This weekend was a big one in makeup-land.
I had a huge fashion shoot at Studio5 with genius fashion photographer Kelly Cappelli.
Director John Wischmeyer (the Wischdoctor) was there directing some behind the scenes rock-u-mentary footage, and piggy backing on that we shot the first installments of a series or “how to” makeup tutorials.

All in all it was a pretty significant production day!

The day started with Lea Cappelli in hair for an hour or so. Kristin Isaac was our hair diva, and in my opinion gets the MVP award for crazy brilliance on this shoot!
Lea is not only one of the most remarkable models a makeup artist can be blessed to shoot with, but is also a phenominal recording artist.
In true rock n roll style her day wasn’t just a fashion shoot – once her hair was complete, and might I say, it was quite the do, producer Myles Lancette had to take her away to the recording studio to rehearse some songs they’re tracking in the next week or so.
Then she was back to me for makeup – a very long day before we even started shooting, and most of it happening on-camera no less! But she’s a pro and just rolls with it.

Next up I was in hair for a little coiffing, as I too had a considerable on-camera day ahead of me.

Throughout the day I tried to keep posting on facebook and twitter.

Next stop wardrobe. Most productions keep a pretty tight reign on what everyone is wearing. The stylists put together a bunch of outfits and accessories, and with the director/ photographer decide whats going to be worn. We had two productions shooting basically simultaneously, as well as a fashion shoot.

They chose this cool Motor Mayhem shirt for me to wear. I was pretty happy about that, and got to keep it (yay!).
But I should mention at this point, that in the picture you can see some leather chaps with something like “Sheriff’s Posse” on them. I had a moment of true cold fear thinking they were gong to try and dress me in them! Thankfully the chaps were for another shoot!!!

can you even believe how spectacular Tamara is with no makeup on???

Meanwhile model Tamara Anthony, who is just ridiculously beautiful and doesn’t seem to realize it, had been in hair and was ready for makeup. Part of the day’s shoot was getting some makeup tutorials in, so I had final touch ups, and was ready to go. (I’m actually wearing the Chloe gloss from Julie Hewett that I told you about the other day)

So here we are shooting, my set is actually the makeup room. Nothing like keeping it real!

Where possible I want to shoot the “how to” spots on a live set when we’re doing something fashion based.

Once the makeup segment was finished shooting I amped up Tamara’s makeup and put on these completely crazy fabulous feather lashes. Oh yeah!

Me with Tamara and Kelly

We had a few minutes to chill, and then Lea arrived back and got in the makeup chair. (She never, ever complains. Not ever. No matter how long her day is. And some of them are soooo long!)

Here we are, ready to go

Finally the photoshoot starts!

And oooohh!!! Look what we got!!!

I’ll try to upload more tomorrow…



Oh yeah! I just love it when I get a fabulous new product to get totally excited about!

The divine object of my affection is a gorgeous new lipgloss from Julie Hewett Cosmetics called Chloe.

First up I have to tell you that I’m no push over when it comes to lipglosses.
Yes the color has to grab me, but before we dive into that particular treasure chest, there are other huge considerations both for products that I’m using on shoots and those that I wear myself.

A gloss has to wear well throughout the day. No bubbling or balling up, no tackiness, the color has to hold and distribute evenly, no gooey-ness, no sliming through the lipline. It has to hydrate and condition the lip – plenty of lipglosses leave the lip feeling chapped and irritated by the end of the day. It has to have a nice medium shine, and look really, really good on camera, which also means it has to look really, really good for regular street wear.

Now of course, with Julie Hewett being the master movie makeup artist, she creates products that have to perform not just on us, but on the biggest movie stars in the world, and right up there on the big screen, where they are magnified to the nth degree. So all the above criteria are covered, plus many more.

And then we get to the color. Oh my! Its a soft tangerine with a hint of summer sparkle. I am just loving all over Chloe! I wear it (everyday no less) alone for a gorgeous summery lip, or with Julie’s Nude Noir lip liner, which gives it a slightly pinkier hue, and with a variety of other lip liners in my arsenal. I am getting so many compliments on it too – and you just know I’m digging that!

I’m going to write about a few more Julie Hewett products over the next while, because my lovelies, Julie (who is in Georgia shooting the new Mylie Cyrus movie, The Last Song) has given me a special discount for my blog readers!!!

Here’s what you have to do.

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Look through her entire site, because she is extending 20% discount on everything!!!

I am so excited! When you get to the check out, enter the code SUM20. This will give you the 20% discount, and you’ll also get $4.95 shipping all over the USA!

This discount is for my readers all over the world. Anywhere and everywhere!

Tell all of your friends, family, co workers etc, because there is no limit to the number of people who can come in and use this opportunity, and you can go back in and order as many times as you want.
Copy and paste today’s blog and send it to every girl on your email list.
Facebook it, Twitter it, myspace it, let everyone know.

You can check the archives for a piece I wrote on Julie a while back called “Which Red Are You”.
Also make sure when you go into her site to read all about her. You’ll love her story to pieces, and I am sure you’ll be wowed when you realize how many of her movies are in your list of favorites.

Final note my friends, subscribe to this blog, as there will be more fab items popping up right around the corner.

And get Chloe. And then pucker up!

One of the things I love about working in TV/Film/Music Videos etc is all the “behind the scenes” action. Its so cool and interesting seeing how it all comes together. And if its interesting to me, chances are you might just enjoy a little sneak peek here and there too…

I have a fabulous friend who is a big casting director in LA. We met a lifetime ago when we were room mates in London. She’d just been at the Sorbonne in Paris, and I’d just finished Make Up School in London. We both wound up in Los Angeles, living these crazy Hollywood lives – a long way from my life growing up in New Zealand!

Anyway, I decided it might be fun to introduce to her to you, and do a little interview with her. I took up a bunch of time in her crazy busy day, and I’ve tried to think up questions that might be interesting to you, but feel free to send me more, we can always bring her back for round 2…..

So everybody, meet my friend Mia Levinson!

Isn’t she gorgeous? Tons of wild red hair, and one of those Julia Roberts smiles that just lights up the whole room

CB: So Mia, tell me about the process. How does a production find you?

ML: It largely happens thru existing business relationships with producers, directors, writers and studios. They call to see if you’re available for the project. Also the networks will contact casting executives who then take meetings with various casting directors who might be a good fit.

CB: How many read throughs of the script do you do before you start visualizing who you’ll cast? How does that all happen?

ML: Usually I start getting ideas on the first reading. I take notes while I’m reading it and make lists of potential actors for each part. I always have plenty of names on tons of lists. Sometimes I can be on page 20 and have cast the whole project in my mind.

CB: The job doesn’t end when the leads have been cast. What happens next?

ML: Well, you cast the first 10 then the smaller parts.
The first 10 are your leads, any big name actors attached to the project, and the parts that have the most shoot days.
You look at the “Day Out Of Days” (which is like a shoot schedule for the various characters). You see which roles have the most days on the D.O.O.D, then start casting the most top-heavy parts first, and work your way down.

CB: How does casting a movie differ from casting TV shows?

ML: The pace. On TV you might be casting 25 people every 8 days. On film maybe 25 people in 10 weeks.
With TV you may only see an actor the day before or two days before he shoots his scenes, in film you see them six weeks before (on average).

CB: We all know the big name actors, but how do you find the others?

ML: You get a good working knowledge of the actors who are around. Over the years you’re taking tons of meetings, doing endless auditions and readings. You’re watching all kinds of movies, agents are sending you recommendations. You meet people, watch their reels etc. They might not be right for the role you’re casting today, but they stay on your lists. You never know when something will come up that they’ll be perfect for.

CB: What are the hours like?

ML: Depends on what you’re working on. For example on Touched By An Angel it was 9.30
til 7 pm, Monday thru Friday. Life was 10 – 8 Monday thru Friday and some weekends. Movies can be 10 – 6 or 9am til 11pm – it just depends on the job.

CB: Whats your favorite part about being a casting director?

ML: Having a lot of creative input, and helping paint the picture and create the vision of the people who wrote the piece and are directing it.
And its cool, and its fun!!!

CB: You have met and worked with everyone. Is there anyone left who would you get a kick out of meeting?

ML: Johnny Depp. Meryl Streep. I’ve always thought Cate Blanchette and Emma Thompson would be cool. Javier Bardem.

CB: Who have been some of your favorites? (I’m including some production stills that Mia sent me, just to keep this nice and juicy!)

ML: Alec Baldwin – he’s just great. I had a fantastic day working with him.
Bill Paxton, Shia Le Boeuf (awesome guy! really good head on his shoulders)

John Travolta is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Bruce Willis, James Franco.

CB: …more…more…

ML: Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are both super nice, really good guys.
Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Courtney Cox.
Damian Lewis (from Life) Gabrielle Union (both Life and Nightstalker)

Robert Downey Jr is fantastic. He’s just great. Fun, nice and also really clever.

(CB is just beside herself here – Robert Downey Jr is one of my absolute, absolute favorite actors! I just LOVE him!!!)

ML: Steven Spielberg is cool, and Kate Capshaw too. Harrison Ford, I love Eddie Izzard.
Stuart. (Townsend who she cast in Nightstalker – that was me talking again…)

Mia and Stuart in her office.

ML: and I just love Lawrence Fishburne. He is just super, super nice! Really cool guy!

Lawrence Fishburn with Mia’s daughter Logan…

CB: Mia has worked on some really cool productions including:
Touched By An Angel
Kiss Kiss Bang Band (Robert Downey Jr!)
How To Make An American Quilt (Winina Ryder)
House of Wax
George of the Jungle
Firewall (Harrison Ford!)
The Greatest Game Ever Played
Murder at 1600
US Marshalls (Tommy Lee!)

If you’d like to see more of what Mia has done check her out on

Thanks Mia!