The Greatest Love…..

I am always being asked by clients, friends and everyone else, what my favorite product is.

When it comes to skin care I am in love beyond love with the amazing Cream de La Mer.

When the product first hit the market I could tell when a client sat in the make up chair if they were using it. La Mer gave results like nothing else, skin radiated such a glowing beauty, and every celeb had her fingers in it!

These days you dont hear about it quite as much, but the product still packs the most fabulicious punch. Its magic in a jar when dealing with a tricky or troubled skin, especially when skin is dehydrated or looking a little dull.

On photoshoots when we need a little help, it gives me instant results and breathes such life into the skin, which then makes make up look fantastic.

Personally I use it as my rescue product. I never fly anywhere without it. On longhaul international flights its the only thing on my skin, and I may reapply a couple of times throughout the flight. Even after 14 hours in the air from LA to Sydney my skin arrives looking radiant and immaculate!

Any time my skin needs some extra lovin, any time I’m looking tired, any time my world needs a boost, I turn to my Cream de La mer. Its divine, its perfection, its true love, and when you open the jar you get bathed in magic white light, and the angels sing…..

Protect That Beautiful Face From The Sun!

Have you ever had one of those hideous photo-aging pics done, and seen the crazy sun damage thats lurking under the surface of your skin, ready to bust out and steal your flawless glory?

Quite frankly, its ghastly! (BTW thats not me)

For years I thought I was doing the right thing by only using moisturizers and foundations that have SPFs in them (usually SPF15). Then the sun damage started peeking thru….

You see the SPF in those products doesn’t quite cut it. Its a fabulous accessory, a wonderful and clever addition to your SPF wardrobe, but its not enough on its own.

If you think about how much sunscreen you put on at the beach, its literally tablespoons full. Your moisturizer tends to be just a quick wipe.

I have found over the years that most free standing facial SPFs tend to be either too slimy on the surface of the skin, so make up doesn’t adhere well, or otherwise after a few days the skin starts breaking out.

After years of searching I have found the purrfect solution!

Everyday (even in the winter months) after my moisturizer has had a couple of minutes to soak in, I then apply one of my favorite products, Rhonda Allison SPF 30. This one soaks into your skin, and after a couple of minutes you can apply your make up over it.

I’ve used this product for two years now, and swear by it!

Most of your facial sun damage happens while you’re going about your day, moving back and forward from your car to the office/store/wherever you’re going. Thats why a super-duper facial SPF is vital!

Now if I’m going to the beach, lying by the pool, on a boat, hiking, biking or on an outdoor location shoot (you get the picture) I change things up a bit. For that kind of powerhouse exposure you need to break out the big guns!

One of my faves is La Posay Athenios SPF 50 .
I use this on models, celebs etc when we’re working outdoors. They understand the importance of a hardcore SPF more than most!

I also love the Neutrogena Helioplex SPFs and have several including SPF 55 and SPF 75 etc.

They dry to a nice finish and make up goes straight over them beautifully. If you’re out having fun in the sun with no make up on you won’t have that slimy, shiny look to your skin either.

Lastly, don’t forget to apply SPF to your throat and chest. Sun damaged necks and decolletes are so unsexy and sooo aging! I swear by big hats and big glasses too.

Stay beautiful!

Desert Mountain with Victoria Canada

Thats me on the left in the Cruz tequila shirt, (courtesy of Connie Eskelson) and Victoria is on the right

Today I worked with one of my favorite event planners in the world, Victoria Canada. I say “in the world” because Vic literally does plan events anywhere and everywhere! And lucky old me gets to go along for the make up portion of the fun ride. I love to travel and I love to do make up, so it works out perfectly!

I work with Vic in many exciting locales, and todays was wickedly beautiful. We were at Chiricahua up at Desert Mountain in Arizona. The views are ridiculously beautiful and breathtaking.

Victoria is known nationwide for her stylish, chic and unique events. She owns two event companies that work in harmony with each other. You can check her out at and also at her event gallery in Scottsdale Arizona, Bright Event Gallery. If you are not in the greater Phoenix/Scottsdale area you can check out the gallery at