10 Things Only People Winning At Life Understand

This post came to my inbox this morning from Career Girl Daily.

Although CDG is really geared to early twenty-somethings it is a fantastic blog for all women to subscribe to. 

Their information is always on point, current, relevant, and if you actually apply what they say you’ll find that no matter what your age is, it really works. When I read this post this morning I realized that I am failing in many of these points. I work too many hours, skip meals, don’t get enough sleep, am always multitasking and seldom get time to unwind. I am however the queen note taker and drink water all day long.

I’m going to make a conscious effort to do each of these 10 items, every day, for the next 30 days (so that they become habit…)

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10 Things Only People Winning At Life Understand

image via Career Girl Daily

Do you ever look at those people who are winning at life and wonder how the heck they got so successful?

They might be one of your high school friends who’s now killing it at a top-tier law firm or a colleague who just keeps getting promoted. But that person could also be you.

There are many things successful people always do that guarantees them wins in almost every aspect of their lives. They are all quite easy to pick up but it’s the trick of adding them to your daily life that makes a huge difference. It’s definitely doable so look no further for your roadmap to success!

#1 Tackle one thing at a time

Sure it’s great to be that office multi-tasker, helping everyone out. But studies have shown that when our attention is divided between tasks our attention to detail falls short.

Of course, your tasks will sometimes get interrupted. Some of us are super busy, but if you try doing one thing for at least 20 minutes you’ll see how much your work improves when your focus is narrowed.

#2 Get home for dinner (or at least at a reasonable hour)

There’s always going to be late nights at the office on occasion but the last thing you want to do is make them the norm. Know when to put your pen down so to speak and leave. Being at home with your family or flatmates with time to relax can lower your stress levels after a crazy day.

#3 Don’t scrimp on sleep

Science has shown us that when we’re super overtired we have the same brain function as someone who has been drinking! You don’t want to be that person in the office. Getting a good night’s sleep helps you deal with stress and figure out the infinite issues that daily life brings.

Sleeping in on the weekend, unfortunately, doesn’t count for 5 hour nights during the week. Make sure to get at least 7 if not 8 every night.

#4 Don’t skip meals

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And so is lunch. And dinner! You do need to get all three. If we don’t have enough food, our bodies conserve energy for the most basic of functions. Which will make you feel drained mentally and physically. Load up on healthy fruit and vegetables, complex carbohydrates and try to get some protein in at every meal.

#5 Water, water, water!

Water is so, so important for you every day. Even if you get a tiny bit dehydrated you’ll start to feel a headache coming on, your brain function will dip; you might even feel hungry when you’re not. Hello, regrettable afternoon biscuit run! Keep a big bottle on your desk and aim to refill it at least once if not twice a day.

#6 Stay moving

Successful people understand that their mental strength is tied to their physical strength. They use that to their advantage. They work out to solve problems and relieve stress. It’s the best way to free up some mental space!

#7 Write everything down

Carry a notebook around with you and write down anything work related that you don’t understand or any terms you’re not familiar with. Research them later, either on your own or by asking your boss. Knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have the easier your job will become. People will turn to you for advice or help – even before you’re promoted above them!

#8 Refrain from the inbox

Whilst it might seem wise to keep an eye on your emails all day, make sure it doesn’t rule your life. Some employees will be tied down to it, but if it’s not your full job you shouldn’t be a slave to it. Try to make it a habit that you only check it a few times unless you’re waiting on something urgent. The inbox can draw us away from our tasks so allow some time for checking then move on.

#9 Dress for the part

People always look successful before they are successful. That old adage, “dress for the job you want, not the one you have” is so true. Do whatever you have to do to make sure you look professional at all times. Wear makeup and try to style your hair every day if your career demands it. Otherwise, ensure you’re clean and well-groomed. These things go a long way when your superiors are discussing whether you’re suited to that higher role.

#10 Leave time to unwind!

This one is definitely as important as the rest – and fun! Working hard to get apromotion or get your business off the ground is all important, but you should make sure you still leave time for yourself.

Catch up with friends, see that movie, go shopping or out to a nice dinner. These things improve your outlook on life and your emotional stability and in turn, will help to make you that successful person you know you can be!

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15 Ways To Jump-Start-Your-Bridal Beauty Routine

I found this fabulous article on TheKnot.com

Are you on The Knot? I am. Check out some of my fabulous reviews here. I absolutely love my brides!!

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In the meantime enjoy this article:

15 Ways To Jump-Start Your Bridal Beauty Routine

  1. Bridal-Beauty-Tips


    1. Schedule Weekly ManicuresFace it: As soon as you got engaged, everyone was asking to see the ring. Keep those nails and hands primed and pretty with regular weekly manicures. This is your chance to experiment with colors (pretty mauves and pinks) and get to know your manicurist. When you get your nails done, look at your nail bed. Shape your nails to match, giving your hands and nails a balanced and elegant look.
    Want to splurge? Shellac manicures use UV technology for a harder and smoother finished nail. They’re a bit pricier but can last up to twice as long as a traditional manicure!

    2. Whiten Your TeethYou want pearly whites for all those beautiful pictures you’ll be posing for (but we also know how crucial coffee is right now with all the planning). Most toothpastes have whitening ingredients in them, but for faster results, choose a special whitening one. White strips are also a great option.
    Want to splurge? Get your teeth professionally whitened. However, makeup artist Sonia Kashuk says, “Don’t go overboard. Anything that looks too artificial becomes too prominent in a picture.” Get a professional whitening six months out so your teeth aren’t too brilliant the day-of. Beware, though: Teeth whitening wears down your enamel, making your teeth more sensitive to hot and cold, so don’t overdo it!


    3. Eat Healthier 
    If you can bear it, try staying away from sugar, lots of sodium and processed foods. These all lead to belly fat and bloating. Instead, focus on green vegetables, fruit and lots of water — all great for staving off food cravings and clearing up your skin. Watch out for carbs as well, especially fried foods (that means no French fries!). Stay away from too much booze — alcohol makes your skin puffy and dry (not to mention, you crave more snacks and junk food when you’re buzzed). 
    Want to splurge? Sign up for meal plans that deliver healthy meals right to your door every morning like the Zone (ZoneDiet.com) and The Fresh Diet (TheFreshDiet.com). Or, hire a nutritionist to get you on the right diet track!

    4. Work Out RegularlyWe know it’s an obvious one…work out on a regular basis. “Working out will help tighten and firm your body while also detoxing your skin,” Kashuk says. A good workout gives you a boost of energy, helps you lose weight and makes you feel happier (hello, endorphins!).
    Want to splurge? Join a gym. You won’t have the weather to use as an excuse, and you’ll have all the equipment right there. Plus, working out with other people is always a huge motivation.

    5. Lift WeightsAdd weights to your workout routine. That age-old myth that you’ll bulk up is false! Some simple dumbbells will make all the difference between toned arms and that little bit of arm fat that’s so hard to shake. Try a trainer-approved exercise like a seated dumbbell press.
    Want to splurge? Pick a personal trainer over a workout video. Your trainer will customize the session to your needs and change up your workout every time

  3. Bridal-Beauty-Tips


    6. Have a Day-Of Bag
    Whether it’s flyaway hairs or fall-off fake lashes, you should make sure you have an arsenal of bridal beauty fixers on hand the day-of; this means being prepared for any scenario. Start adding items as you begin to work out the details of your wedding, as well as during your makeup trials. You should have a plan of attack with your makeup artist should they not be there in a moment of need!
    Want to splurge? If you don’t have the time to pull it all together, you can buy premade kits that come complete with hair spray, clear nail polish, deodorant and all those things you haven’t thought of.

    7. Get a Smooth FaceA primer is a great place to start. Use it daily. It provides a smooth surface for foundation to adhere to all day. Or try a hydrating facial serum. Apply it daily before your makeup for softer and smoother skin.
    Want to splurge? At least three months out from your wedding, start planning monthly facials. Facials boost your skin’s health, meaning it will look clearer and brighter! We’re loving blueberry soy facials — the antioxidants in the blueberries help firm your skin and naturally exfoliate at the same time.

    8. Go for the BronzeSun-kissed skin will give you a natural, healthy glow. Use a gradual self-tanner like Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer. The pros at Brazil Bronze Glow Bar in NYC say brides should get a spray tan a few days before their wedding for a beautiful glow (this leaves enough time to fix any trouble spots and let the color calm down). A one-time tan will give you just enough bronze for a sun-touched look in your photos. Whatever you do, don’t use a tanning bed or go out in the sun without sunblock.
    Want to splurge? Some tanning salons like Brazil Bronze Glow Bar make house calls.

  4. Bridal-Beauty-Tips


    9. Do a Makeup Test Run
    Besides your hair trial, you should also schedule a makeup trial. Have a trial at least three months before the wedding. This is where you’ll fine-tune your look with your makeup artist so that you know exactly how you’ll look the day-of.
    Want to splurge? Hire your photographer to take photos of you after you’ve had your makeup done (or schedule your makeup trial the same day as your engagement photo session). This run-through will ensure you know how you look in multiple lights for your wedding photos. If your makeup looks too harsh or too subtle, have your makeup artist experiment and repeat.

    10. Have Your Brows ShapedIf you do your own tweezing, take this opportunity to splurge on brow shaping. The pros at salons will follow your advice, as well as offer suggestions for the best brow shape according to your face. Waxing is a popular option. Threading uses a cotton thread rolled along your skin to catch hairs. The process is quick and more precise than waxing (also, if you’re on antibiotics or skin medications, threading is the safe way to go). Start shaping appointments six months out, waiting three to four weeks between sessions. Schedule your last shaping a month before the wedding in case you need to grow out any areas.
    Want to splurge? See a brow specialist — “someone specializing in the care and maintenance of your eyebrows,” says Kashuk. They’ll know best for your brow line.

  5. Bridal-Beauty-Tips


    11. Get Longer LashesIf you weren’t blessed with long lashes, consider trying false ones. Don’t want to look overdone? Get a softer, more romantic look by applying half lashes in the outer corners of your eyes. Longer lashes will enhance the shape of your eyes and focus all attention on you. Don’t want runny mascara on your wedding day? Try this: Apply your favorite mascara, and curl your lashes. Then apply a top coat of some waterproof mascara. This will give you beautifully curled lashes without the heavy feeling that many waterproof products have.
    Want to splurge? Get semipermanent lash extensions at a salon. Extensions eliminate the need for mascara, which can actually lead to healthier eyes and lashes. They also last much longer than at-home kits. Applications stay on until they fall out naturally (you’ll have to get touch-ups every two to three weeks).

    12. Focus on Your LipsTake care of your lips each night by applying a generous coat of lip balm or Vaseline. “Gently rub it over your lips in a circular motion with a wet washcloth,” says makeup artist Mally Roncal. This will exfoliate and soften your lips at the same time. Go for a glossy lip on your wedding day. A matte lipstick will look classic but may not hold as long, and could crack and wear down. Put a gloss over your lipstick to cover up those imperfections.
    Want to splurge? Some salons offer special lip treatments that focus on exfoliating, moisturizing and energizing your lips!

  6. Bridal-Beauty-Tips


    13. Have a Hair PlanWork with your hairstylist to map out your hair care plan of attack. Try an at-home treatment with your favorite conditioner and mashed-up avocado. The creaminess of the avocado will increase your hair’s silkiness. Start doing weekly treatments months before your wedding if you can. For an extra-glossy finish, look for shampoos and conditioners infused with olive oil. The oil helps tone down frizz and boost shine. 
    Want to splurge? Go to your salon and have your stylist give you a customized conditioning treatment for your hair type. For example, curly hair needs more moisture than straight hair. Your stylist will treat your hair type accordingly.

    14. Get Smooth SkinHave a tough-to-treat spot like dry elbows? A good body scrub in the shower will get rid of dead skin. Then, moisturize with a good almond butter or shea butter lotion. Wrap your elbows in a cloth and keep the moisturizer on for about an hour.
    Want to splurge? Get a full-body scrub at a salon for allover smooth skin. Go for a sugar scrub for a soft and sweet-smelling finish.

    15. Plan Hair RemovalThat little peach fuzz just above your upper lip may not seem like a big deal in your everyday life, but you don’t want it showing up in wedding photos. Start getting monthly waxes for best results. Not into the pain? Salons now offer special waxes like chocolate wax and sugaring (a sugar paste), which are great if you’re looking to walk out of the salon without too many sore spots. 
    Want to splurge? Get ready for your honeymoon by booking laser hair removal appointments in one month intervals (three treatments are recommended for best results). After around seven treatments, the results can be permanent.

Beauty Tip Of The Week # 8 How To Wear Eyeliner After Lash Extensions ~ eHow.com

How To Wear Eyeliner After Eyelash Extensions
 From the series of video segments I shot for eHow.com

Eyelash extensions are single, individual, generally synthetic lashes that are glued one by one onto your existing lashes 

with formaldehyde free adhesive.

They generally last about 3 weeks before they need replacing.

eyelash-extensions-and eyeliner

They have a similar effect to strip lashes,

except that they are semi permanent.

Most women find they don’t really need to use eyeliner

with lash extensions as the lashline is so enhanced by them.

However if you do choose to wear a liner, you have to be careful that you don’t destroy your new lashes. 

eyelash-extensions-and -eyeliner
image via rachelsskincare.com

Here’s what I recommend: 

Check the label on your eyeliner.

Avoid cream or oil based liners as they can disrupt the adhesive and make your expensive lash extensions fall out.  

Liquid liners typically don’t contain oils but can be more stubborn to remove.

A good trick is to use a dark eyeshadow and an eyeliner brush

Take the dark shadow along the lash line and build depth and color.

Next take your gel or cream liner along the lashline but not up against the lashes themselves. The shadow you applied in the first step will give you the depth of color you need at the lashes, enabling you to trick the appearance of  your gel liner and making it look like it goes all the way to the lashes themselves.

Be very gentle when removing any eyeliner. 

Don’t use oil based eye-makeup removers.

Either purchase products from your eyelash technician, or use a very gentle cleansing milk and a QTip. 

How to Wear Eyeliner After Eyelash Extensions — powered by ehow

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