80% is in your small intestine. While you are on vacation one of the best ways you can stay healthy is to support your immune system by taking care of your digestive system, in the form of taking probiotics every day.

I take a probiotic everyday anyway but was fascinated to see that Meghan Markle not only spoke about it in her travel blog but also named her favorite probiotic, the one she packs on every trip, Dr.Ohhira’s Probiotics .

I admit I hadn’t heard of them before so I did some research, reached out to the company and had them send me some information. Now I too travel with Dr Ohhira’s Probiotics – if they are good enough for a princess they are good enough for me!

Dr Ohhira Probiotics

Dr Ohhira’s are different from other probiotics.

These probiotics are the result of 30 years of Dr Ohhira’s  research.

They don’t require refrigeration and come in easy to transport blister packs, making them perfect for travel!

Dr Ohhira’s probiotics start with fresh natural spring water, then seasonally harvested GMO-free vegetables, fruits and seaweed to which 12 strains of live probiotics are added. They then ferment for 3 years, creating postbiotics. So in each capsule you have prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics.

Dr Ohhira Probiotics

Why every probiotic is NOT right for travel and how to choose:

Around 10 million people a year experience digestive distress while on vacation that can include nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping, bloating and fever. According to the CDC, it is the most common illness travelers suffer and can ruin a well-earned vacation.

Fred Pescatore, MD recommends packing a high-quality probiotic with LIVE cultures as part of your vacation preparation. “We spend so much time coordinating the details of our vacations that we often overlook planning for the prevention of any illness. And you can do this by taking a high-quality probiotic a week before you leave and continuing to take them throughout your trip”. Research has shown that probiotics can help boost your immunity, prevent traveler’s diarrhea and food poisoning caused by food-borne bacteria and minimizes the symptoms of other digestive issues.

Dr Ohhira Probiotics

“Travelers do not realize that 80 percent of gastrointestinal illnesses are caused by a bacterial infection and can often be avoided with proper supplements,” said Dr. Pescatore. “Environmental stress and traveler’s bugs can lower the number of friendly bacteria, disrupting the balance and causing digestive distress. Because Dr. Ohhira’s are live, viable and contain POSTbiotics, they can go to work immediately.”

Ohhira’s Probiotics are perfect for traveling because they are in blister packs and never need to be refrigerated (due to the natural fermentation process that occurs in ambient room temperature) so you can throw them in your suitcase, purse or even a shirt pocket.

Why Meghan’s advice needs to be updated given new science:

POSTbiotics!! Science now confirms that postbiotics are the most restorative and health-promoting aspect of probiotic supplementation.

Dr Ohhira has been a pioneer in probiotic health and research, and discovered years ago that the most vital part of probiotic supplements is postbiotics. These are produced during his 3 year fermentation process, and his probiotics are the only ones on the market that also contain these miracle postbiotics.

No wonder Meghan Markle always looks so good! Her blog post was from 2 years ago and she had already been using Dr Ohhira’s Probiotics for a while when she wrote it.

You can find Dr Ohhira’s Probiotics here on

The Probiotic Cure

When I got my box of Dr Ohhira’s Probiotics I also got this book, The Probiotic Cure: Harnessing the Power of Good Bacteria for Better Health. Probiotics are crucial to good health. This book looks at many common ailments and how you can reverse them or mitigate the symptoms using live culture probiotics.

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