6 Ways To Beat The Mid-Winter Blues

Are you bored to tears with winter? Endless grey, rainy days with no end in sight?

Here comes another cold, winter weekend, and if you are already suffering from the doldrums, don’t despair! Here are 5 potential remedies

How To Beat The Mid-Winter Blues

Do Yoga.

Whether you go to a yoga class, or whether you practice with a DVD or a You Tube video, practicing yoga not only gives your body a fabulous workout, it also calms your thoughts and makes you feel fabulous!

Go To A Bookstore

Rather than scroll around on Amazon, bundle up and take yourself to a bookstore and get the tactile experience of picking up books, flipping through them, smelling them. (I love the smell of bookstores!)  You can find so many more interesting books by meandering around and looking at what is on the shelves than scrolling on the internet. It’s easy to find yourself in conversation with other folks roaming the aisles, and it’s one of the best ways to find cool new authors and great reads.

If your local bookstore has a coffee shop, even better! Grab a table and enjoy a cappuccino while flipping through a magazine or starting your new book. There are always interesting people to meet or people watch, and it beats sitting around at home!

Cook Something.

Pinterest is full of great recipes in every category you can think of. Find something interesting or different, or something perfect for winter, throw on your favorite tunes, and have some fun in your kitchen.


As bad as we think we have it, or as bored as we might be, there is always someone worse off than we are. Find a local soup kitchen or an organization in need and give them some of your time. You will not only be helping others but it will make you feel good too.

Read To The Elderly.

Can you even imagine being stuck in an old folks home with no one visiting you?? The monotony must be awful! Call around your local retirement homes/assisted living homes and ask about reading to the elderly. Not sure where to start? I found this website Create The Good that can give you some ideas.

Clear The Clutter.

Take some time this weekend to clean out closets and makeup drawers, clear the clutter. You will be amazed at how much more clearly you can think and how much more peaceful you will feel once you clear out the clutter from every aspect of your life! You can read more about it here and here.

Happy weekend!

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So You Don’t Have A Valentine’s Date? The Single Girl’s Guide To Surviving Valentine’s Day



image by Brad Olson
makeup by Corinna Cooke

Are you dreading Valentine’s Day?

Although it can be deliriously lovely for those who are in perfect relationships, Valentine’s day can be plain awful for single girls, or girls who’s significant other choose not to celebrate it.

You would be surprised how many girls are facing a February 14th spent alone. If you are one of them, don’t go feeling bad – take the day into your own hands and have yourself some fun!

Here are some ideas to help you make this a fabulous and fun Valentine’s day

The Single Girl’s Guide To Surviving Valentine’s Day

Plan A Girls’ Night Out

Chances are some of your friends don’t have Valentine’s dates. Get the gang together and go out somewhere fun! Plan something girl-centric, go to your favorite restaurant or go dancing – just make it fun.

Plan A Girls’ Night In

Host a girl’s-spa night in with wine and appetizers, have a masseuse, a nail person and a makeup artist come over. Turn your home into the most fabulous spa-zone ever!

If everyone else has a date and you are going to be alone, take the time to celebrate yourself.

Get Dressed Up

Even if you don’t have a date get dressed up for yourself. Buy a pretty dress, do your hair and makeup, and celebrate you!

Get a Mani/Pedi

When your fingers and toes look and feel lovely, you feel lovely. So what if you are staying home with Netflix??

Take Yourself To Dinner

Get dressed up, grab a good book and take yourself out for a fabulous dinner. Who needs a dinner companion? read a great book instead.

Buy Yourself Some Roses

Who doesn’t love flowers? Valentine’s is nothing if not the flowers and chocolate holiday, so as kitschy as it may seem, buy yourself an armful of flowers, a box of chocolates and maybe a demi-bouteille of champagne.

Curl Up With A Good Movie

If all else fails, put on some bold red lipstick (the world is more exciting with red lips on!) put your flowers on the coffee table next to your chocolates and some popcorn, and curl up on the couch with Netflix for a romance movie marathon.

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