5 Makeup Mistakes That Age You

image by Kelly Cappelli

Most of us put on makeup because we want to look prettier.
Those of us over the age of 25, maybe apply makeup to help us to look a little younger.
The problem is, maquillage mistakes can make you look much older than you actually are, and not in a flattering way.

Here are 5 common makeup mistakes that make you look older:

1. Too Much Powder


Powder’s job is to set foundation and maybe knock down a little excess shine. 
Over powdering your skin can age you 10 years. Instead of looking fresh and glowy and healthy, an over-powdered complexion looks dull, lifeless, dusty and old lady-ish.
Do yourself a favor and only use powder sparingly.

One of my pet makeup peeves is crushed mineral powder foundation. If you have perfect, flawless skin you can maybe get away with it, but for anyone who has even slightly dry skin this type of powdery foundation makes the skin look old, and very dried out, both of which are very aging.

2. Too Much Foundation


We all already know that “less is more”,and yet plenty of us pile on the foundation as though it’s a mask to hide behind.
Thick foundation settles into the fine lines and wrinkles, making them look bigger, and when foundation starts looking opaque (when you can’t see skin through it) your skin looks lifeless and much older.
 The trick is to remember that foundation should look like flawless skin, not like battle paint. Instead of spackling it on thick, find a sheer formula that gives you the coverage you need, and apply the finest coat possible. Let your skin look glowing and fresh and you will look years younger.

3. Abusing Bronzer


I swear bronzer abuse drives me crazy! especially when girls try to contour their cheeks with bronzer.
 Getting the bronzer equation wrong can be super aging too. Some of the culprits are: using a bronzer that is too flat and matte, using a bronzer that is too dark, coloring the face in too much with bronzer, using a bronzer that is too glittery or sparkly.
Remember that bronzer is supposed to make you look like you’ve been outside in the sunshine. Use it to create a little warmth in the complexion.

Try Laura Mercier Matte Radiance baked Powder Bronzer

4. Eye Makeup Overkill


Too much eye makeup makes you look much, much older than you need to. An overly smoky eye or a heavy eyeliner can really make you look aged and tired.

Opt for softer colors, avoid black liner, sparkly finishes, and heavy eye makeup. You can make your eye look fantastic by defining it with soft, neutral shadows and choosing an espresso brown liner instead of a black one.

Try The Eye Pencil Primatif in Basic Brown by Kevyn Aucoin

5. Lips Too Dark


I love a big, bold, dark lip.
But dark lip colors are super aging. They compress the lips and make them look thin, pursed and angry.
Deep, dark, heavy lip shades make you look older, and can also make your complexion look drained, so choose soft, medium toned shades instead.
Another super-ager is matte lipstick on an older girl. Opt for a satin finish to your lipstick and let your lips look luscious!