It’s The Beach Bag, Baby!

The holiday weekend is here, and I know most of you are heading to the beach/lake/river/poolside for some aquatic fun in the sun. I can’t help but notice that I’m not in the Greek Islands at the moment, or somewhere delicious along the Amalfi Coast!

But after blogging about the after work beauty repair tools, I started thinking about what to put in the beach bag for the holiday weekend. Even though I’m not in the Aegean, the products essentially remain the same.

After the super- hydrate, super- moisturize in the morning, once all the lotions and potions have well and truly soaked into my skin, I like a super-liberal slathering of La Roche Posay Athelios SPF60 (at least). If not Athelios, then Neutrogena Helioplex SPF7o or above. Either will give you extra good sun protection, and wont leave you with a greasy coconut smelling face.

I cant tell you enough how fanatical I am about protecting face, throat and chest from the sun! A gorgeous healthy tan today will leave you looking like a wrinkled old boot tomorrow. So not worth it! And melanoma has no glamour value whatsoever. You really must invest in a really good facial SPF product.

Ideally you want to really give your SPF some quality time to do its magic before you apply anything over top. I’m not into a completely naked beach face (well, not on me anyway) and a face full of make up looks silly at the beach, but these products let you cheat it a little.

I love Julie Hewett Shimmy products.
A little dab here and there on the upper cheek bones, I use it on eyelids just to add a tiny bit of dimension and some shimmying love.
I’ll blend it with a little Cheekie cream blush, just enough to give a hint of color and break up the endless beige that the face can become.
Now it should be noted that I am talking about dryer climates. If you are in a humid place you may want to keep your skin a little more bare. Don’t try and fight the humidity though – it will always win. Add a little shimmy high on your cheekbones and go for a dewy, fresh faced look.

The only time I advocate waterproof mascara is when we’re by the water. And why not use the mac-daddy of them all? I love Diorshow Blackout Waterproof. Build up some serious clump free lashes. Give it several coats, as this is going to be the main attraction on our pared down face.

I avoid anything much else around the eyes. If I know with 100% certainty that I’m not going in the water I may use a little smudged out liner, but really you want to avoid makeup-face.
That being said, my eyebrows are always on, groomed and fabulous!

Often ladies forget about their lips. You must wear something with SPF protection. I have tons of MAC SPF15 tinted lip conditioners. I like a hint of color and moisturized, protected lips.

Your hair and hair color need sun protection too. I love Phyto’s Protective Beach Spray. It keeps your hair supple and shiny, and has UV filters.

You should always have a nice, big, sexy hat on to protect your scalp (melanoma often goes undetected in the scalp) and to shade your ears, face and neck. This year I am loving these hats by Juicy!

You will never catch me out there in the sun without huge glasses on. I like a nice wide arm on my glasses to protect the outer corners of the eye area.

Last but not least, a good book! I am re-reading the fabulous Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I’ve got the eating part down, now for some praying and some loving…..

What’s in your beach bag this summer?

Ron Capps/Michael Waltrip Napa Spot

OK, so I just have to tell you, this commercial just kills me! Everytime I watch it I just die laughing!

I would have given my eye teeth to have been the make up artist on these Napa commercials – I bet they were an absolute blast to work on!

And frankly, who knew that Capps could draw so well?

“Y’all’s turn!”!!!
So brilliant!

What’s your favorite commercial?

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Are You Ready For Happy Hour?

So I was cruising through one of my favorite beauty blogs , Beauty Addict, and she had the best terminology ever! She was talking about keeping the mini version of Michael Kors leg shine in a desk drawer and she referred to the product as “not taking up valuable real estate” in your desk.

Frankly, I thought that was brilliant! Why didn’t I think up that one?
It got me thinking about which products I would keep in a desk drawer for some instant fab, summer, happy hour transformation, and that didn’t take up too much “valuable real estate”. (love that so much!).

For a little high speed, post work, pre drinks lovin, here’s what would be in my desk drawer (if I had one!)

First up, Touche Eclat/Radiant Touch by YSL

This is one of my beyond favorite products. You just click the end of the pen, and then paint a little of the product under your eyes, pat it in lightly with your ring finger, and voila! Instant undereye renewal!
I cook up my own brew of this in the make up room, but on the go I don’t leave home without it!

Next I’d have Fix+ (with rose water) by MAC.

When you need to bring make up back to life, either after a full day in make up under the lights, or just regular day wear make up in real life, Fix+ is a Godsend. Lightly spritz over the face, and it rehydrates, refreshes and renews your make up. Love it!

I’m a big fan of Make Up Forever, and I love their Duo Matte. Its foundation and powder in one, so its ideal for some repair work. You can add back in any color you’ve wiped off during the day, and use it for a little powdering too. It contains an ingredient called Nylon12, which gives the most exquisite finish to the skin.

Keep Duo Matte in your desk drawer year round.

A great way to high speed refresh your make up and breathe some vitality back into your look is to give your cheeks some loving. I’m a huge fan of Nars blushes

particularly Orgasm and Sin. Sweep a little Orgasm over your cheekbones, and sister, you are good to go!

While on the subject of Nars fabulousity I also love the multi stick in Copacobana.
I dab a little on the top of the cheekbones& temples with my finger to give a dewy quality to the skin. Use it sparingly, but enjoy the lovely youthful hue it gives. Perfect for summer!

On to the lips. I adore the MAC lip pencils. The quality is fabulous, and the color choices divine.

I’m a big fan of a color called “Whirl”. You can use it with so many different lip colors, or with plain gloss, and it is universally so flattering!

Because we’re talking about a little apres-work romp here, I’m going to tell you to pair it up with Nars gloss in Orgasm. Looove it!

Teeny picture, because I couldn’t find a bigger one….

And now the bare legs. Summer legs should be bare, but need a little glimmer or sheen for an evening out. I have two recommendations for the desk drawer (and the bathroom cabinet)

My favorite beyond favorite is Sally Hansen Airbrush Shimmer. I’ve used this for ages both at home and on shoots. Just spray a little on and you’re good to go! It really does give your legs a lovely sheen.

Then, of course, there’s the product that got me thinking along the lines of what to have in the desk drawer in the first place, and that’s Beauty Addict’s recommended Michael Kors Leg Shine.

This one looks best if you’ve already got some color in your skin. It has a slightly oily texture, so it takes a little getting used to, and it is fragranced, so you need to be a fan of Michael Kors perfume (…and I am…). You can get it in a mini size at Sephora for $10.

And, of course, it just wouldn’t be a night out without Jimmy!
How completely beyond fab are these???

They’ll look gorgeous with your summer legs – just please, please, please dont cram them in your desk drawer!

And now ladies, there’s an ice cold margarita calling…