The Perfect Face of Summer

Do you ever find that when the weather warms up your foundation starts to look cakey and overdone?

Now that summer is here it’s time to change up your make up wardrobe. This is the time of the year when we really want our skin to look fresh and dewy, clean and healthy. Traditional foundations start to sweat and melt, and really don’t look good after an hour or so at a picnic in the park. (or any other outdoor pursuit!)

I’m sure you’re all being beaten half to death with sales pitches for tinted moisturizers right now. In theory I think they’re great, but in reality I find they don’t give enough coverage, so skin looks blotchy, they move unevenly on the skin as the day wears on, leaving you looking patchy, your other color products don’t want to stay on them, and if you are anywhere near a combination skin or slightly oily skin your skin winds up looking gooey.

Hardly what I’d call fabulous…

One of the best kept secrets out there is a magic potion for summer skin.
It’s a product by Make Up Forever called Face and Body.

Face and Body gives gorgeous coverage and keeps the skin looking even and beautiful, without looking made-up or overdone. It is very sheer, but has a divine texture which makes everyone’s complexion look amazing.
It doesn’t require much in the way of powder, so you stay very fresh faced. Blush and eye shadow both hold to it beautifully too.

This is the only foundation that you will ever hear me tell you to apply with your finger tips and not a foundation brush. You take a very small amount and gently move it in small circles, rather than just wiping it over the surface. (when you buy this product have them show you how to apply it).

For years Face and Body has been a pro make up artist product, I’ve used it on endless beach shoots, celebrity appearances, sports television as well as fashion work. Its the foundation that I recommend to all my clients, and that I wear myself all summer long.

Make Up Forever isn’t sold in most department stores.
You can find it nationwide at Sephora, at the Make Up Forever Studio store in NYC,
Nigel Emporium in North Hollywood, the Skin and Make Up Institute in Phoenix.
You can also check their website for more locations

Love it! Love it! Love it!

Divine Hair Treatment

If you’re anything like me, summertime can be quite tricky on your hair.

My hair is long and thick, and tends to dry out very easily. Beach vacations, pool time, boating, and all our summer pursuits just make it worse.

I have a favorite product/hair lifeline for you! I absolutely swear by Ojon.

Every other week (more frequently if needed) I use the Restorative Treatment at night. You scoop out a small amount of the paste, rub it between your hands until it liquifies, and massage it into the hair and scalp, then use the little tribal comb to pull it through evenly.
I throw a towel over my pillow and sleep in it, then rinse it out in the morning and follow up with their Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner.

Without fail my hair regains its shine and luster!

Check them out at

Have a beautiful day!

Which Red Are You?

Do you ever wish you could wear red lipstick but cant ever find the right one? As a make up artist I spent years sourcing out reds, and have palettes and bags full of them. They are typically tricky to work with and can be quite challenging to wear. If you find the killer color, you can guarantee the texture doesn’t work, or if you get the perfect texture and wearability the color turns after 5 minutes.

So I’m going to let you in on a little secret….

When it comes to reds the only name you need to know is Julie Hewett. (

Julie is a Hollywood movie make up artist, responsible for much fabulous movie make up magic. Check out her movie credits on her website! Anyway, when Julie was making the movie Pearl Harbor, she couldn’t find the perfect red lip that she wanted for Kate Beckinsdale, so she ended up making it herself. When the world at large saw the movie, everyone wanted that amazing red lip, magazines wrote about it, celebs and socialites begged for it, and every make up artist just had to have it!

So out of screaming necessity Julie had to create and release her boutique line of reds.

The Julie Hewett Noir series is the ultimate set of reds.

When you check out her website, look at the “Which Red Are You” section. She shows you each red, and explains who that color is perfect for. If you’re a pro make up artist you need them all in your kit. If you’re just a gal in need of the best red ever, look no further!
Pay special attention to the lip liners too. Rouge Noir is a staple in my kit.

One of my favorite things about the noir series, apart from the amazing colors, is that they wear so beautifully. They last so well and dont bleed. They also leave the lip nicely hydrated due to the camelia oil she puts in them.

I use them in my kit, I wear them myself, and when I teach pro make up artistry classes I make sure my students are well versed in them.

Julie Hewett is not sold in department stores. On the website you can check out the locations, or just order online

Have a beautiful day!