Allure Magazine ~ Beauty Trends That Makeup Artists Really Want To Disappear In 2016

I think every makeup artist I know has shared this article from Allure on their social media! 
It is on pretty much every private makeup artist group page on Facebook – it’s everywhere – and I love it!

For those of us who actually earn our living being makeup artists, the crazy makeup you see all over Instagram and You Tube is the visual equivalent of nails scratching down a chalk board. 
It’s awful.

Hopefully in 2016 girls will realize that this kind of makeup overkill just makes them look like caricatures of themselves, and that a face that has been obliterated by thick and heavy makeup doesn’t look pretty. 


The Beauty Trends That Makeup Artists Really Want to Disappear in 2016

The new year is a time for reflection, the perfect moment to reevaluate the regrettable life choices you’ve been making. Poor beauty choices are no exception. Here are the eight beauty trends that top makeup artists hope never to see again.

Enough already with the contouring. “People need to stop wearing such heavy makeup for the day. Makeup should highlight and enhance the features you already have, not completely cover them up. I hope a softer, more natural look comes back into trend—this always looks beautiful and elegant and is completely timeless.” —Tonya Crooks, a makeup artist who works with Megan Fox and Molly Sims

And go easy on the foundation. “I wish people would stop copying the heavy-foundation tutorials. People feel like they need to drown their face in foundation and contouring products in order to achieve a flawless finish. In reality, these techniques look better on camera than they do in real life.Try using a more natural foundation—and less of it—and contouring with a powder bronzer. Not only will this look more natural, but it will be much faster as well.” —Daniel Chinchilla, a makeup artist who works with Ariana Grande and Mischa Barton

The perfect “Instagram brow” isn’t perfect at all. “I am over the Instagram- and reality-TV-driven trend of perfectly waxed brows. Brows are meant to be unique to each face. They add character and structure, and those brow shapes that look like precisely pruned lines do neither. I am all for removing the excess stragglers that do nothing for an arch, but I just think it’s important not to go overboard in a quest for the ‘perfect’ brow because it just ends up looking cookie-cutter.” —Suzy Gerstein, a makeup artist who works with Camilla Belle and Julie Bowen

Give it a rest, ombré lip. “Let’s get rid of illusions in general and embrace makeup that enhances what we have.” —Robert Greene, a makeup artist who works with Tinashe and Emily Blunt

Matte brown lipstick (not naming any names). “It’s incredibly aging and does nothing to complement your skin or features.” —Kelly Hanna Thompson, a Kryolan makeup artist.

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Baking your makeup. “‘Baking’ your makeup has been around for a long time. Performers, drag queens, dancers, and even some actors have been doing this technique that involves letting heavy layers of powder sit or ‘bake’ on the skin while they apply the rest of their makeup. It gives a really strong and striking effect that looks great under heavy stage lighting, and of course with a good Instagram filter. The problem with baking is that unless you have baby-soft, flawlessly smooth skin, it will accentuate any fine lines or dry skin and will look completely fake in person.” —Luis Casco, the lead on-camera makeup artist for Project Runway

Clown contouring. “Crazy contouring or facial mapping, where you basically draw all over your face using heavily applied makeup in the wrong colors and then pretend a Beautyblender can save the day…let’s just make it stop. In the age of body-positive declarations, let’s bring back the love for natural and subtle enhancements of our facial features.” —Brandie Hopstein, a makeup artist who works with Becky G. and Pia Mia

Toni Garrn Lip Bombs Allure Magazine

Not only is model Toni Garrn completely stunning, but apparently she is now also completely single after dumping super-douche 
Leo DiCaprio. (who in my book maintains equal douchebaggery status to that of child-slime Justin Bieber).


Photographer Camilla Akrans captures Garrn in the November issue of Allure Magazine in a story exalting the majesty of sexy, bold fall lip colors.
Beautiful makeup by Wendy Rowe.

Lip Bombs




The Top 5 Manicure Wreckers

I actually found this in an old issue of Allure Magazine,
but as I’ve been wearing bright nail polishes instead of my usual french manicure, I thought it was pretty pertinent.
I added some of my own opinions to the list….

There are several common offenders that prematurely wreck your manicure. Here are 5 of them:

1.) Doing dishes without wearing rubber gloves to protect both your nails and the skin on your hands.

2.) Alcohol
Constantly applying hand sanitizers erodes the top coat and dulls your nail polish.

3.) Texting!
Each keystroke is a tiny trauma to the nails. 
The iPhone keypad is ok though? Surely??

image from

4.) Folding Laundry
When its hot out of the dryer. The heat softens the nail polish and fades the color. Same goes for cooking over a h ot stove.


5.) Scrubs.
Exfoliators not only remove dead skin, but also break down your nail polish. So either avoid them, or wear gloves when you exfoliate.