Shu Racing!

Actually, this post has nothing what so ever to do with racing, but a whole lot to do with lashes and cleansing oils.

This morning after doing a segment on breakfast TV, I mosied on down to Saks 5th Avenue where I had one of my hyperventilative whirls through Shu Uemura to pick up more cleansing oil and check out the lash bar. A couple of treasures that you need full knowledge of!

Firstly, Shu itself. This is a truly delicious line of makeup designed by one of old(ish) Hollywood’s most celebrated Makeup Artists. It’s one of those lines that has spectacular makeup & divine skin care (the two don’t often get together within one line). Add the most sensational lashes to the mix and I become hopelessly, devotedly addicted.


So first up, lets talk about the cleansers. I love these passionately! Shu has a line of cleansing oils that will make you a convert as soon as you try them. The line is quite extensive and has different oils for all the different skin types. I know some of you are squirming at the concept of using oil on your face, and some of you may even have had not quite fabulous experiences with other brands, but trust me here!
You just massage a small amount of the oil into your dry skin, or fully made up face, then emulsify it with a little lukewarm water. It dissolves all makeup, even waterproof. It cleanses your skin so beautifully, and then leaves it soft and supple.

There is an oily skin formulation (oil lifts away oil), there’s a skin brightening one, I use either the balancing or the purifying. The green purifying oil is anti aging, has antioxidants, cleanses, protects, and is the #1 selling oil cleanser in the world.

You can get the cleansing oils at the Shu Uemura Boutiques, at Saks 5th Avenue and at Sephora. (check website for other locations)

Next up, the Lash Bar.
The boutiques and Saks (probably some Niemans and other places too) also have a wall of the world’s most fabulicious lashes, made by Shu.
There are simple lashes of all shapes and sizes, as well as the more extravagant lashes.
The basic lashes tend to run around $25 per set.

The combination of great quality and sensational design make Shu lashes sought after world wide.
They even designed special jewelled lashes for Madonna to use in her videos and on her tours. You can actually purchase almost the same lashes that Miss M uses, but with crystals and rhinestones instead of actual jewels, so they are a tad more cost effective.

And you have to figure on some level, if they are good enough for her, they can be just fab for us too!!!

I buy a lot of my more extreme lashes from Shu Uemura also. In fact, I have bags of them! (it’s kinda like the shoe thing…) The big feather lashes etc I use on fashion shoots, not for a night on the town or a day at the races. But that’s just me getting all conservative on you. If I saw you out at dinner in a pair of big fluffy orange Shu lashes, I would respect you. Immensely!

The lashes below were designed for Shu by Viktor and Rolf, and when I checked were $95 per pair. I don’t own them. Yet. But I so covet the bottom pair!

One of the things that sets the lash bar apart from other lash bars, is that they have samples of almost all of their lashes inside glass cubes that you can hold up to your eye and look in the mirror to see how they really will look on you.
I can play there for hours, but it invariably costs me…

So today was all about the cleansing oil, and I didn’t add to the ever growing lash collection.

I do recommend trying the cleansing oils. I have never had anyone who has tried them not totally love them.

And love makes the world go round…



Feather Me More!

So here are some more images from Sunday’s shoot.

It’s actually incredibly difficult to wear these big lashes. They’re very heavy on the eyelid so there’s considerable work involved when modelling them.

Also you can’t glue them along the lash line as they are so wide it makes the eye look like its turning downward. So, they are glued on an angle up to the orbital bone. Quite uncomfortable, but with this calibre of model you’d never know it…

Shooting them is tricky too, because if the faces and eyelids aren’t at exactly the right angle, it’s all just a blurry mess.

Lovely Lea! In between shots she was singing for us. She is so chilled out, she’ll just pick up her guitar and rip out some cool songs, then slip back under the lights and give you something like this!

It’s really fun to be along for the ride as a huge music career is growing. The record company, management company, PR company & all the powers that be have to restrict how much info can be given out, but as much as possible I’ll give you sneak peeks into the behind the scenes action with Lea.
It’s all very, very cool.

Lastly, I hope you can see this shot. It is actually hair diva Kristin Isaac’s myspace profile picture, as is funnier than all get out! She is in a parking lot makeing her boyfriend kiss her boot, and she is sparking some fierce attitude!!!

I love that crazy girl!!!

Well, I’m off to wardrobe fittings for the next makeup segment that we’re shooting, which is supposed to be on Thursday.

Please don’t let it be the chaps…

Lovin Me Some Feather Lashes…

This weekend was a big one in makeup-land.
I had a huge fashion shoot at Studio5 with genius fashion photographer Kelly Cappelli.
Director John Wischmeyer (the Wischdoctor) was there directing some behind the scenes rock-u-mentary footage, and piggy backing on that we shot the first installments of a series or “how to” makeup tutorials.

All in all it was a pretty significant production day!

The day started with Lea Cappelli in hair for an hour or so. Kristin Isaac was our hair diva, and in my opinion gets the MVP award for crazy brilliance on this shoot!
Lea is not only one of the most remarkable models a makeup artist can be blessed to shoot with, but is also a phenominal recording artist.
In true rock n roll style her day wasn’t just a fashion shoot – once her hair was complete, and might I say, it was quite the do, producer Myles Lancette had to take her away to the recording studio to rehearse some songs they’re tracking in the next week or so.
Then she was back to me for makeup – a very long day before we even started shooting, and most of it happening on-camera no less! But she’s a pro and just rolls with it.

Next up I was in hair for a little coiffing, as I too had a considerable on-camera day ahead of me.

Throughout the day I tried to keep posting on facebook and twitter.

Next stop wardrobe. Most productions keep a pretty tight reign on what everyone is wearing. The stylists put together a bunch of outfits and accessories, and with the director/ photographer decide whats going to be worn. We had two productions shooting basically simultaneously, as well as a fashion shoot.

They chose this cool Motor Mayhem shirt for me to wear. I was pretty happy about that, and got to keep it (yay!).
But I should mention at this point, that in the picture you can see some leather chaps with something like “Sheriff’s Posse” on them. I had a moment of true cold fear thinking they were gong to try and dress me in them! Thankfully the chaps were for another shoot!!!

can you even believe how spectacular Tamara is with no makeup on???

Meanwhile model Tamara Anthony, who is just ridiculously beautiful and doesn’t seem to realize it, had been in hair and was ready for makeup. Part of the day’s shoot was getting some makeup tutorials in, so I had final touch ups, and was ready to go. (I’m actually wearing the Chloe gloss from Julie Hewett that I told you about the other day)

So here we are shooting, my set is actually the makeup room. Nothing like keeping it real!

Where possible I want to shoot the “how to” spots on a live set when we’re doing something fashion based.

Once the makeup segment was finished shooting I amped up Tamara’s makeup and put on these completely crazy fabulous feather lashes. Oh yeah!

Me with Tamara and Kelly

We had a few minutes to chill, and then Lea arrived back and got in the makeup chair. (She never, ever complains. Not ever. No matter how long her day is. And some of them are soooo long!)

Here we are, ready to go

Finally the photoshoot starts!

And oooohh!!! Look what we got!!!

I’ll try to upload more tomorrow…



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