Product Spotlight #3 Sisley – Paris Phyto Eye Twist

I’m excited to tell you about this week’s Product Spotlight! A few months back and my affiliate marketing company sent me a Blogger Bonus Box. It had many fabulous things in it, including Viktor and Rolf BonBon (which became my Paris fragrance) and today’s product Sisley Paris Phyto Eye Twist.

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I’m majorly fan-girling on this product. At this time of year I work 7 days per week. I don’t have time to fluff around in the mornings, I have to get ready and get out the door quickly. I am a makeup artist, so I have to arrive to whichever gig I’m working on looking what I call “tastefully polished”. That means well groomed but no overblown Kardashian-style makeup, which isn’t my vibe anyway. They sent me the Phyto Eye Twist in Shade 1, Topaz (which  may just be the best fall/winter shade ever). Topaz is the perfect bronzy-gold shade for fall. It has warmth rather than being too yellow, and the perfectly calibrated shade looks gorgeous on any skin tone. I am a cool toned girl, so many golds look alien on my skin, but the depth under this shade makes it a gorgeous match for my skin.

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The Phyto Eye Twists come in 12 shades. They are very creamy and the color is buildable, so you can wear it as a sheer wash of color, or you can wear it as more of a statement. I apply as much as I’m in the mood for that day, smudge it a little with my finger, add a little eyeliner and mascara, and am ready in 5 minutes.

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Sisley Paris is a high tech, plant based luxury brand. Being a French brand there is a huge focus on quality paired with a love of great skin. This means you won’t find abrasive chemical ingredients. Some eye crayons can leave your eyelid feeling irritated after a few hours of wear, but the Sisley Eye Twist is gentle on the delicate skin around the eyes. It’s really lovely. And it allows you to channel your inner French girl…

Grab one for yourself and grab another as a stocking stuffer.

The Sisley Phyto Eye Twist is available at


How To Choose The Perfect Red Lip

perfect red lip

Red lips always look so fresh and modern.

They imply strength and self confidence. Red lipstick refreshes and brightens any look. It can take jeans and a white t-shirt from casual to fabulous, and can turn a little black dress from merely pretty to absolutely stunning.

They are the perfect foil to not having time to put makeup on – a little foundation, brows, mascara and a swipe of red lipstick paired with tousled hair takes you from undone to French girl insouciance in the blink of an eye.

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Red lipstick channels both your inner rebel and your inner seductress.

Choosing a red lipstick can feel a little overwhelming, with what seems to be an endless array of color variations to select from, but it’s actually quite easy.

red lipstick for fair skin

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Fair Skin

If you have fair skin or are cool toned you will look fabulous in pink-reds, blue-reds and cherry-reds.

Medium Skin

If you have medium/warm/olive skin tone your best red is an orange-red. If you want more depth you can also wear a brick-red.

red lipstick for olive skin

Dark Skin

If you have a darker complexion your best reds are berry-reds and deep, resonant reds.

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The trick to mastering the perfect red pout is in the technique you use. Red lips love precision, so start out with  a good lip liner. Rather than trying to build your lip, stay along the line. The goal is a crisp lip line that also prevents the lipstick from feathering.

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Apply your first coat of lipstick, blot it on a folded kleenex to help create a stain, then re-apply.

Keep your eye makeup simple. A simple bronze-gold eye shadow is gorgeous with a red lip.

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