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Secrets to glamorous travel (on a not so glamorous budget)

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For anyone planning a trip to Italy

Have you been dreaming of a trip to Italy but keep putting it off because it seems too expensive, or because planning a trip by yourself just seems too overwhelming? Then this is the book for you!

I have been taking ultra-glamorous trips to Italy on a single mommy budget for years. When other women wanted to join me on very affordable yet luxurious romps through Italy it became a business.

I have helped friends and family members plan wonderful trips to Italy across every price point from extreme budget to 5 stars, and I can help you too!

Use my very simple system to help plan your perfect trip, get the very best flight deals, find incredible accommodation, and have the trip of a lifetime. (At any price point!)

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Glam Italia! How To Travel Italy takes the worry out of international travel with step by step guides to common traveler worries such as how to use the train system, how to choose a restaurant or a neighborhood to stay in, even how to order coffee! Don’t worry about not speaking the language – there is a chapter with useful translations for everything from “I’m lost!” to “is there a discount on this?

What’s Inside

  • how to plan the perfect trip
  • how to choose where to stay and for how long
  • how to get amazing flight deals
  • how to get around Italy
  • how to choose a restaurant
  • how to choose which wines to order in each region of Italy
  • shopping tips including the one thing you must not buy!
  • what to do if you get sick
  • how to navigate your way through public restrooms (you seriously need to read this chapter!)

Meet The Author

Hi! I’m Corinna and I am so excited to tell you my stories about traveling in Italy!

I’m a makeup artist, magazine beauty director, blogger and world traveler. I travel for work and I travel for pleasure. My favorite place in the world to travel to and explore is beautiful Italy.

I travel to Italy multiple times per year, and somewhere along the way found myself with an unexpected side gig – a little private tour business. I design boutique, a la carte tours of Italy for small groups of women who are friends, friends of friends of friends, or who track me down on social media.

However, they find their way to me they all want the same thing, affordable travel that doesn’t involve running from monument to monument, racing against time and packs of tourists.

As much as my day job is all about beauty and fashion, my passion is travel. My blog started out as a beauty blog with insider information about beauty products and trends. Then I noticed that the posts I included about travel in Italy were gaining stratospheric numbers of followers.

When the page views blew past the one million mark and I was getting inundated with people asking me how to plan a trip to Italy, I decided it was time to write a book.

I knew I had something special to share, so wrote this book in the hope that I can inspire to you travel to Italy, encourage you to visit some of the less touristy areas (as well as the famous ones), and show you how to do it all on any budget!

Free Resources

From pre-travel checklists to charts to plan your trip (and more things coming) download free PDFs here:
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Who Is This Book For?

If you have been wanting to go to Italy but don’t know where to start planning a trip, this book is for you.

If you like to feel a bit glamorous while you are traveling (regardless of your budget!), this book is for you.

If you want to travel outside of a bus tour or a cruise, this book is for you.

If you are taking a bus tour or a cruise – this book is for you too!

If you have fallen in love with Italy through a movie or a book, if you have dreamed of enjoying a morning cappuccino with a view, or late afternoon glass of wine in the piazza, this book is for you.

If your dreams of Italy don’t involve being stuck in the middle of thousands of tourists – this book is for you

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Why an ebook?

Originally this book was designed to be an ebook only, but it is available both as an ebook and as a paperback. After many years of carrying multiple travel books with me when I went somewhere new I wanted to save weight and space in my suitcase and have all the information at my fingertips, digitally.

I loved the idea that my readers could download my book to their Kindle app and have me there to help them wherever they were, via their phone, their tablet or whichever device was with them.

A friend told me the story of how stressed out she was trying to figure her way through the train station in Verona, and how she couldn’t figure out what to do because everything was in Italian. She actually said “I wish I could have had you there on my phone to help me!

With that in mind I wanted to create a way that I could be with my reader inside their Kindle app, so that when they need help, whether it’s a step by step guide through buying a train ticket and getting to their train on time, telling a pharmacist or doctor what is wrong, or simply ordering the right type of food and wine for the region they are in, it could be as easy as scrolling on their phone or tablet. Technically I could always be in their pocket, ready to help!

How To Travel Italy is only available on, Choose between paperback or ebook (or both!)

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Glam Italia! How To Travel Italy

Secrets to glamorous travel (on a not so glamorous budget)

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