10 Instant Butt Boosters

Every girl wants to make her backside look fabulous!

As we move through the end of summer 
and start buying up our wardrobe for fall

here are 10 tips I found in a magazine a while back,
 to give your butt an instant boost.

1. Wear The Right Pants

To accentuate your derrierere wear pants with narrower legs.

They don’t have to be skin tight all the way down, just fitted thru the backside. 

Cotton cigarette pants can be super sexy.

2. Avoid Shimmer.

Shiny fabrics draw attention to imperfections, and everybody has them. Avoid taffetas, shiny silks, satins.

3. Know Your Pockets

Large pockets make your tush look bigger, small pockets make it look smaller. But watch out for a small pocket on a big booty – it can make you look even bigger.

The placement and style of the pocket is crucial too. Be aware of how close or how far apart the pockets are and where in relation to the waist they sit. Sometimes a pocket that sits a fraction lower than normal can make the backside look a little higher.

4. Go Indigo!

Dark rinse jeans make the butt look smaller and tighter. If you are going for a white jean, opt for a thick denim. Thicker weaves shape you.

5. Know Your Rise

A low rise is super cute on a small butt, whereas a waistband that sits at the navel flatters a larger booty, making it look round, not wide.

6. See A Tailor

There is a 90% chance that your backside will look better after your pants have been tailored to fit you. Whether its your everyday jeans or your killer black pants, get them tailored!

7. Sharpen Your Pencil Skirt

The same applies to pencil skirts. Have your tailor nip and tuck it to fit your body. A pencil skirt that is too baggy makes your butt look bigger, one thats too tight squishes it and makes it look flat. Ideally your skirt should cup your bottom. Your tailor can nip the center back seam just below the rear, and make it magic.

8. Work Your Heels.

The higher the heel, the closer to heaven. Wearing a higher heel arches your back and curves your butt, giving it a perkier, lifted shape.

(make sure you learn how to walk in heels. Nothing makes any shape of bottom look more glorious than walking beautifully in high heels)

9. Beware of Leggings

In sunlight, thin fabrics can show dimples, even on a slim rear end. Check your back end out in bright light before stepping outside.

10. Camouflage Cellulite

You simply cannot overlook the value of spanx. Even the thinnest actresses wear them on the red carpet to avoid jiggle and to keep everything smooth. 

heavily excerpted from Allure Magazine