The Brows Have It

Its all about the eyebrows.

Fabulous Arizona Muse is known for her beyond fabulous brows

I have this conversation all the time.
When girls find out what I do for a living, they invariably ask me what I would change about their makeup.
My attention is always drawn immediately to their brows. Maybe the shape is a bit wacky, maybe they are too overdone, or maybe they are too understated.

So here are the rules on brows.

1. They are the most crucial element in shaping the face, and therefore, in flattering the face.

2. Brows that are too thin make your face look angry, or freaked out.
Thin brows amplify your features, they make your nose look bigger, your chin pointier, your face wider. They actually make your features look sharper and more severe, are incredibly aging, and are not at all flattering.
Got that?

Beautiful Liu Wen. Perfect brows, in perfect balance

3. Go for slightly thicker, more natural brows.
They make the face look younger and fresher.
A slightly thicker brow enhances your eyes, cheeks, and lips, making your face looked balanced, with everything working in harmony.

4. Shape and tint your brows every 4 weeks.
Ideally have them tinted a shade or 2 darker than your natural hair color.
Maintain the shape as best you can in between visits to the salon by tweezing strays.

10 Things A Girl’s Gotta Have For Summer

For the northern hemisphere girls summer is halfway over. You’ve no doubt got a little color to your skin, you’ve got that fresh faced glow happening, maybe you’re coming home from a vacation, maybe you’re getting ready to go on one.

Here are 10 Things A Girl’s Gotta Have For Summer

Facial SPF
Don’t use your regular sunscreen – it will break your skin out.
Instead select a non greasy, non pore clogging Facial SPF with
a protection factor of at least 30. I use 85 and 100.


Add Some Shine To Your Hair
Chlorine, salt water, dry air can all leave your locks looking less than lusterous.
Spritzing on a little Bumble and Bumble Shine On
will not only give you some glossiness, but will tame the frizz
and let you have a little definition to the ends.


Skin Rescue Spray
Hot weather can add extra stress to your skin, whether its sunburn (gasp!)
windburn, dry air, humid air, travel – you name it.
Keep a rescue spray on hand, such as skynICELAND‘s amazing Arctic Mist Spray.
It gives your skin instant relief while fortifying it with nutrients.

Bright Nails

Liven things up a little with a bold, bright nail color.
Leave the nudes and the dark shades behind – they’ll be back in the fall!
Bright, vibrant nails look fantastic with a summer tan.

Raspberry Lipgloss

You’ve got a gorgeous summer golden complexion (hopefully from a bottle)
now compliment it with a raspberry popsicle kiss.
The blue undertones in raspberry will make your teeth look super white
and your lips look super ripe!
(shown here, Smashbox Lipgloss in 24/7)


Add A Gold Accent
And I do mean accent.
A soft gold shadow, or a little gold pressed into the inner corner of the eye
can wake the eye up and compliment your tan.
When adding gold to your look choose one area and stick to it.

Big Sunglasses
Big, dark glasses not only look uber chic, but the protect the skin around your eyes
from the sun’s harmful, damaging, aging rays too….

Makeup Forever Aqualiners

Searing hot temperatures, a dip in the pool, diving into the ocean –
regardless of what you’re doing, these waterproof, sweatproof, tearproof liners
can stand up to anything, and keep you looking vibrant, chic and glam!

Give your skin a sexy glow with Nars Illuminate in Orgasm.
And frankly, who can ever get enough?
Mix into your foundation or moisturizer, or maybe just add a little to your cheeks.
It looks straight up gorgeous along your collar bones, over your bare shoulders and down your bare shins too!

A Fabulous Big Hat
Take fabulous to a whole new level with a super stylish big hat!
Protect your hair, your haircolor, your ears and your skin and rock a little glamor while you’re at it.

image source Naperville Magazine, photographer Michael Dar

Botox Brilliant

Botox is widely known for its ability to diminish crows feet, wrinkle lines on  the forehead and  the “number 11” lines between the eyebrows.
It is frequently (and somewhat brilliantly) used to give a non surgical brow lift, fix lip imperfections, and perform all manner of youthful trickery.

Unfortunately not everyone who gives Botox shots know what they are doing, hence the slew of perpetually freaked out looking women prowling the malls, looking fierce. (but not in a good way!)
If you are thinking about having Botox it is imperative that you find a practioner that not only has a huge grasp on aesthetics, but who also has a massive understanding of the intricacies of the musculature of the face.

Make sure you get referrals from people who have had really fantastic experiences with Botox, or you may end up looking like the lady who sat opposite me on the plane the other day. She looked like a trippy Norma Desmond, albeit with only one expression,  leading the casual observer to believe the plane was in a vertical spiral, and we were coming into the fast part.
And her eyebrows were hoisted halfway up her forehead…

Anyway, once convinced that we were in fact maintaining a somewhat horizontal flight path, it got me thinking about some other uses for Botox.
My Dermatologist always tells me how wonderful it is in the treatment of pain, especially for migraine sufferers. (unfortunately my migraines don’t center in the right place for me to be a candidate.) and
I’ve read that it can be used to eliminate excessive sweating.

Another cool one I just read about is “Tennis Elbow“, the term used when tendons in the lower arm get damaged from prolonged repetitive movement. (I have Makeup-Artist-Kit-Carrying-Elbow from dragging my heavy makeup cases around, so I empathize…)
Resting your arm often solves the problem, but for some it can be ongoing and very painful.

Researchers at the Khomeni Hospital Complex in Tehran recently experimented using Botox to relax the muscles putting tension on the tendons, allowing the tendons to heal.
Sounds incredibly clever to me!

So if you see me cruising around with a wickedly youthful looking left elbow, you’ll know exactly what I’ve been up to…

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