…well, actually, no I’m not – I’m CorinnaB….
But for those of you who haven’t met her yet, its high time you get to know the real Jessie James

The reason I’m writing about her today is that finally, finally, after a crazy long wait, her debut album “Jessie James” is all set to drop Tuesday August 11th!

And you need to buy it.

Or download it.

Jessie’s sound is a cool pop/country/rock fusion. And she is soooo good!
J.J is one of those tiny little things with a mighty, mighty, powerful voice. Reminds me of Christina Aguilera with a touch of Nashville added in.

I wanna wear my hair up in a mess/ cut off jeans / can you get with that?

She’s been doing some pretty huge things already, and has built herself a massive following. The pop out player on her myspace page has had more than 7 million hits, and some of them weren’t even me! You can actually hear the entire album on myspace.

You may know her song “Blue Jeans” from the Confessions of a Shopaholic soundtrack, or you may know her current single “Wanted”

Put your lips on my mouth/ put your lips on my mouth/ put your lips on my…..

For the past year her song “Guilty” has been on my myspace profile. (You’re on myspace? Cool – come friend me!) It’s my favorite track on the album, but there are so many good ones in there!
Jessie wrote or co wrote every song on the record, working with the likes of Katy Perry, Jamey Johnson, and Kara Dioguardi.

So here’s what you need to do:
Check out her myspace page
If you’re on twitter, follow her @iamjessiejames
Facebook? Here’s her page. Friend her, or become a fan.

The new album is here, so buy it or download it.

She’s touring out there now, so if you go to a show she’s opening for, or if you see her on her own, get on your feet and give her a lotta, lotta love!


I bite my lip not to scream your name/ oh baby! I feel everything/ but guilty…..

Oh yeah – that’s my song!!!



So last Saturday I met up with my gorgeous, glamorous makeup friend J’me for sushi at a cool place called Kabuki.

It was about a million degrees out, and I wanted something light, crisp and refreshing to drink, so our waiter recommended the Cucumber Mojito. I’d never had one before, but oh my! Talk about fabulicious!
It is now my new thing, and seeing as this week it feels like its 2 million degrees out, with humidity on top, I’m thinking this may just be the little gem to top off a little pool party.

Here’s how you make a pitcher of Cucumber Mojitos:

You will need

3 cups of white rum
a big bunch of mint and some extra mint divided
2cucumbers sliced thinly (skin left on)
2 cups of sugar
2 cups of fresh lime juice
10 oz bottle of soda water or sparkling water

Combine the white rum, bunch of mint (torn up a roughly), and half the cucumber. Put them in a covered bowl and let them infuse overnight.

The next day strain this mixture thru a seive, and press out any rum that is soaked into the mint & cucumber. (Discard the mint & cucumber)
Pour the infused rum into a big pitcher.
Add the sugar and lime juice and stir til dissolved.
Add cubed ice, some of the remaining mint leaves and cucumber slices, then add in soda water and stir gently.

Serve in chilled tall glasses with ice, mint leaves and cucumber slices.

So delicious!

If you’re not a cucumber lover, check out the Racing Fashionistas – they always have something fab for happy hour on Fridays!

Have a gorgeous weekend,



Fabulous, kissable lips are the order of the day!

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