How To Prepare Your Skin For Early Morning Makeup ~

From the tutorial series, here is one all about prepping your face for makeup when you have an early start to the day.

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When you have to get up extra early in the morning it can be tricky to get your makeup to go on looking beautiful, and to stay on all day. 
Tired or stressed skin can eat makeup off in some areas , while other patches of your skin are dehydrated and grab hold of makeup, leaving it looking cakey and uneven.

Chances are if you have an early start your face and eyes might be a little puffy, and if you haven’t had enough sleep your skin can look grey and lifeless.

 Whether you work in breakfast TV or just have to get up early, the steps to gorgeous are the same.

The tutorial is at the bottom of this post

Step One: Cleanse your skin, but gently.
Give your skin a light cleanse to remove any surface oils or debris and to get it fresh for the new day. Use cool water, as this helps to wake the skin up.

Step Two: Keep your eye gel in the refridgerator.
Applying cool gel to puffy eyes not only hydrates them, but helps to wake up the skin and get rid of puffiness.

If your eyes are looking exhausted or puffy you can also apply a cool washcloth to the area, use a gel filled eyemask that has been kept in the refrigerator over night, or use an eye treatment mask such as skynIceland’s amazing Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels.

10 minutes with these on and your eyes are hydrated, the puffiness is gone, and the skin looks firm and toned. They are magic!

Step Three: Use a moisturizer that contains menthol and/or caffeine. These two ingredients wake the skin up and get the blood circulating, amking your complexion look radiant and glowing.

Step Four: Always use a facial SPF of 30 or higher (I use SPF 85) no matter what the weather is.
Facial SPFs protect your skin from sun induced cancers as well as from premature aging due to sun damage.
Only apply it to the parts you want to look pretty…

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Step Five: Use a good primer.
This will help your makeup to bind and hold, and to go on evenly.