Prepare For International Travel In Style

“I will prepare, and someday my chance will come…”

Abraham Lincoln

One of my mantras.
I believe in it to my core.
So I like to be prepared at all times for any excitement or adventure that may come my way. 

In my book that means having a valid passport and a valid International Drivers Permit at all times. Should an impromptu trip to somewhere exciting or an international makeup job land in my lap, I am always ready to go.

You can organize a passport through the USPS, but it normally takes a few weeks, so don’t leave it too late. You can pick up an International Driving Permit through AAA, each one is valid for a year.

While traveling overseas you are required to keep your passport with you pretty much all the time. I like to keep mine in a stylish passport holder, such as this new one I just received from Stephanie Johnson, purveyor of luxe makeup bags, luggage accoutrements and iPad covers. Her products are coveted and adored by celebrities (that’s how I first found her fabulous makeup bags – actresses I  work with have them).

Pashmina, Gucci Aviators, Stephanie Johnson Passport Cover and Luggage Tag.
Ready to board my flight…

This year I am traveling with my new Malibu Lemon passport holder and matching luggage tags. Although my luggage is pretty easily identifiable I do like my accessories to match one another. The passport holder not only stops my passport from getting beaten up in my handbag, but it makes it easy to locate, and more difficult to leave behind anywhere.
And its beautiful and sunny.
The Stephanie Johnson Passport Cover comes in several fabulous colors, check them all out at
In addition to the lovely Malibu Lemon (which makes me think of the Amalfi Coast and Capri, two of the fabulous locations the Corinna B’s World Glam Italia 2014 Tour will be hitting this September), I especially love the Malibu Aqua and Malibu Orange.
Order yours before they sell out!

Oribe The Collection Travel Set

This September I am leading a little group of ladies from the south on a personal tour around Italy.

We will be drinking win here at the spectacular Hotel San Pietro in Positano

Not the tour bus trip of Italy, not the Italy you see from a cruise ship, but Corinna B’s World’s Italy – essentially some of my favorite off the beaten track places combined with a few of the main places a first timer in Italy has to see.

None of the ladies have traveled internationally before, so although the trip is still 3 months out, I’m making them lists of travel essentials. Being that it’s summertime now and plenty of you will be traveling too, I’m going to share some of it with you via the blog.

If you follow this blog you’ll know that I am obsessed with Oribe hair care products.
The main hairstylist I shoot with, Drew Noreen, uses Oribe products exclusively, and is always giving me the lowdown on how to get the best out of my hair with Oribe.

Last year he turned me onto Gold Lust. 

This exquisite, light as air hair oil not only protected my color from the fierce sun and days spent in the ocean both in Sicily and on the Italian Riviera, but it also kept the condition of my hair silky, smooth and soft.
Normally after one week at the beach my hair is trashed. Last summer I was in Italy for 6 weeks, and not only was my hair easy to manage and style while I was away, but I came home with my hair still shining and looking gorgeous.

This year I already have a travel size Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil ready to go.
Actually I have everything I need for my hair in travel sizes from Oribe.

Yesterday while we were shooting a fashion story for a national magazine, Drew hooked me up with the Oribe The Collection Travel Set. (and the ladies on the Corinna B’s World Glam Italia 2014 tour are buying theirs this week!)

The Oribe The Collection Travel Set is a set of 7 single use shampoos, conditioners and masques. This gives you the opportunity to try them if you haven’t already, or for the traveler they are the ideal luxury companion, enabling you to maintain glorious locks without weighing down your travel bags.
For those of you who haven’t yet crossed over into the decadence of Oribe hair products, they not only are unparalleled in performance ( nothing makes your hair look more beautiful than Oribe!) but the smell of them is just heaven!

I will be blogging and posting pictures on Instagram from the Corinna B’s World Glam Italia 2014 Tour.
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Summer Travel Beauty Guide

Summer is around the corner, which means your summer travel plans are nearly here too.

Normally I would be getting ready to head out to Italy for the month of June, but this year due to the huge expense of my son getting into the Interlochen Summer Music Program I was going to have to miss out on going.

Actually, I was completely devastated to be missing Italy this year.
But life has a funny way of working itself out.

I jokingly said the only way I would get there was if I won the lottery, and as it turned out, I did win a jackpot of sorts. A group of ladies from the deep south have booked me to take them on a tour of Italy in September. 
I surely didn’t see that one coming! 
I have never thought about leading a private tour through my beloved Italia before, but I think it sounds like great fun.
And when I asked them where they would like to go, they said “where Corinna B’s World goes!”
I may have just died and gone to heaven!

Anyway, none of them have traveled outside the USA before, so I have all kinds of international travel info to give them. It seemed like a good idea to post some of it on the blog (although reworded to work for the masses), and thus, if it seems to be of interest to readers, I am going to post summer travel and international travel stories over the next few months.
Some of the ladies have said they don’t want to be featured in social media, and of course I will respect that. 
I am planning on blogging from Italy and posting to Instagram (do you follow me on Instagram?), so when the tour goes live in September, you can ride along with us.
I have named the tour “Glam Italia 2014” and will be hashtagging #CorinnaBsWorldGlamItalia2014
But more on that later…

Today we are going to talk about getting prepped beauty-wise for summer vacation.

So, first things first. A face full of makeup always looks
ridiculous on the beach/poolside/boating etc.

But with the exception of supermodels not too many of us
want to go out barefaced, so a girl has to have a plan, and preferably not a
last minute plan.

image courtesy of

Summer’s very best accessory is a fabulous

Use the time you have between now and your summer vacation to work
on your skin. A series of facials, exfoliating away the dead skin, and hydrating
and firming the skin you have can clear up all manner of problems and make your
complexion gleam. 

If you are traveling to a different climate, maybe you are going somewhere humid, or maybe somewhere drier than home, now would be a perfect time to figure out your skincare needs for while you are away.

You may need to change your cleanser and moisturizer to work the new climate.

Never never never tan your face – sun damage is the single
most aging and most damaging crime you 
can commit against your face. A good tan will fast track the breakdown
of elastin and collagen, leaving you prematurely wrinkled and sagging, and
heightening your chances of incurring melanomas and carcinomas.

But rather than channeling Casper the Friendly Ghost, build
color into your gorgeous new complexion with a facial self tanner. Try a
sensitive skin formula such as St Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Face and slowly
build into a beautiful tan.

When you do get to the beach, you will need to work the glow. After liberally applying a broad spectrum facial
SPF in the highest number you can find (75+), invest in a little gentle liquid
bronzer such as Perricone MD No Bronzer Bronzer.

Plan on pairing your gleaming bronzey, tanned face with an eye catching spark of color via a bright colored lip gloss. The big shade this season is orange, but if that feels too bold pack some corals and peaches.

Rather than focusing on eye makeup when you are hitting the beach, make a feature out of
your lashline. Now is the perfect time to get started on building a generous
fringe of lashes using Latisse. Normally you will start seeing results by the 4th
week of using it. Amplify your new lashes with a good quality, lash building
waterproof mascara.

Last but by no means least, you are no doubt dieting and exercising your way into a bikini. If you have bits that just won’t disappear no matter how hard you try (such as back fat, over the bra fat, inner thighs, muffin top – you know the drill) think about having some Cool Sculpting done. (What is Cool Sculpting? Click here)

Cool Sculpting essentially freezes unwanted fat. It takes 4 to 8 weeks to see the results, so if you book it now you can be lean and fabulous by bikini time!

If you are anywhere near Arizona, go see the amazing Dr Blume at the Blume Skin Center. The Cool Sculpting they perform there is like artwork it’s so beautiful.

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