Breezy In The Caribbean

Here we are again, its Friday, and I’m working tonite, so wont be out doing anything fabulous. Furthermore, here in sunny Phoenix its 113 degrees. The air smells like it is burnt, opening the door is like stepping into a furnace, the air conditioning in my car can’t cope, and right now the arctic circle sounds really, really enticing.

So I decided to look through some travel magazines at pictures of places that I’d rather be this very minute, and I’m torn between St Thomas and St John.

This is St Thomas – doesn’t it look lovely?

A couple of pages on I found this picture of delectability. And I think it might just be what I would order right now, if I were on a beach in St Thomas….

The Caribbean Bay Breeze

1 oz Bacardi
1/2 oz Malibu Rum

Pour them over a glass of ice, then top off with 1/2 pineapple juice and 1/2 cranberry juice

I bet its super refreshing. It even comes with a sword!

Have a safe and fun Friday night,



Bend Those Lashes, Shape Those Brows…

Wow! What a hectic day!

I was in the recording studio this morning, recording some voice overs for an advertising thing (will blog about it next week, cuz it was pretty cool!). Then meetings with entertainment lawyers and producers for some upcoming projects. Tonight I’m working too, so today’s blog is once again, the shortness and the sweetness!

First up a couple of cool lash accessories that you hardly ever find a makeup artist without:

The Japonesque Precision Lash Curler
This is a great little lash curler when you need some intense precision. You can do the entire lash line with it, or just get some bend and lift in the ends.

If you’re into standard lash curlers, there is no better product than Shu Uemura’s. You’d be very hard pressed to find a pro artist without one of these in their kit.
It gives the best shape, and actually enables you to curl and not crimp the lashes.
I can’t stand the look of lashes that bend up at a 90 degree angle as though they got caught in a vice. This lash curler will give you gorgeous, everytime!

And secondly, brow products.
Your eyebrows are so crucially important. They define the dimensions of your face – I think of them as punctuation marks on your face. No look is complete until you’ve tended to your brows.

In my personal aresenal, I use this Smashbox Brow Duo every day.

One side is a powder color to define your brow with, the other is a wax to set any stray hairs that don’t want to play the beauty game.
The color choice is superb too.

If you’re not quite so confident about shaping your brow, check out Anastasia’s Brow Express Palette.

You select the color grouping that’s right for you, then use the stencil that comes in the kit to guide you as you fill in your brow.
Anastasia has built an enormous business in brows, and most of Hollywood go to her to get their’s tended to.

Lastly I wanted to show you this fab product from MakeUp Forever

Their brow corrector is waterproof, and comes with 2 brushes to help you style and create the perfect brow. This line was entirely created for Makeup Artists, so it has a far higher performance level, but is also available to the public so everyone can benefit.

I’ve been using it for the past few weeks, and am completely hooked!
In fact, I’ll be using it tonight…

Gotta run!



How To Clean Your Brushes Video Tutorial

So here’s the last part of the How To Clean Your Brushes series, and it is the You tube video format.

If you haven’t seen the makeup tutorial videos they are on my you tube channel, which is CorinnaBmakeup.

Enjoy and have a fabulous day!