Fellini shoot, Studio 5

So today we are going to have the final installment of the Eye Make Up 101 piece, and it is the video of me actually doing the tutorial.

Some of the things that I have written about here will make a lot more sense when you watch it being done. How I hold and angle the brushes, how to use them etc.

I have to warn you though, there was a lot of crazy hilarity in the studio that day, and we had to keep doing re-takes because one of us would just bust up laughing! Even I couldn’t keep a straight face at the end!

You’ll hear Lea singing too, so enjoy!

Have a gorgeous weekend!



Lash ’em Danno!!!

I promised a little lash-o-rama tutorial, so I had Kelly Cappelli shoot some frames while we were getting Lea’s makeup done the other day.

Lashes are the final step in your makeup. Make sure your eye makeup is complete and you have a couple of good coats of mascara on before you start lashes.
(If you need to curl your lashes do so before you put on your mascara. Be careful that you dont have the lashes too curled – they can make it very difficult to position the false lash.

You’ve all seen the big, crazy lashes that I use on fashion shoots and music videos, but for regular wear I use Ardell or Andrea lashes. (I have Shu Uemura for special occasions)
You want to practice this a couple of times before you launch into them on a big night out.

Lift the lash off the tray and position it along your eyelid to see where you want it placed once the glue is on.

I use Duo Medical Adhesive for my lash glue. Its kind to the delicate skin at the lash line, and feels safer to use around the eyes.
Get a white glue that dries clear. This is important, because its hard to tell if a black glue or a clear glue are all the way dry.

Bring up bubble of glue to the top of the applicator, and run your lash thru the bubble. (This will give you more control over the glue than trying to paint it along the lash)
Make sure you have extra on the outer corners.

Sit the lash along the base of the lashes. I like to bring them up a little at the outer corner so that the eyes don’t appear to be drooping downwards.
Once I have the lash positioned on the lash line I press into it a little with the back end of a liner brush to help it stay smooth.

Now you just have to wait for the glue to dry. Sit down somewhere with your eyes closed for a few minutes. If your eyes are blinking and batting around, the false lash has a more difficult time adhering properly.

Ta dah! Perfect lashes!
If you dont have them quite close enough to your own lashes, run a little mascara through them to bind them together.

So this was our final look that day. Pretty fab, isn’t it?

If you missed yesterday’s blog (Eye Makeup 1 oooh!1) I did a tutorial on how to do the eye makeup for this look.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll post the video of this tutorial.

So now you’re armed and ready to knock ’em dead this weekend! Watch out boys!!!



A Little Eye Makeup 1 oooh! 1….

Kelly and I came up with this brilliant idea that we could do some makeup tutorials with still shots rather than video.
You get to decide which you like better, because we have a video of this makeup too.

So anyway, welcome to Eye Makeup 1 ooh!1!

We were shooting Lea in a Fellini-esque look. The hair was high and loose, a hybrid of a Bardot look. The eyes were simple, but well defined. Easy to duplicate, easy to wear. You’ll feel fabulous in this one

Start by concealing, and applying foundation and powder. Groom your brows too.
With a nice clean canvas we go to the next step.

Use an eyeshadow primer to help shadows adhere, and keep the colors true.

I just press it on with my finger.

Next up, use an oval shadow brush, and Nars Nepal shadow.

Sweep the shadow from the lash line to the brow. You can give it a couple of coats so that you can see the color nicely.

Now take an angle blender brush and Nars shadow in Barbuda.
Press the longer end of the brush into your crease, and move side to side across your crease. The shorter end of the brush is now creating a new crease for you, perfect for your eye shape.

Turn the angle blender brush onto its flat side, and press color into the outer corner of your eye for a little depth and drama.

Whichever shadow you are using, particles will drop below the eye.

To stop them staining the under eye area and making it look dirty or bruised, take a deluxe fan brush and sweep away anything that has dropped.

Now take a bent liner brush and some black cream liner.

The shape of the bent liner makes it easy to get a nice tight line along the base of the lashes.
Make sure you lift it out and up at the outer corner. If you follow your lash line all the way it will make you eyes look like they are angling downwards.

Use a taklon liner and some more Barbuda to smudge under the lower lashline. Keep the color right up into the lashline.

This gives you definition and a smokey effect without making your undereye look heavy.

A few coats of mascara and a set of false lashes, and we are good to go!

Isn’t it pretty?

The products I used were:
Eye Shadow Primer
Nars shadow in Nepal
Nars shadow in Barbuda
Black cream liner
False lashes

Brushes (from the CorinnaB line)
Oval Shadow Brush
Angle Blender
Deluxe Fan brush
Bent liner
Taklon liner
all brushes available at www.CorinnaB.com

Tomorrow we’ll cover lash application, in time for the weekend!
I’ll also post some more pics of the final look.
Soooo fab!!!

The facebookers and the twitterati are sending me messages re what makeup tricks they’d like to learn. You can either comment at the bottom of this blogpost, or click to follow me on twitter and leave me messages there. I want to know what you would like to see!



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