OK, so its time to tackle some more make up details, and leave the shoes and lingerie alone for a minute!

Today I want to chat to you about mascara. Mascara is one of those products that almost everyone in lady-land uses, but so frequently its all wrong. Oftentimes its a nightmare in a tube, so I’m going to give you my top 10 tips for mascara use. There’s actually more than 10, but here we go…

Firstly, let me tell you about the products I use both in my kit and on myself.

My favorite beyond all favorites is the unbelievably fabulous Diorshow Blackout. I use this mascara at home when I want sensational, huge, gorgeous lashes.

I’m convinced that a huge portion of the magic here is in the wand. When I’m working with celebs and models and want some serious lash action I’ll take a new tube of Blackout, but as I cant re-use the wand I give the tube to them when we’re done.

The other staple mascara in my personal make up arsenal is by MAC and is called Plush Lash. Again its all about the wand, and the lashes are divine.

The mainstay mascaras in my kit are by MAC, particularly Zoom Lash and Pro Lash.

These are great little work horse mascaras. They pack a fabulous punch and don’t cost the earth. ( I think they run about $12 each). If you are intimidated by a huge wand, or just feel more at ease using a smaller wand, these are both ideal.
The quality is excellent too.

Here are my Top 10 Mascara Tips:

1) Never use drug store/supermarket brands. I constantly see women with broken or damaged lashes, clumps of lashes missing, irritated skin at the lash line, and the common denominator always seems to be a cheap mascara.
At the risk of alienating the masses I’m telling you to get rid of them. Try the MACs and see what you think.

2) Unless you’re planning on swimming or crying, avoid waterproof mascara.
It is so difficult to completely remove, and you can easily wind up damaging your lashes and rubbing the delicate skin around the eye too much.

3) Make sure you remove all your mascara, every night.
Some cleansers will gently dissolve and remove your mascara. If yours doesn’t try a good, gentle eye make up remover.

4) Never pump your mascara wand in and out of the tube.
All this does is dry the mascara out prematurely. Instead, swirl the wand around inside the tube.

5) Remove excess mascara from the wand before you start applying it.
You can either use a clean tissue, or run the wand across the opening of the tube (which is what I do!)

6)If you are going to curl your lashes, do it before you put your mascara on.

7) When your mascara starts getting dry or flaking, its time to replace it.
Flakes and bits of mascara dropping below your eyes are not flattering on anyone!
In a pinch if you don’t have a replacement tube, put the wand back in and close the tube, then either hold it under hot running water, or sit it in a glass of hot water. This will sometimes liquify it enough to be used.

8) If you have clumps of mascara on your lashes, run a lash groomer thru to remove the clumps and separate the lashes

9) Apply your lower lashes first. If you do the upper lashes first you may get dots of wet mascara on your upper lids when you start to do the lower ones.

10) When applying mascara, take the wand to the base of the lashes, then bring it forward with a slight side to side motion.
Coat the top of the upper lashes before you do the underside.

Remember that big, gooey, clumpy lashes are not fabulous and not sexy! Aim to have the lashes separated, long and full.

And then bat them baby!

One of my favorite temptations in Las Vegas is the divine emporium of naughtiness, Agent Provocateur.

For the uninitiated, this is not quite (well hopefully not quite) your mother’s bra shop. In fact, I would describe it as a luxury lingerie store with a big, heaping spoonful of wicked sprinkled on top!

Agent P is a British import, and has locations nationwide, but not in Phoenix, so I meander on down there when in Sin City. Their clever, drop dead sexy merchandise has been immortalized in print ads featuring Kate Moss. Their fare is titillating yet tasteful, not Fredericks and not Trashy L.

Their window displays are frequently hilarious

The dressing rooms are boudoir style with lace walls, and softly lit, so we all look fabulous and feel comfortable.

I walked into Agent this trip and was greeted by the store mannequin wearing a leopard print cat mask, a corset and a knowing smile. All of which would have been a great sales tool if her plastic eyes hadn’t been all wonky, making her look like a cross between a rabid feline and a homicidal maniac. No matter where I was in the store I could feel her demented stare burning holes in my back.
However, she did get me thinking about corsets. And the corsets they are showing this season are beautiful. Black corsets, pink corsets, beige corsets. Something for everyone from sexy to feminine to super cool. Some were wicked and to be hidden under your clothes (or not!), some to be worn with a great pair of jeans and some cracking high heels.
They had a fabulous see through trench coat too, and were showing it with the bathrobes and peignoirs.

I love that the staff are so fun and friendly. I watched them helping men select pieces of perfection for their girlfriends, and put them completely at ease while discussing the naughty stuff. You’ve gotta admire a fellow who finds his way to buy sexy undies for his girl at Agent P instead of the Hustler store!

Every girl should know that its really rather empowering wearing fine lingerie, no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing.
If you’re in Las Vegas, make sure you go check out Agent Provocateur at the Forum Shops at Ceasar’s Palace, and maybe pick yourself up a little piece of fabulicious….

When I go to Vegas I am compelled to go to Cirque du Soleil shows. I’m sure every make up artist out there gets fixated on the spectacular visuals, the sheer majesty of the Cirque shows.

My favorite beyond favorite is Le Reve, which plays at the Wynn.

Now technically its not a Cirque production, and is not on the list of Cirque shows, but it was designed for Steve Wynn by Franco Dragone, the creative director of O, Mystere, La Nouba, Quidam and Alegria. Any Cirque fan watching Le Reve would be hard pressed to tell its not a Cirque du Soleil performance, if indeed there is a way to tell?

Like O, Reve happens in water. 1 million gallons of it, to be precise. The story line follows a series of dreams, with some of the most astounding acrobatics, dance and theatrics you’ll ever witness, and indeed feel a part of. The theatre is in the round, seats approximately 2000, with no one further than 40 feet away from the action.
Because it is in the round, there is no “backstage”. The sets, and for the most part the performers themselves, either appear from the depths of the water, or soar in from above.
The stages raise and descend seemingly in mere seconds. A performer will run clear across the surface of the pool, and a heartbeat later another will dive from 40 feet high straight into the water, leaving your heart somewhere near your throat.

It takes 175 technicians and crew to support the 68 performers.

The make up artist in me is in awe of the fabrics used in the costumes, especially the red dresses. The girls will perform water ballets, then climb out and dance on the edge of the pool, their skirts swinging with their moves as if dry. (It should be noted that they dance and swim in red heels!) All the costuming is spectacular.

No matter how many production stills and videos I watch, none really do justice to Le Reve. I’ve included a couple of you tube clips to give you some of the flavor of this genius show, but there is no comparison to actually being there and experiencing it live.



For some reason these aren’t linking, but you can always check them out at www.youtube.com

Have a beautiful weekend!