Oh Manzy!

After I went to last year’s Prelude to the Dream, I really got into dirt track racing. Who saw that coming? – not me!!! I had never enjoyed dirty, dusty, loud racetracks before (well, truth be told, I’d never even considered going to one before…), but here was this fun new thing to go and do.

In Phoenix we had a fantastic dirt track called Manzanita Speedway. It had been around since the early 1900’s, and since the 1950’s had been used for dirt track car races.
It was one of those great old venues with big old wooden stands to sit in, all ambience and atmosphere and tradition. It was the perfect place to take my 8 year old every weekend. Inexpensive, loud, boy fun. It seemed that every weekend the same cast of characters would be there. We’d sit in approximately the same seats near turn four every time, and got to know all the other families, who would sit in their same seats too.

All the little boys would tear down and watch from the wall, hooting and hollering and waving their checkered flags at the cars. We had no clue who the drivers were, so would just randomly pick cars to cheer for while they were running hot laps. That in itself would be hysterically funny. Typically everyone is cheering on the hot favorite or the family member, but we always wound up with the cars that only had 3 other fans (or none at all), and we’d support them with all the crazy enthusiasm that everyone else used.
My car frequently got lapped by all the others, and would limp back to the pit wounded, but I would still be cheering him on valiantly!

a little fence jumping…

a Cruz pedregon t-shirt, a light saber, and the late mods – what else could a boy want?

Manzy was one of those places where you just throw on a baseball cap and your jeans – totally low key. The kids would have hotdogs and cokes, and to a foreigner (me!) it just seemed to be a really fantastic slice of americana, and absolutely the stuff that memories are made of.

And then, out of nowhere, they up and sold it. Just like that. We were devastated!
All the fun ended on Easter Sunday, with our two favorites, late models and sprint cars.

Every weekend we still miss Manzy. I haven’t found another cool place to watch the dirt cars run out here.

So if you ever get the opportunity to go to a dirt track, jump all over it. You’ll meet the nicest people, have no end of fun, and create some really great memories along the way 🙂

The Robert Redford factor…

When I was an impressionable young teen my mother (who is about the most gorgeous, glamorous creature you ever did see) always told me to make sure I had my lips and mascara on and my hair looking good before I walked out the door, because you never know when you’re going to run into Robert Redford.

Now, not only did I not have much interest in Redford, but living in a small city in New Zealand, the likelihood of bumping into him on the way to the store was somewhat remote. However, she had never steered me wrong, and in the divine world of fabulous, she had it going on. Actually I blame her for this obsession I have with skin care and make up….

Anyway, the pattern was set, and I always made sure I was putting my best foot forward everywhere I went. Just in case, you know?
(She also told me to always have clean underwear on in case I had to be taken away in an ambulance, so I’m placing my lingerie obsession squarely on her shoulders too).

So last night we went to Chase Field to a Diamondbacks game. (I love going to see any live sporting event) and, of course, I had my lips on, and my hair pulled back into a fab pony. It was the Robert Redford factor, still in place all these years later.
And wouldn’t you know it I looked up and there I was in all my glory way up there on the Jumbo-tron.
Now as far as I know, I didn’t know a soul in that 22 000 strong crowd, so it didn’t matter in the least, and even if I knew them all it still wouldn’t matter, but my first thought was “thank God I just put more lipgloss on…”

And as for Redford? Mothers are more prescient than we give them credit for. Shortly after moving to Hollywood a publicist we knew gave amazing opening night tickets to my friend Mia (fabulous casting director who you’ll be meeting soon) and me to see Glenn Close playing Norma Desmond in the stage production of Sunset Boulevard. The show was to die for!
Five minutes before showtime who should walk in and sit directly infront of us? None other than Robert Redford himself!

A little side note here – he had the most amazing thick head of hair, and as soon as the lights went down, without thinking, Mia and I both leaned forward and smelled it…

The Perfect Face of Summer

Do you ever find that when the weather warms up your foundation starts to look cakey and overdone?

Now that summer is here it’s time to change up your make up wardrobe. This is the time of the year when we really want our skin to look fresh and dewy, clean and healthy. Traditional foundations start to sweat and melt, and really don’t look good after an hour or so at a picnic in the park. (or any other outdoor pursuit!)

I’m sure you’re all being beaten half to death with sales pitches for tinted moisturizers right now. In theory I think they’re great, but in reality I find they don’t give enough coverage, so skin looks blotchy, they move unevenly on the skin as the day wears on, leaving you looking patchy, your other color products don’t want to stay on them, and if you are anywhere near a combination skin or slightly oily skin your skin winds up looking gooey.

Hardly what I’d call fabulous…

One of the best kept secrets out there is a magic potion for summer skin.
It’s a product by Make Up Forever called Face and Body.

Face and Body gives gorgeous coverage and keeps the skin looking even and beautiful, without looking made-up or overdone. It is very sheer, but has a divine texture which makes everyone’s complexion look amazing.
It doesn’t require much in the way of powder, so you stay very fresh faced. Blush and eye shadow both hold to it beautifully too.

This is the only foundation that you will ever hear me tell you to apply with your finger tips and not a foundation brush. You take a very small amount and gently move it in small circles, rather than just wiping it over the surface. (when you buy this product have them show you how to apply it).

For years Face and Body has been a pro make up artist product, I’ve used it on endless beach shoots, celebrity appearances, sports television as well as fashion work. Its the foundation that I recommend to all my clients, and that I wear myself all summer long.

Make Up Forever isn’t sold in most department stores.
You can find it nationwide at Sephora, at the Make Up Forever Studio store in NYC,
Nigel Emporium in North Hollywood, the Skin and Make Up Institute in Phoenix.
You can also check their website for more locations www.makeupforever.com

Love it! Love it! Love it!