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Corinna Cooke Best Selling Author

Hi! I’m Corinna,

I’m a private tour guide and best selling author.

I write the Glam Italia! How To Travel Italy series, and the leader of the Glam Italia Tours. This blog is designed to be an easily updatable part of my Italian story.

My books are designed to help readers build their perfect dream trip to Italy. I focus on all kinds of amazing things to do in each city (Rome, Florence and Venice so far), showing you places and things to do that take you out of the path of the big bus tour groups. Because all the big tours and all the big corporate travel books just send you into the same places, guaranteeing that you waste precious time in Italy being stuck in tourist crowds.

When you dream about going to Italy you don’t dream about having earphones in your ears, trying to remember which color umbrella today’s guide is waving, and trying to keep up with the 42 other sweaty tourists on your trip! Instead, your Italy dreams are about being in beautiful, historic places and piazzas, sipping a coffee, glass of wine or maybe a spritz, and taking in the view and the surroundings. 

You don’t dream about trying to navigate a busy street crushed with tourists – you dream about wandering along pretty, cobblestoned lanes with gorgeous old buildings with window boxes full of flowers on either side. This is the Italy I bring you to in my books – the Italy you dream about.

My books are exclusively available worldwide on Amazon.

My Glam Italia Tours are small group boutique tours for women. The average tour size is 5 ladies. These tours are all experience driven – you come away from the trip having truly experienced Italy, rather than just running around the big monuments with the tourist crowds. 

We do a 25/75 split with our time. 25% seeing the big attractions – you can’t come to Rome and not visit the Colosseum! And 75% of our time seeing villages, towns and even places within the big cities, that the tour buses don’t go. 

I also have a hugely popular newsletter with thousands of members all around the world. The newsletter only comes out once or twice each month, and is very Italy-centric. I give updates on what’s happening in the world of travel, and share secret towns and villages you may want to visit, and cool under the radar things to do in the big cities. I also tell you about foods you must try while in Italy, and festivals that might be happening while you’re there.

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My website is CorinnaCooke.com

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