New Season’s Nars-o-licious….

I’m supposed to be doing many different things right now, but instead I’m sitting here playing with some of the new season’s colors from Nars.
On some level I could probably say its work-ish, except that we all know its not – I’m just playing.

But lets have a little look at the objects of my affection…

First up I am loving the Silk Road eye shadow duo. Fall/winter can get so caught up in heavy, dull shades, so these are a breath of fresh air. The colors are soft, pretty and feminine. I’ll be using them to do a subtle, beautiful, slightly opalescent eye, maybe bringing in a little depth to the outer corners with something a little moodier, like Night Fever. (eye shadow single)
Maybe I should do an eyeshadow tutorial with these?

The next thing isn’t even remotely new, in fact I’ve been using it in my kit for years, but it does deserve a mention here. Once our bronzed up, glowy summer skin surrenders to the gloomy fall wind, rain and overcast skies, we tend to bury our skin under heavier bases and powders.
I am a big proponent of gorgeous, dewy looking skin, and one of the products I use to create this with is Nars The Multiple in Copacabana.
This versatile stick can be used in many ways, anywhere on the face. I love using my fingers to blend a little into the upper cheekbone, outer forehead, sometimes high on the nose, to create luminosity and glow to the skin.
Copacabana makes dull skin look alive and bright, which translates to young and gorgeous. And who doesn’t want that???

One of these days I’ll learn how to resize pictures. But until then…

Now of course I am still obsessing about the Stella McCartney over the knee boots that have now become the screensaver behind my lids when I close my eyes, and I was thinking about what makeup would be great to offset a killer pair of boots like that.

These boots are all about being fierce, fabulous and sexy, so the soft & juicy mouth that I love both to create on others and to wear myself isn’t necessarily telling the same story as the footwear, so I’m thinking a bold, take no prisoners mouth. And wouldn’t you know it? Nars has this darling piece of decadence that is exactly perfect! Even the name – “Fast Ride” is calling you to badness!

Its beautiful, bold and powerful, can be muted down to a stain, or worn full force.
The combination of these three products is just fabulous. Soft eyes (I’d throw a strip of lashes on for emphasis), glowing skin, and a full mouth. Hmmm – maybe we will have to shoot this look for you.

And the Stella’s….

You just know its a match made in heaven!



These Boots Were Made For Struttin’!

Its 108 degrees today here in sunny Phoenix, and instead of getting aquatic and smelling like Coppertone, I’m busy reviewing winter makeup and fashion trends for some upcoming shoots. Quite the crazy juxtaposition, mais c’est ma vie!

The one thing that has me excited beyond delirium for this coming season is the over-the-knee boot. So sexy, so raunchy, so crazy cool!!!

A lifetime ago when I was a makeup artist living in super trendy London, I had a pair of black suede thigh boots that I wore all the time. They were the absolute most dynamic thing I ever owned. I would wear them with short skirts and this big black faux fur russian hat that I bought in Moscow. I felt like the coolest thing on wheels when I slipped those badboys on, but in all reality, London was so full of models, supermodels, and just outright super funky, edgy, sexy- cool girls that I probably blended in with the wallpaper.

But in those boots I felt like a million dollars.

I worked with tons of Ethiopian and Sudanese runway models at the time. They were all over six feet tall, exquisite and long and lean, and could move like panthers. I adored them! And they taught me how to walk in my thigh boots.

And not just walk, but own it in my thigh boots, with this fantastic hip and pelvis roll that was both languid and powerful at the same time. It was fierce!

I’ve often wondered where life took all of them, and also where it took my thigh boots! I don’t have them anymore, but am so totally overjoyed that the look this coming season is just possessed and dominated by the thigh boot!

So lets have a little look at some of my favorites…

Stella McCartney’s boot is too die for! She is completely amazing and innovative. I could possibly get away with the pair above on the streets of Scottsdale, for sure the streets of NYC.

The Stella’s below are fierce, but I think I would suffocate in them. But I’d give it a go!

Sexy Gucci boot, not over the knee, but still delectable! And more expensive than the average house payment.

And of course, the red soled master himself…

Hello lover!

Christian Louboutin, purrfect everytime!

That first pair of Stella’s had me at hello…

So now I’m going to put on my huge sunglasses, big hat and SPF, and go stretch out by the pool, but behind those black lenses I will be day-dreaming of thighs boots in winter.

And maybe I’ll send my friend Cynthia in Atlanta a telepathic message about red soles (haha!),
because when I’m thinking Louboutin, she always seems to hear me!

Strut it sisters!



Good Morning TV-land!

Every so often I do makeup segments on various breakfast television shows. These segments tend to be under 3 minutes, and are really just a quick demo or chat about whats happening in the world of makeup and glamor. (the glamor part was something I just thought up – they really only want to know whats happening in makeup!)

To make it more fun, it means a 3 am or 4 am wake-up call, so you can be camera ready and get to the studio, or what ever location you’re shooting at before the morning program goes live.
That means some serious under eye drama and repair work!

Will and I were on breakfast TV this morning doing out thing, our on-air time being about 2 minutes. And believe me we worked those 2 minutes up one side and down the other! And, might I add, with his new goatee thing going on he looked devilishly handsome! But sadly ladies, he is completely unavailable to any of us!

I told twitter-world last week all about a breakfast shoot (as it was happening no less), and here are some behind the scenes stills. If you’re on twitter you can follow me @Corinnamakeup, or click on the icon over there on the right.

I never remember to think up what I’m going to say beforehand, and only realize it as the camera light goes on, so I’m always hoping I say something coherent…

Theres nothing quite like seeing yourself on camera to make you think all about the squats and lunges that you’ve been meaning to do, but haven’t quite gotten around to!

This one was all about trends in wedding makeup.
It was a fun shoot, as they normally are. If I can get any footage from youtube I’ll post it later this week.

Have a gorgeous day!