Desert Mountain with Victoria Canada

Thats me on the left in the Cruz tequila shirt, (courtesy of Connie Eskelson) and Victoria is on the right

Today I worked with one of my favorite event planners in the world, Victoria Canada. I say “in the world” because Vic literally does plan events anywhere and everywhere! And lucky old me gets to go along for the make up portion of the fun ride. I love to travel and I love to do make up, so it works out perfectly!

I work with Vic in many exciting locales, and todays was wickedly beautiful. We were at Chiricahua up at Desert Mountain in Arizona. The views are ridiculously beautiful and breathtaking.

Victoria is known nationwide for her stylish, chic and unique events. She owns two event companies that work in harmony with each other. You can check her out at and also at her event gallery in Scottsdale Arizona, Bright Event Gallery. If you are not in the greater Phoenix/Scottsdale area you can check out the gallery at