Mother’s day Gift Ideas From Space NK ~ Rose Renaissance

This arrived in my email inbox this week, and I put it into my list of ideas for Mother’s Day!

How Totally beautiful is this?? I adore roses and I think any (or all) of these items make a fabulous Mother’s day gift.


Chantecaille Pure Rosewater

Chantecaille Pure Rosewater 

This delicately scented facial mist, made from hand picked rose petals refreshes, revives and makes dull skin look radiant. It also feels lovely.


Miriam Quevedo Black Baccara Moisturizing Bio-Adaptive Soft Cream

Miriam Quevedo Black Baccara Moisturizing Bio Adaptive Soft Cream is specifically adapted for all skins, combining the nourishing properties of the rose with a lightweight texture.


Miriam Quevedo Black Baccara Dynamic Booster - Energizing

Miriam Quevedo Black Baccara Dynamic Energising Booster is like a breath of fresh air for your skin. It harnesses oxygen to increase cellular respiration. It gives fast results and feeds the skin with nutrients for radiant, healthy skin.


By Terry Baume de Rose Face Cream


By Terry Rose Cream melts into the skin with nourishing, moisturizing, soothing and protective properties. Love.


By Terry Baume de Rose Nutri-Couleur Lip Balm, 1 ROSY BABE,

By Terry Baume De Rose Lip Balm is a celebrity favorite lip balm infused with rose flower essential wax. It makes your lips supple, soft and kissable, and comes in a variety of shades.



Diptyque Roses Scented Candle 6oz,

The Diptyque Roses Candle ‘s exquisite medley of roses reminds you of an English garden in June. The fragrance is beautiful and romantic and is loved and lauded worldwide.


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Makeup Tips For Girls Who Wear Glasses ~ Beauty Tip Of The Week # 24

Do you wear glasses? I do. And I love them.

Glasses wearing girls are always asking me about how to do their makeup and still look and feel glam, so today’s post is dedicated to all the lovely ladies of the frame and lens.

Makeup Tips For Girls Who Wear Glasses


1. Color correct your under-eyes.

Glasses tend to magnify any dark rings or dark areas under your eyes. Using a skin toned or ivory toned concealer can make the area look ashy or grey, but a peachy pink color correcting concealer will neutralize your dark circles and draw attention to your beautiful eyes.

Try Le Camouflage Stylo by Chantecaille


2. Keep Your Foundation Sheer.

You do need to apply foundation around your eye area, but you must keep it sheer. Thick foundation gunks up the nosepads on your glasses, and if your glasses touch your cheeks or the skin under your eyes you have the combination of lifting makeup off your face, and getting a gooey layer of makeup on your frames.

I’m never a fan of crushed mineral foundations anyway, but for glasses wearers they can be extra awful as the lenses magnify how crusty and dry the swirl-tap-buff products make your under eyes look. If the skin under your eyes looks dry, you look aged.

3. Define Your Brows.

Eyebrows may just be the most important feature on your face. Draw attention to your eyes by framing them with gorgeous brows. Well defined brows can offset heavy glasses frames and can create a lovely lift to your visage.

Try Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift Shape Lift And Shade Tool


4. Line Your Eyes.

Adding some definition to the lashline can really help draw attention to your peepers, and stop them from getting lost behind your fabulous frames. Whether you are rocking a feline flick or just getting a little outer corner accent, liner is key.

Try Charlotte Tilbury Feline Flick in Panther


5. Avoid Bright Colored Shadows.

Your frames draw attention to your eyes – you don’t need bright eye shadow colors to make them stand out. Bright eye shadows just confuse the issue. Opt instead for neutral shades, letting your brows and lash line, combined with your frames, to all the talking.

To add a pop of color to your look choose a brighter, more vibrant lip color.

6. Beware Of Dark Shadows.

Just as bright eye shadow colors can look clown-like under glasses, dark shadows and smokey eyes can look really heavy when magnified by your lenses. Try a mid-toned shade, and blend it well.


 I am loving the Fall 2015 Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Long-Wear Luminous Eyeshadow  in Rouge Gorge and in New Moon.

Buff and blend this beautiful creamy shadow for a soft but long lasting look.

Charlotte Tilbury Looks Campaign

Coveted, March 2015

I’m always planning another international trip, and as such am always looking for perfect travel items.

This month’s coveted list make up the perfect travel pieces. They are gorgeous, modern, and some of them are timeless…

The Coveted List March 2015

Clockwise from left:

Rag and Bone Classic Tee. Perfect to travel in, chic with white pants, maybe the most perfect tee I have ever found. 

Available at

Chantecaille Rose De Mai Face Oil. I’m obsessed with face oils, and this one is sensational. Super hydrating and nourishing it leaves a luxurious texture to the skin. Rich in vitamin C it is also anti aging and has healing properties. Available at Nordstrom.

Ellis Faas Hot Lips. I always travel with Ellis Faas products. Their unique bullet packaging is ideal for your handbag or your travel bag, and the products themselves are amazing pro makeup artist quality. Hot Lips are super pigmented, so a little goes a long way. They are non greasy, long wearing, and don’t dry out your lips. I adore fuchsia lips so am coveting their L403 Bright Fuchsia shade.

Dolce and Gabbana Sunglasses. I’ve been wearing aviators the past couple of years and want to change it up. I love these animal print glasses, and also their floral sunglasses. 

Prada Backpack. I am a Prada girl through and through. I normally shop at the Prada outlet in Montevarchi where prices are 75% off, just as the items are arriving in the stores here. It’s brilliant! This Prada soft calf leather backpack is a timeless piece that is perfect to travel with and will also look chic running around town. I would love it paired with the Rag and Bone Classic Tee, a pair of white linen pants and a nude wedge or platform shoe. In a perfect world that would be my spring/summer uniform this year :))

NORDSTROM - Shop Spring's Hot Handbags