10 Of The Most Beautiful Train Stations In The World

 I Love that my country  is represented!

This is a Saturday morning re-post from one of my favorite blogs, Because I’m Addicted.

I love that in bloggie-land there are so many fascinating things to find. I would never in a million years have thought to blog about the 10 most beautiful train stations in the world.
I hope you will devote some time this weekend to searching through the blogosphere and finding new things to inspire you.

because im addicted

10 of the most beautiful train stations in the world

Rossio Station // Lisbon, Portugal

Gare du Nord // Paris, France

King’s Cross Station // London, England
Grand Central Terminal // New York City, New York

São Bento Station // Porto, Portugal
Mind the gap.

Five more gorgeous train stations (one of which has an indoor rainforest!!) from around the world after the jump…

p.s. what/where is your fave?

Central Railway Station // Helsinki, Finland
Dunedin Train Station // Dunedin, New Zealand
Sirkeci Station // Istanbul, Turkey

Atocha Train Station // Madrid, Spain

Union Station // Los Angeles, California

What Skin Care To Pack When You Travel

The single best trick you can do

to make yourself look fabulous when you travel

is to have your skin look amazing.

Traveling stresses your skin.

Often you are traveling to a different climate,

so your skin has a whole different set of needs, 

that require a different selection of products that you use at home.

If you are traveling to a place more humid than home,

your normal skin care products may be too heavy. 

If you are going to a climate that is drier than home

your normal skin care routine may leave your skin parched and dehydrated.

So you need to have a plan.

I always want my skin, and my client’s skin 

to look hydrated and glowing.

The better your skin looks, 

the less makeup you need, and the better

any makeup you do use is going to look.

Pictured above, model Ashley Black (FordRBA)

has my actual travel bag 

Stephanie Johnson Jenny Train Case in Cyprus)

with many of my personal travel skincare items.

From the bottom left, Apivita single serve masks. A quickie solution to whatever may pop up. I have masks for dried out skin, masks for overly oily skin, masks for tired skin, masks for breakouts. These are conveniently packaged so they take up no space and weigh next to nothing.

skynICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels.

I swear by these eye gels. I keep them in my pro kit, at home, and in my travel bags.

When I get to my hotel I take 10 mins quality time with some eye gels on to instantly invigorate and hydrate the skin under my eyes. The first place to make you look tired, jet lagged or just plain old is the under eye area. These work magic, and have you looking beyond fantastic immediately.

They also work wonders at hiding the signs of a banging hangover…

skynICELAND Glacial Cleansing Cloths

These towelettes activate when you rub them together, and give you a water free, rinse free cleanse.

Great for traveling, they are also brilliant after a day at the beach when you want to do a quick clean up.

Clarisonic Mia

I have a full sized Clarisonic at home, but take the slightly smaller Mia with me when I travel.

Clarisonic gives you a 6X deeper cleanse, plus it lifts away dry skin and debris on the surface of your face.

It helps beat breakouts before they start, so is a great tool to combat the effects of humidity.

Clarisonic will also clean away any sunscreen left on your face after a day at the beach. It keeps your skin glowing and healthy.

Mia comes in a variety of cool and fun colors.

Behind the Clarisonic Neal’s Yard Beauty Sleep Concentrate

This serum is luxurious and lightweight and designed for all skin types.

It supports your skin’s nighttime regeneration and works on fine lines and wrinkles. It is also very calming and soothing to your skin. And did I mention luxurious??

Inside the Jenny Train Case I have on the left, skynICELAND Arctic Mist.

This mist is instantly soothing, and is full of vitamins and antioxidants.It does all kinds of great things for your skin, and it just feels really nice after a day at the beach, a day of meetings, a day of travel – pretty much anything.

Rhonda Allison Drop Of Essence

This is a high speed hydration boost for dry or tired skin. I apply it before moisturizer when my skin, or my client’s skin needs some extra loving. It also soothes, smooths and softens.

Travel sized Hylunia Grape Seed Scrub for the body

This body scrub uses crushed grape seeds to buff away dead cells and debris from the surface of the skin, keep your limbs smooth and glowing.

If you get razor bumps or ingrown hairs its an amazing remedy. Great for guys faces too if they’re getting ingrown whiskers or just need a smoother, easier shave.

Also from Hylunia, the incredible Colloidal Silver Mist

This one heals everything. Sunburn, wind burn – almost any skin ailment. Just spray onto the area a few times and it works magic.I keep this spray at home, in my pro kit and in my travel bags – I’m never without it.

Another product I am never without, Neutrogena Facial SPF 85.

Waterproof, dry touch (makeup goes on over it beautifully) non pore clogging, long lasting, number 1 dermatologist recommended facial SPF. Stabilized with helioplex it provides balanced broad spectrum protection from UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays.

Only apply to the areas you want to look pretty. Leave out all the bits you want to look old and wrinkly.

Up top ColoreScience Sunforgettable mineral powder SPF50

I use this SPF 50 to touch up with during the day. If you have makeup on you don’t want to reapply a sunscreen lotion. This one comes with a self dispensing powder brush and performs the double duty of getting rid of shiny patches while giving you extra sun protection. I have them in all my handbags, and an extra one in my travel bag.

Don’t leave home without it.

I also pack makeup into the Jenny train case, and a few other items. Its a convenient, well organized, well structured case that looks quite chic in your hotel bathroom.

Photo credits:

Photographer Kelly Cappelli

Model Ashley Black

Stylist Leah Michelle for Vintage by Misty

Hair Katie Hardison

Makeup Corinna Cooke

shot on location at the Hotel Valley Ho, Scottsdale Arizona

How To Pack Your Makeup When You Travel

Going somewhere fun this summer?

Travel season is upon us again, and as always I have

tons of inquiries from clients and readers

about how to pack their makeup and skincare products

for vacation travel, business travel

or for their honeymoon.

beautiful Sorrento in Italy

So this season I am running a series of posts all about what to pack

and how to pack it.

I travel all the time, both internationally and domestically,

 for work and for play, so I have this down to a science, and

my travel bags are always packed and ready to go.

Cabo San Lucas

Before you even begin, you need to decide what you are packing your products into.

Rather than squashing your products into bags that don’t support them, or that crush when weight is put on top of them, it is crucial that you use travel bags that hold your skincare and makeup products securely, help separate them from each other,

and have you arrive to your destination with all your goodies in their original condition.

A few years ago I was introduced to a line of travel cosmetic and toiletry bags that have become an absolute celebrity favorite. 

They combine a compartmentalized design that lends itself to a heightened sense of order, with a strong, well built structure, and an undeniably chic sense of style.

 They are from Stephanie Johnson (StephanieJohnson.com)

I have written about Stephanie Johnson cosmetic and toiletry bags before, as I have used them on all my travels for years.

They are so beautiful that magazines everywhere feature them. 

Home Accents Today Magazine

Brides magazine

Jezebel Magazine

I have a few different Stephanie Johnson sets – they are so beautiful they are worth collecting! 

This year I am traveling with the  

Stephanie Johnson Jenny Train Case 

from the Cyprus Collection.

This case combines a sturdy rectangular shape that allows me to stack and organize all skin care and makeup products.

It has a removable clear pouch that goes on-board my flight with me, carrying the essentials that I need with me when I fly.

The pouch itself is not only well constructed and strong, thus protecting my products, but
also is perfect for airport security screening. 

matching hand mirror secures inside with a snap fastener.

When I arrive at my destination the pouch snaps back into the main case, keeping all my makeup organized and in one place.

The Jenny train case also has straps to secure makeup brushes, pencils etc and a handle to carry it with.

And on top of everything else, it looks incredibly chic!

Wander in style…

Pictured below, 

model Ashley Black (rep Ford RBA

photographed by Kelly Cappelli  

on location at the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale.

Styled by Leah Michelle 

in vintage pieces from Vintage By Misty.

Tosseled, bedroom hair by Katie Hardison 

 makeup by Corinna Cooke

image by Kelli Cappelli

 Pictured Stephanie Johnson Jenny train case, Aptiva single use face masks

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