Did you love Jessica Chastain’s look on the 2017 Met Gala Red Carpet? She always gives good red carpet – I love her!

Here is a breakdown on which Charlotte Tilbury products were used to create this gorgeous look.

Jessica Chastain Met Gala Red Carpet

Jessica Chastain hit the carpet in an enchanting, pale yellow gown with a classic makeup look created by makeup artist Tyron Machhausen for Charlotte Tilbury Beauty.


1. Jessica’s skin was prepped with Charlotte’s Magic Cream, to the entire face to create the perfect canvas, which acted as the perfect base to the Light Wonder Foundation in Shade 2. Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder in 1 Fair was lightly dusted across Jessica’s T-zone to control shine and set the face.

2. To create the mesmerising eye look, Luxury Palette in The Sophisticate was applied across the lids and underneath the eye. Rock ‘N’ Kohl in Bedroom Black was applied along the upper lash line, and topped off with two coats of Full Fat Lashes to the top and bottom lashes.

3. Followed by Beach Stick in Las Salinas across Jessica’s cheekbones for a pretty pink, healthy, youthful glow.

4. Jessica’s look was completed with a matte lip, created by applying Matte Revolution Lipstick in Lost Cherry. The lipstick was applied using a finger instead of a brush for a softer, just kissed finish.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Limited US


Ever since I
saw Jessica Chastain’s amazing lip color in Miss Sloane I have been obsessed
with finding the ultimate red-crimson lipstick.


I have
searched high and low for a color even close to the Miss Sloane lip, but
everything I found was too something. Too red (and not all of us can pull off
red lips every day) or not blue enough, or too dull, too dark, too pinky, or
too lifeless.

On shoots I
will just mix up the color I want or need, but in my daily life I need to have
a lipstick I can grab and go.


I got super
lucky a couple of weeks back when Tarte

sent me a box of makeup to use on my
Luca Magazine Spring 2017shoots. The box contained the entire collection of lip
paints, and in there was the absolute perfect red-crimson. For me this is the
color of the season, and let me tell you why.

Red is
great, but it can be overwhelming. For those of us who aren’t supermodels red
isn’t always a win, and isn’t always the perfect shade. Sometimes it just feels
too much. Sometimes a red lip feels like too much work.

Red can
cross the line between projecting confidence and projecting sex-bomberage. One
of the reasons I loved Jessica Chastain’s lip in Miss Sloane was that it at all
times made you feel that she was in charge, she was powerful, she was strong,
but at the same time it eluded the overtly sexy connotations of a traditional

Red-crimson is
still a sexy color. It’s just a little more manageable. And it’s also a little
unpredictable. It goes with so much more in your closet than a regular red does.


It looks quite pinky here, but Fly is actually deeper and less pink.
(see Jessica Chastain picture above)

It makes
your teeth and the whites of your eyes look sparkling white. It compliments
cool skin tones exquisitely, and it leaves your lips looking a little bitten,
which is quite alluring!

spring/summer 2017 bold lips are a major makeup trend. Red-crimson gives you a
power lip, but it is a power lip that fires up the gorgeous tones in your skin,
looks stunning with a tan, and once again – it goes with verything!

The Tarte
red-crimson is in their new Lip Paint collection so it has a matte finish and
lasts all day. The color is Fly.

cosmetics are available at Ulta, Sephora, and on the Tarte website.

The best bra is one you never think about.

Have you been to Barnes and Noble and picked up a copy of Luca Magazine yet?
I have an article in this issue (just in time for all your holiday parties) that is all about how to apply the perfect red lip.

All images in this post were photographed by Kelly Cappelli,
Hair by Lisa Marie, Makeup by Corinna Cooke


Nothing says “hello, gorgeous,” quite like a sensational, bold red lip!

Red lips are the perfect accessory for winter. They’re fun and flirty! Once the new year arrives with its bleak, dull, gray days, and spring feels like it’s never going to get here, a feisty red lip adds excitement to your look and your day.

Red lips make such a statement; you barely need anything else. They look fantastic with a pared down makeup look for day, then add a cat eye and structured brow for night. They dress up jeans and a white shirt, compliment an all black ensemble, and pair up perfectly with a party dress and faux fur.

Check out these 5 steps to perfect your pout and wow the world!

1. Exfoliate


Dry, flaky lips don’t look good in red. To pull off a red lip, you need to have silky smooth lips, so the first step is to exfoliate. You can use a store bought lip exfoliator, or you can make one at home. A super soft baby toothbrush makes a perfect lip exfoliator,  as does a warm washcloth. Just remember to be very, very gentle. If you rough your lips up, they’ll still look dry and flaky.

2. Hydrate


After exfoliating, and ideally, a couple of hours before you get ready to go out, apply liberal amounts of lip balm, and let your kisser soak it in. Your lips need to be nicely hydrated so that your red lipstick looks smooth and luscious. Before applying your lip liner, you’ll gently blot the lip balm away.

3. Line Your Lip


Red lipstick needs to know its boundaries, and you want to color inside the lines. Use either the lip liner that matches your lipstick or one that’s a shade or two darker, (for a little extra dimension), to give your lip a perfect, crisp outline.

4. Stain and Apply


The perfect red lip has more than one layer. Apply your red lipstick, then blot with a folded tissue to help set the first coat into a stain. This step is super important because it stops your lips from looking patchy as the top coat wears off! Now apply a second coat, making sure to stay inside the lines.

5. Get Precise


Run the edge of a lip brush through your lip liner, making it disappear into your lipstick while giving your lip a crisp, fresh edge.

My Favorite Red Lipsticks

In this story I use Infared Matte from Smashbox

I’m all kinds of crazy for Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red

One of the greatest blue based reds ever made is MAC Ruby Woo

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Limited