How To Prevent Bed Bugs When You Travel

Do you worry about bed bugs when you travel? Are you traveling this summer? Bed bugs are insidious. Not only will they leave you covered in bites, but they will make their way home with you, infesting your house. Whether you travel for work or for pleasure, you need to use these 5 steps to prevent getting bed bugs while you are away.


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I often get asked if I’m scared of terrorism when I travel. The answer is absolutely not. Not even slightly scared. The chances of being in that place at that time are actually very slim. You are far more likely to come undone on the freeway on your way to work. But do you want to know what does scare me when I travel? Actually it terrifies me. Bed Bugs. They not only give me the creeps, but the thought of bringing them into my home after a trip is just horrifying. A bed bug infestation in  your house is difficult and expensive fix, and just the thought of it is grotesque.


During the years that New York hotels were suffering bed bug infestations  I turned down makeup jobs in the Big Apple – I didn’t like the odds of getting a bed bug hotel. During that time one of my flight attendant friends had an overnight layover in New York and woke during the night thinking she was on fire, but instead her back was covered in bed bug bites!

I heard another story recently about a mother and daughter on their international flight home seeing bedbugs crawling out of the seat in front of them. The flight was full, so they couldn’t be moved, and hence came home covered with bites and with bedbugs.

One of my best friends took her family to Hawaii for a vacation a couple of years ago and got bedbugs. Getting the little devils out of their clothes, luggage and home was a long, difficult and expensive procedure.

Allowing for the fact that I can’t travel and sleep in a hazmat suit I have to be a little more proactive re bedbugs.


Eco Raider bed Bug Killer

5 Steps To Prevent Bedbugs

1.Pull back the bedding

Pull the sheets back off the bed and inspect the mattress. Look for little red or black spots on the mattress (also on the bedding).

2. Look along the mattress seams

Apparently these critters like the seams and joins of mattresses, so look there for bug carcasses. They may look like black dots or ground pepper.

***** if you see any, get your luggage out of the room and go to the front desk. You need to have your room changed or go stay somewhere else.******

3. No bags on the bed.

Use the luggage rack. Don’t put your suitcase on the floor or on the bed.

4. Use A Trap

If you are worried that there may be bedbugs bring a bedbug trap like this one from Ortho. In less than an hour you will know if they are there. Find the Ortho Bed Bug Trap  on here

ortho bed bug trap

5. Use A Spray

Use a spray. I have Eco Raider Bed Bug Killer from I haven’t actually ever had to use it, but it does give me a little peace of mind. It is non toxic, non pesticide and 100% child and pet friendly. I have it in 2 fluid ounce bottles, one goes on the plane with me (after hearing the story about bedbugs on the plane I have to have something on hand!) and one goes in my suitcase.Bed Bug Killer by EcoRaider is available here at



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