The 8 Most Important Anti Aging Tips Of The Year

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The 8 Most Important Anti-Aging Tips of the Year

by Deven Hopp

The 8 Most Important Anti-Aging Tips of the Year


One of the best things about skincare is that it’s always evolving. It’s a science. Every year we know more about what our skin is doing, and more importantly, how to change what it’s doing, and this year is no exception. We spent 2014 chatting up the industry’s best doctors and experts, and we learned quite a bit. Scroll through for the eight most important anti-aging tips of the year!

Start shaving (yes, your face).

Start shaving (yes, your face).

Shave your face to exfoliate away the outer layer of dead skin and allow deeper penetration of your anti-aging products.

Personally I wouldn’t shave my face, but dermaplaning is a fantastic option 
~ Corinna

Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before you go outside.

For adequate sun protection, you shouldn’t be applying your sunscreen as you run out the door. Apply it 20 minutes before you leave the house to properly safeguard your skin.

Adjust your sleeping position.

Sleep on your back to prevent the sleep wrinkles that come from pressing your face into a pillow night after night.

Hurt your skin to help it.

Microneedlingcosmetic acupuncture, and laser treatments all inflict minor trauma to your skin, which signals cells to create more collagen, resulting in more youthful-looking skin.

Use more vitamin D.

Air pollution has been shown to hinder skin’s ability to create the necessary amount of vitamin D. Plus, the free radicals in the smog in polluted cities cause premature aging. If you live in an urban area, use a serum with vitamin D and an antioxidant-infused moisturizer to protect your skin.

Protect your eyes (more than you already are).

You probably apply eye cream every night, but the delicate skin around your eyes requires more. Use an antioxidant-rich eye cream with SPF during the day, and top it off with a large pair of sunglasses, if you want to keep crow’s feet away.

Balance your pH.

At the optimum pH of 5.5, your skin seals in hydration and can better protect itself from free radicals, pollutants, and environmental irritants. click here to find out how to balance your skin.

Stay away from secondhand smoke too.

Smoke damages your skin’s connective tissue and collagen, whether you’re puffing on the cigarette or the person next to you is. Avoid it all if you want to keep your skin cells healthy.

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