Shu Uemura February Discount Codes


Almost every pro makeup artist I know

has a running love affair going on 

with Shu Uemura.

Mr Shu Uemura

For many years the line was something of a chic pro secret,

but then it became readily available to the general public

Shu Uemura Cleansing oil

Shu Uemura are known for

their amazing cleansing oils,

the best selling cleansing oils in the world.

Fabulous skin care products

Shu Uemura Phyto Black Lift

Shu Uemura Lash Curler

the best lash curlers ever

Fantastic makeup products

Shu Uemura Cover Stick Foundation

Shu Uemura Eye Shasows

Shu Uemura Lipsticks

and, oh lord – the lashes!!


Shu Uemura Eyelashes

Shu Uemura Feather Eyelashes

Shu Uemura is all about quality.

Their products were designed for makeup artists to use,

consequently they last longer on the skin, 

are more highly pigmented,

and have a superb finish to them.

So here are the discount codes for February

Promo code: FSHIPPING

DATE: Jan 30 – Feb.

Description: Free
shipping on all orders

Promo code: ROUGE

DATE: Feb. 8th
– Feb. 12th

Description: a deluxe 3
piece sample set with any purchase of $65 or more

Promo code: BEAUTY247

DATE: Feb. 15th
through Feb.19th

Description: with any
purchase of $150 or more consumers will receive a beautiful eye&cheek
palette (a value of $65)

Promo code: REDCARE

DATE: Feb. 22nd
– Feb. 27th

Description: a deluxe 4
piece sample set from our red:juvenus skin care line with any purchase of $65
or more.

Radiesse Cheek and Temple Fill

I’ve mentioned before that I am constantly sending clients (both of the celebrity kind as well as civilians) off to have a little youth put back into their faces, or for those who are not aging yet, a little enhancement here and there.

Most people these days are familiar enough with neuro-toxins like Botox to knock out fine lines and wrinkles, and hyaluronic acid based fillers like Juvederm to fill up the bigger creases, such as the nasolabial folds (the parenthesis lines from the outer nostril that curve out and around to the outer lip), make the pout more smoochy, or fill sagging tear troughs. But most don’t seem to know too much about facial re-volumizing with Radiesse, the injectible fountain of youth.

 image courtesy of The Blume Skin Centre, Scottsdale

As we age, lose large amounts of weight, endure major illnesses, etc, we lose volume in the face.
The face loses its youthful girliness, and starts to look more skeletal.
Cheeks get sunken, temples curve in, the brow bone loses the flesh density that lifts the brow forward, folds in the skin become more pronounced, and the skin itself loses elasticity and collagen, and begins to sag.

No amount of killer skin care products or kicked up makeup tricks make much difference at this point.
Girlfriend starts looking old, often long before her time.
(check out the faces of workout fanatics and marathon runners, even in their early 20’s)

see the hollow on the temple, flat browbone and skeletal look to the cheekbone, creating a sag to the skin. Nasolabial fold is prominent, and gravity is pulling skin downward from the inner corner of the eye.

Many practitioners choose to chase the wrinkles and just keep filling them up with  hyaluronic acid products, which at some point over inflates the face, and leaves the client looking like Cindy Lou Hoo.

Others choose to revolumize the cheeks and temples, lifting that which has fallen, and infusing instant youth.

image courtesy of The Blume Skin Centre, Scottsdale

There are a few product options available.
The most spectacular option that I have seen (consistently,and in many many clients) is with a product called Radiesse.

see the temple filled out, the brow lifted and fleshed out, the cheekbone fleshed out, at the same time lifting the nasolabial fold naturally. The face immediately looks younger and more vibrant. More impressive than anything is how natural it looks!

Radiesse is different from other fillers in that it is not a hyaluronic based product, but instead is a calcium based gel that actually builds a scaffolding under the skin, providing structure, stimulating your own collagen to grow, and giving it something to bind to.
This makes the results last a long, long time.

The official company line is that it lasts over a year. Women who have it will tell you it lasts much longer than that.

The results are spectacular, instant, and totally natural looking.
As in no-one will be able to tell you had a little tune up.

There is still time to get yourself fine tuned before all those last-in-picture-frames-forever holiday pictures start snapping away too.

If you are anywhere near Arizona, I send everyone to The Blume Skin Centre in Scottsdale. Their work is the best I’ve ever seen, and they even have a Radiesse specialist who does a Saturday morning clinic, so you can roll into work on Monday looking fabulous!

image courtesy of The Blume Skin Centre

see how the skin appears to be dragging downwards in the picture above. There is drag on the skin under the eyes, nasolabial folds look pronounced, outer corners of the mouth are noticeably dragging downlwards.
With no lift to the face the skin lacks vitality – there is nothing for the light to bounce off of.

image courtesy of The Blume Skin Centre

after re-volumizing with Radiesse the skin lookes plumped up and invigorated. The pulling under the eyes is noticeably diminished, the nasolabial folds start to lift up and out, also raising the outer corners of the mouth.
And she looks natural, not plastic faced.

If you are not somewhere near The Blume Skin Centre in Arizona (I have clients who fly in from as far away as Calgary – they’re that good!), make sure you research your practitioner really well. Look at before and afters, and if possible look at some of their clients.
Also look at the girls that work there. If their faces look funky, too tight, inflated or unmoving, it tends to be a giant red flag.

You can read up more on Radiesse HERE
Check out The Blume Skin Centre webite HERE

Four Best Facial SPF Products

Just as your wardrobe has its classic, go to pieces – your killer black pants, fabulous nude slingbacks, perfectly cut blazer,

your skin care wardrobe has its must have, year round pieces too.

The most important of which

is your facial SPF.

Nothing ages you more quickly or more savagely than the sun.

Not worried about aging?

image courtesy of

Well, basal cell carcinomas and melanomas being removed from your face,

leaving holes and scars should have you worried.

Its not worth the grief,

just use a good facial SPF every day, 

and be done with it.

Now for those of you who have already tried some of the facial SPFs out there

and suffered through subsequent clogged pores and breakouts,

shiny skin and makeup that won’t stay on,

or if you’re new to the facial SPF market

here are my top four facial SPF products to try.

These all give major sun protection

don’t clog your pores

and won’t mess with your makeup.

My personal favorite, worn everyday of the year is

Neutrogena Dry Touch SPF 85 with helioplex.

I go for the highest SPF possible, just for the extra length of protection.

I have mad love for La Roche-Posay Athelios SPF 60

This one is big time recommended by dermatologists and plastics doctors

for patients who have had lazer/glycolics/ any big resurfacing done.

It is super skin friendly and very lightweight.

Its actually the SPF I carry in my pro makeup kit to use on clients when we’re shooting outdoors,

on beaches, by the water etc.

Its fantastic.

NIA 24 Sun Damage Prevention SPF 30 

is another dermatologist recommended product.

It has the highest available UVA shield (UVA = aging, UVB = burning)

and pro niacin to speed cell turnover and diminish the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

Clarins is a fabulous skin care line that I am falling in love with all over again

after Air France gave me a collection of their products.

The Clarins UV + HP Multi Protection Day Screen SPF 40

not only gives great protection, but also mattifies the skin, almost like a primer.

Mineral filters and plant polymers absorb oil and protect the skin while fighting greasiness.

It also has a potent antioxidant to fight off free radicals.

…and don’t forget, whichever product you use needs to be applied liberally, everyday.

Make sure you get your neck, ears and decollete too!