Happy Hour!

So last Saturday I met up with my gorgeous, glamorous makeup friend J’me for sushi at a cool place called Kabuki.

It was about a million degrees out, and I wanted something light, crisp and refreshing to drink, so our waiter recommended the Cucumber Mojito. I’d never had one before, but oh my! Talk about fabulicious!
It is now my new thing, and seeing as this week it feels like its 2 million degrees out, with humidity on top, I’m thinking this may just be the little gem to top off a little pool party.

Here’s how you make a pitcher of Cucumber Mojitos:

You will need

3 cups of white rum
a big bunch of mint and some extra mint divided
2cucumbers sliced thinly (skin left on)
2 cups of sugar
2 cups of fresh lime juice
10 oz bottle of soda water or sparkling water

Combine the white rum, bunch of mint (torn up a roughly), and half the cucumber. Put them in a covered bowl and let them infuse overnight.

The next day strain this mixture thru a seive, and press out any rum that is soaked into the mint & cucumber. (Discard the mint & cucumber)
Pour the infused rum into a big pitcher.
Add the sugar and lime juice and stir til dissolved.
Add cubed ice, some of the remaining mint leaves and cucumber slices, then add in soda water and stir gently.

Serve in chilled tall glasses with ice, mint leaves and cucumber slices.

So delicious!

If you’re not a cucumber lover, check out the Racing Fashionistas – they always have something fab for happy hour on Fridays!

Have a gorgeous weekend,



These Lips Were Made For Kissin’!

Fabulous, kissable lips are the order of the day!

Throughout the warm (hot!) summer months you just can’t beat a soft luscious lip gloss to keep you looking fresh and gorgeous.
You also can’t beat a 20% discount on the luscious lip glosses!

Julie Hewett has beautiful new lip lush lip glosses about to arrive, and I want you to be the first to know about them.

Sophia, Bardot and Mimi are about to arrive, and Harlow is already here.

Then, of course, there’s Chloe, the lip lush I’ve been talking about and wearing all summer long!

Love, love, love it!!!

To get the discount, (one any and all of her products) go to Julie’s website www.JulieHewett.net
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Wedding Day Survival Kit

Summer is primo wedding season for pretty much everywhere (except Arizona!)
I am constantly getting asked about what items a gal should pack to keep the beauty going strong after the makeup artist has left, so I figure there’s no time like the present to tackle this one!
It should be noted too, that this is ideal for any night out, and these items are standard in whichever handbag I’m trotting around town with.

If you are getting married, I highly recommend having a makeup artist get you ready. If you have a pro take care of your makeup, you will need very little in the way of touch ups.
I also emphatically recommend you get someone who uses airbrush. No ifs, buts or maybes.

But back to the kit…

1) Blotting papers.
You want to combat any shine that comes up with blotting papers. Sephora brand are great, MAC has good ones too. Don’t ever wipe, just press onto the area and lift. This will help lift away any oiliness. If you keep adding powder your face will start to look overly made up and cakey.

2) Makeup Forever Duo Mat.
This is one of those powder/foundation combos, and in my opinion (and I always have one!) it is by far the best. Sometimes you need a little extra powder, and by using a dual product you are replacing any color that has wiped away.
Duo Mat has the best colors, a gorgeous natural finish to it, keeps you nicely matte. The packaging is very slimline and wont be bulky in your makeup bag. Put a triangle sponge in there too (get your makeup artist to give you one if you dont have them). If you get weepy, or need a repair job under the eyes etc, a slim pointed triangle sponge is key.

3) Lip liner.
You will need to be touching up your lips throughout the day. I love MAC lip liners and Julie Hewett lip liners. Your makeup artist can tell you which color you need so that you can buy it prior to the big day.

4) Lip Gloss
I love putting my brides in colored lip glosses, and there are some fabulous ones out there. Make sure you are using one that is not tacky or gooey (never a good look). I love MAC, Julie Hewett and Chanel for glosses. They have the best colors, last nicely, and dont ball up on the lip.
Definitely get a gloss that is on a wand. The application is so much easier, and there is less chance of you spilling it on your dress.

5) Plackers
There is nothing worse that talking to people with food stuck between your teeth!
After eating, a quick trip to the ladies room with a placker and you can make sure the teeth are looking beautiful! (most of us dont have the time or the space to be brushing out teeth all the time while we’re out. And toothpaste really jacks with the taste of champagne…)

6) Listerine Breath Strips
Assume you have bad breath, and keep these on hand!
(Its a way better plan than assuming you dont!) Most brides get a pretty dry mouth on their wedding day. These will keep you fresh.
Absolutely do not chew gum, and breath mints will end up giving you icky breath anyway. Plus you can end up with little white flecks of altoid on your lips.

7) Neatly folded Kleenex.
Pre-fold a few kleenex and keep them flat in your bag. If you get weepy, slip a flat, folded kleenex under the lower lashes and press. Never, never wipe or use a bunched up kleenex. Chances are you’ll just make a big old mess.

8) Eyedrops
For the brave only! These are in emergency only! If you’ve been crying, or have a fleck of something in your eye, slip a folded kleenex under your lower lashes, tip your head back and as you look away, drop one drop into the inner corner of your eye.
Close your eye, and keep it closed for a few seconds. You dont want tears rolling down your beautifully made up face!

9) Bobby pins for any mini hair repairs. You wont need many, but its a good idea to have them on hand.

10) Safety Pins
I keep a couple of small ones and a couple of medium/big ones. You never know when there’s going to be an accidental rip, or a quick fix is needed. Better safe than sorry!

A quick last look in the mirror, and girlfriend, you are good to go!