Beauty Tip of The Week #12 ~ Six Secrets To Having A Good Hair Day, Every Day

After one too many difficult hair days, I found this on Career Girl Daily.

May your week be full of good hair days…

What do you when you wake up and your hair looks like it’s been on an adventure that you weren’t invited to? Especially if you’ve got limited time to get ready anyway? Well, besides panic and scream and drag a brush through it with furious abandon, there are a few things you can do in advance to make sure you’re having a good hair day every day! So read on to see our six secrets to a good hair day every day!

image by Kristen Cesiro for Career Girl Daily

#1 Invest in a great pillowcase
It might seem farfetched but investing in a silk pillowcase has hundreds of benefits, while you sleep your hair will glide across the surface and won’t get tangled or messed up. A silk pillowcase will stop your face from creasing on one side too – and feels incredible!

#2 Prepare in advanceIf you know you like your hair a certain way, do some preparation before you wake up. Have a look at some comfortable ways to preserve your style while you’re sleeping, for example sleeping on a plait or with a scarf around your hair after applying serum.

#3 Add some oomph
Teasing the roots of your hair can go a long way in refreshing your look and making your hair look freshly styled. Use dry shampoo or salt spray to add texture to your look, teasing it with a comb or your fingers can help erase any sleep induced flatness.

#4 Treat your hairYour poor hair goes through a lot, set aside some time to treat it with a great mask. Don’t forget to use heat protection serum to avoid any damage or split ends, and look for a good mask that will keep your hair hydrated and fed. 

#5 Shower-right
It may seem obvious but using a great shampoo and conditioner can make a huge difference to how your hair falls. Rinse your hair through with cold water before you get out of the shower to tame frizz and seal in the moisture, and if possible let it naturally dry.

#6 Go easy on the heat
Let your hair have a breather if possible, go easy on the curling tongs and straightening irons and if you use a hair dryer, make sure you use a wide barreled brush and get the perfect blow out.

Beauty Tip Of The Week #11 ~ 5 Reasons I Love Yoga

Breathe in faith, breathe out fear.

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I’m obsessed with yoga.
When I can go to class 5 days per week, I feel amazing.
Problem is I’m often working 60-80 hours per week, and just can’t get to class. And I barely get time to practice at home.

But I am convinced that the regular practice of yoga is one of the greatest beauty tips ever.

5 Reasons I Love Yoga

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                      1. The Zen Factor.
YogaOutlet.comIn a hectic, fast paced life, that hour or so of controlled movement and breathing is heaven. A peaceful,  zenned out, stress-free face is a thing of beauty.

2. Breathe it on in, love it on out.
An hour focused on breath is a wonderful thing. (90 minutes is even better). Total focus on the breath helps get oxygen to every cell in your body. Every cell in your body benefits from oxygen, and with yoga breathing your skin glows and you feel wonderful.

3. Shapely Shoulders

Consistent and faithful practice of yoga gives you lovely, shapely arms, shoulders and upper back, and everything looks great with nice shoulders! Dresses, blouses, tanks and tee’s all drape beautifully from and look gorgeous with nicely shaped shoulders. Even if you are packing a little extra junk in the trunk, you can offset it and draw all the attention away from it with a lovely upper body.

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4. Posture Perfect.
Constant practice of yoga naturally gives you lovely posture.
Your shoulders square, your strengthened core holds you upright, your tight hips and pelvis loosen, your new sense of balance changes the way you move.
Great posture speaks to inner confidence and calm, both of which are incredibly alluring. 
You never see a truly stunning woman with bad posture. Virtually every major celebrity, model, and fashionista carry themselves with regal bearing.

5. Anyplace, Anytime
You don’t have to go to the gym or to a yoga studio to practice yoga. At any time in any place you can drop and stretch, center yourself, calm yourself, give yourself balance, and get relaxed. 

Tell me what you love about yoga in the comments section below!


Beauty Tip of The Week #9 ~ How To Choose The Perfect Blush

Choosing the right blush for your skin can be challenging. Just standing in front of a giant display of amazing blush shades can be totally overwhelming, especially when they all look so beautiful!
It’s not only about which color is perfect for you, but also which texture is ideal for your specific skin type.
If you find shopping for blush a little confusing, or if you have a makeup drawer full of blushes you don’t wear, then this one’s for you!

HowTo Choose The Perfect Blush

image of Katie Bunn by Eric Cassee, hair by Will Zecco, makeup by Corinna Cooke

1. Know your undertone

The first step to choosing the perfect shade of blush is to know the undertone of your skin. Not a color theory expert? No problem: if you wear foundation that falls into the porcelain/ivory/beige grouping then chances are you have a cool undertone to your skin. If your foundation is a bronze,olive or ebony shade you are probably a warm tone. (Ebony skin can wear cool tones too).

2. Know the undertone of your blush.

If you have a cool toned skin then you want a cool toned blush (or a neutral). If you have a warm complexion then you will look best in a warm blush. If the cool/warm thing is confusing to you, think of your blue based pinks as being cool colors and your orange/nutmeg/copper/bronze based shades as being warm.

Apricot looks lovely and refreshing on everyone, and there are some blushes that look good on most skins, but understanding warm and cool colors is key.

3. Don’t fall off the deep end.

Once you have the undertone down its time to figure out how deep of a color to choose. My rule is don’t go darker than the shade you naturally flush to. If you go deeper your cheeks will look heavy and muddy. Our goal with blush is to lighten and brighten the complexion, not weigh it down.

4. Choose your texture.

I love cream blushes. On normal to dry skins they are just glorious.

But if you get shiny through the T zone, tend to be a little oily, or just live somewhere super humid a cream blush can make you look super shiny. 

If you are a powder blush girl, opt for one that has a fine texture and lays smoothly on the skin.

5. Finish it up.

Once you have your shade and texture sorted out don’t forget to check out the finish of your blush.

I avoid anything with big, sparkly particles as they can make the face look horribly glittery. A blush that is too matte can make your complexion look flat, dull and lifeless.

I like blushes that have a soft sheen to them so that light can pop off the cheek, lifting and brightening the face.

Here are my 4 favorite blushes from my pro makeup kit

My favorite blushes

Clockwise from the left: 

Nars Multiple in Portofino

Inglot AMC Liquid Blush in 85

Nars Blush in Orgasm

MAC blush in Melba