Shopping In Rome ~ Why You Need To Know About The Mercato Monti

If you are looking to do really fabulous, one of a kind, fashion shopping while in Rome I have the place for you.

The Most Stylish Market In Rome

Every weekend one of the hippest neighborhoods (or Rione) in Rome, the Monti, hosts the most chic, avant garde fashion markets you will find anywhere.

the fabulous Monti Markt in Rome

On Saturdays and Sundays the bottom floor of the 1970’s style Hotel Palatino becomes a showcase for Rome’s up and coming designers and artisans. Almost everything here is handmade and quite unique, making it a favorite of fashion stylists and sophisticated shoppers.

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There are some home goods available here as well as some sweet stuff for kids, but if you are a fashion shopper there are some incredible items to check out.

homegoods at the monti market in rome
Monti Market, Rome
Hey! No photos!
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You will find handmade Italian shoes from young local designers who are in that space between being unknown and having major presence in big stores.

designer handmade italian leather shoes at the Monti Market in Rome
stalls with handmade leather shoes line up next to stalls with chic designer sunglasses at the Monti Market in Rome

Cool designer sunglasses, also not yet in stores, which makes them even cooler. Last time I was there a movie costume designer/wardrobe stylist was picking out sunglasses for a film she was working on – this place is next level cool.

sunglasses designers at the monti market in rome

You will also find really fantastic leather handbags, different from the mass market merchandise you see everywhere in the street markets and in stores.

designer leather handbags at the monti market in rome
Leather handbags from local designers at the Monti Market in Rome
leather handbags in Rome's Monti market
not my photo, this is from

The clothing at the Monti Market is very one of a kind euro-chic with a slightly vintage vibe. These are pieces no one will have back home, with the cut, quality and fabric choices that make them items that will not only last forever but that you will love forever.

vintage fashion at Monti Market in Rome
tourists and locals at the Monti Market

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Along with the new designers you can also find some very cool vintage jewelry at Mercato Monti.

Italians take their fashion seriously. You will notice that everyone from rich to poor, looks put together. They have an innate sense of style, and never look sloppy or careless. They value having a few well chosen, good quality pieces over a closet full of cheap fast fashion. Which is why you will spot a very cosmopolitan crowds perusing the racks here.

This is a great place to spend some money, both because you can get some really special pieces here but also because you are helping out young, emerging Italian fashion designers. You get to chat with the designers – generally they are manning their stalls. The whole experience is very cool.

Be sure to check out their website and also their Facebook page, to see what’s on the agenda each month. (I go to the market if I’m in town on the weekends regardless of which designers are showing, but I check the Facebook page anyway!)

Also check the website if you are in Rome during June and July as they also have a presence on Isola Tiburtina after 7 pm.

the Monti district or Rione Monti in Rome is full of pretty little streets and incredible eateries. It is also home to the fabulous Monti Market
Wandering the streets in the Monti neighborhood in Rome

Plan your trip to the Mercato Monti / Monti Market around meal time – the Monti district is one of the big foodie areas in Rome with endless fabulous little eateries everywhere. Also allow time to just wander the neighborhood, it is full of darling little streets you will want to take a thousand photos in!

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Bonus Info

Do you find the idea of shopping in Italy a little unnerving? Does the language barrier have you confused or worried about how to ask for your size or what something costs? No worries my friend – I have made a PDF for you with all the main things you want to ask or say in Italian and how to pronounce them.

Download it to your phone or print it out and take it with you. If you feel uncomfortable trying to say the words, no problem! Just point to them and show the sales person. Get your free How To Shop In Italian! PDF here


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