5 Things I Love About Australia

I love Australia.

Love it.


It is so hard to comprehend just how huge this country is, how varied the landscape is, and how much this amazing country has to offer.

In honor of the fact that I am here in the land down under at the moment, here are 5 things I absolutely love about Australia.

1. The Wide Open Skies.

The Australian sky is beyond belief. It is so endless, so blue, so all encompassing. You feel so incredibly small under the sky in Australia, and when you look up anything and everything you’ve ever wished for feels achievable, obtainable, within your reach.

image by Joe Mulgrew

2. The Spectacular Coastlines

Australia’s coast lines are so incredibly, awe inspiringly beautiful. No matter where you are.

Whitehaven Beach, Queensland Australia

And even more astounding is the fact that all these gorgeous beaches seem empty, even if they are full. 
So much land + so few people = endless space.
With a population of only 24 million and a land mass approximately the same size as America there is an incredible feeling of freedom here.

3. The Way Of Life.

Aussies really know how to live.
They have the best of everything, wide open spaces to live in, modern, international, cosmopolitan cities, sunshine, beaches – everything.
And they have a lifestyle that has no comparison. I always think that Australia is about quality of life. Australians know how to get the maximum out of every day, and then take time out at the end of the day to enjoy fabulous Aussie wine and a movie with a view.

outdoor movies at St George open air theater, Sydney

4. Kangaroos.

They have them.
There are actually more kangaroos than humans in Australia.
And no matter how many times you see them in their giant herds called “mobs” – a mob of kangaroos! you still get totally wowed.
They are amazing!


5. The People.

Aussies tend to have wide open, smiling faces. The are friendly, fun, happy people – basically the exact opposite of anyone who works at Chicago O’Hare airport.
And they have Chris Helmsworth. Did you see Vacation???