5 Things Women With Perfect Skin Always Do

image by Eric Cassee

5 Things
Women With Perfect Skin Always Do

We all know
them – women with perfect, gorgeous, flawless skin.

They all
live in different places and use different skin care products, so the answer
isn’t a magic serum or lotion or potion. (Although I swear by all the lotions
and potions that I use, and won’t trade in a single one of them!)

There are 5
things that women with perfect skin all do, and that no matter which skin care
products you are using, if you’re not doing these 5 things you won’t make it to
skin care perfection.

They Exercise


They all do
some form of exercise regularly. (Not necessarily running marathons – you have
to be super careful as an outdoor runner to keep your skin and yourself
hydrated and to be saturated in facial SPF) Be it yoga or spin class or hiking
or going to the gym, girls with perfect skin all move their bodies one way or

They Drink Lots Of Water

 jennifer aniston smart water

You can’t
have perfect skin and be dehydrated. It’s a simple equation – great skin needs
tons of water. Just for basic good health your body needs 8 glasses of water
each day, great skin likes a little more.

Girls with
perfect skin tend to shy away from high sugar drinks, avoid sodas, limit coffee
and tea and only drink alcohol sparingly.

They Make Sleep A Priority

Image result for model sleeping
Image via davelackie.com

enough sleep you will never have perfect skin.

JLo, who is
famous for her spectacular skin says she gets 10 hours sleep per night. I
cannot even imagine what it must feel like to have the kind of support with
home and children that enables you to just rack out each night for 10 hours!
For those of us that fall into the mere mortal category 8 hours each night is
the ideal for good health and for great skin.

They Eat Clean 

Image result for healthy eating

What you put
into your body will be reflected on your skin.

Women with
perfect skin tend to eat a pretty clean diet, most of the time. The occasional
slice of pizza or drive through meal probably doesn’t hurt, but in general
these women avoid those foods like the plague, opting instead for diets rich in
fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, quality fats (like avocado).

They Use The
Right Cleanser

 memebox oil cleanser

I can’t
stress how important this is! Sensitive skin, dry skin, irritated skin so often
are caused and exacerbated by using the wrong formula of cleanser. The wrong cleansers
can strip the good oils from the skin, sometimes making the skin desperately
make more oil, other times leaving it roughed up and dry. Women with perfect
skin use cleansers that dissolve and remove makeup and cleanse away impurities
and balance their skin.

My favorite cleanser is Memebox I’m Cleansing Oil, available online at Memebox.com

How To Spring Clean Your Skin

Finally, finally, winter is on it’s way out and spring is here!
As you are packing away your winter clothes and readying your home for the new season, it is also time to do a little spring cleaning on your complexion. 


Winter is the worst season for your skin. Between the harsh, cold weather and warm to hot air with central heating and open fires, those of us who are not celebrities or supermodels tend to get overly sensitive, irritated, dried out skin. 
Now is the time to restore your skin, get it glowing and vibrant again and ready for spring.

Here are three important steps to spring clean your face:

Step One: Change Up Your Cleanser.

In my experience as a makeup artist the single biggest skincare mistake women make is using the wrong cleanser for their skin type. Mostly they are using a cleanser that strips their skin and dries it out.
Personally, I advocate foaming or wash type cleansers only for oil girls and girls battling acne. For anyone else foaming/wash cleansers tend to strip the skin too much.
I am a huge believer in oil cleansers. If your skin is in any way dry, irritated or sensitive an oil cleanser is an amazing choice for you.

For oily skin girls oil cleansers are also fabulous. (I see you backing your way across the room, but hear me out). Think about what happens when you put oil and water together. They separate. They don’t play well together. The truth is, if you want to lift away oil, oil is the best thing to use!

I’m in love with these Korean beauty oil cleansers available from Memebox, the world’s largest online K-Beauty store. (It’s HQ is in northern California, so your order ships from there and arrives in a couple of days, most of the time with free shipping).


I’m Cleansing Oil #02 Fresh Oil for oily or combo skin

I’m Cleansing Oil #1 Moist Oil for normal through dry skin.
Oil cleansers dissolve all makeup, and clean your skin beautifully.
At only $14.00 they are a smoking deal. You don’t need much, so they last for ages.

Step Two: Clean a Little Deeper And Remove Dead Cells

With the correct cleanser working for you, now it’s time to get some masks happening.
You need to get rid of all the dead skin cells on the surface that are clogging your pores and making your complexion look dull.
Here are three options from Memebox

Exfoliating Masks
Black Sugar Mask Wash Off  $14.70
An exfoliating skin-softening mask that will remove dead skin cells and create a soft, radiant complexion with Brazilian black sugar and helps decrease the number of black and white heads.

If your skin is feeling sensitive or irritated you may want to avoid a scrub style exfoliator. Here are 2 options that give you smooth, radiant skin without scrubbing:

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask $14.00

Innisfree’s Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay mask is one of Korea’s best skincare items of all time. The award-winning product provides 6 intensive pore care functions which effectively puts the skin at its best state. It minimizes pores by contracting them, control excessive sebum production, exfoliates, removes deep-seated dirt, brightens up skin tone and gives a soothing cooling sensation. It contains Jeju volcanic capsules that has AHA to effectively remove dead skin cells and maintain smooth and soft skin.


I have this next one in my Memebox shopping cart. I love enzyme peels and very gentle peel-style exfoliators!

SNP Advanced Peeling Gel $15.00

Free your skin from dead skin cells with SNP Advanced Peeling Gel. This peeling gel gently removes skin impurities along with dead skin cells that usually cause rough skin texture and clogged pores. With seaweed extract as its key component, this peeling gel not only removes dead skin but also supplies abundant nutrients to help improve the skin’s overall condition. It also moisturizes the skin to give a softer, smoother skin texture.

Step Three: Nourish

Once you have your skin beautifully cleansed and masked it’s time to add back in nutrients that your skin is craving.
In Korean beauty the final step each night, after loading the skin up with essences and ampoules is to seal all the goodness in with what they call a sleeping pack.
A sleeping pack falls somewhere in between a night-cream and a moisture mask. (don’t worry – they don’t wind up all over your pillowcase).
When you get up in the morning you simply rinse away whatever is left with a warm washcloth.


The Waterest Vital Sleeping Pack is only $25.00
Invigorate and restore radiance to your skin while enjoying a relaxing, beauty sleep! Waterest Vital Sleeping Pack features premium revitalizing natural ingredients that boosts the skin’s nourishment and moisture retention to ensure great skin the very moment you wake up. It contains double-fermented lotus flower extract which delivers moisture to the skin twice as fast. It helps purify and hydrate the skin overnight to give you smooth, soft and glowing skin the very next morning.

And now your skin is spring cleaned and reboosted, and you are looking once again like your most gorgeous self!

The Gift List For The Girl Who Loves Skin Care ~ Tatcha

Have you started making your holiday gift lists yet? 
Both to give and to receive?

Today’s post is perfect for anyone who loves skin care products.
These gift sets make gorgeous business gifts, if you are getting married they are perfect bridesmaids gifts, they are ideal for the traveler – both business travelers and recreational travelers (I buy them for myself, these are actually the products that I travel around the country and around the  world with), and they are just wonderful for any beauty maven to open under the tree. 
You just can’t go wrong!

Japanese luxury skin care brand Tatcha makes the most beautiful gift sets. The products are incredible and the packaging is lovely. You always feel special when you are opening their gift boxes, even when you are gifting them to yourself!

All the gift sets in this post can be ordered online at Tatcha.com

The Tatcha Hakken Set $95 contains trial sizes of their world famous beauty ritual, their eye cream and their SPF.

The Hakken Set

Get products details here.

At only $25 the Yuki / Pure As Snow Set makes a fabulous stocking stuffer!

Yuki / Pure As Snow Gift Set

Yuki contains a travel sized Camellia Cleansing Oil and a Polished Rice Enzyme Powder. These two products give you skin as smooth as freshly fallen snow.
Check out the products in the Yuki Set Here.

Did you know that Indigo has healing properties? Ancient Samurai used to wear a layer of indigo cotton under their war uniforms, so that if they found themselves on the wrong end of an opponent’s sword the indigo could start the healing process immediately.
Tatcha has an entire line of Indigo skin care products. In fact the first time I ever used Tatcha I used the Indigo line to heal and sooth my winter-stung skin. I was hooked from day one and have since become their biggest fan (along with every celebrity I ever work with!)

Aiiro / Soothing Blue Gift Set

The Tatcha Aiiro / Soothing Blue Gift Set $79 is a fabulous winter gift, with it’s Indigo Handcream and luxe Indigo Body Butter.
Read about the Aiiro / Soothing Blue gift set here.
Find out about the healing Indigo product line here.

In the mood for something super-luxe? 
The  Tabi / Ultimate Journey Gift Set features a hand-finished calfskin suitcase which was crafted by artisans in Kyoto, with genuine kimono fabric woven in a pattern reserved for the Japanese Imperial Family. The case is filled with full size Tatcha skin care treasures.

Tabi / Ultimate Journey Gift Set

See the details on the Tabi Gift Set here

All Tatcha gift sets come with free shipping, samples and gift wrapping.