The Holiday Gift List ~ 5 Beauty Gadgets

Here come the holidays and all their gift giving (and gift receiving!) glory. If you are making a list, either for giving or for presents you’d like to receive, here are 5 of my favorite beauty gadgets that make incredible gifts:



I adore my clarisonic. I have had mine for years and it still works perfectly, so it’s actually a great investment.
When I’m shooting a movie I need my actresses’ skin to stay immaculate, so I get them each a Clarisonic – you just can’t beat them. Read about Clarisonic here

Order a Clarisonic here:

Amika Switch Kit

Amika Switch Kit

This is my favorite new hair curling system. I love having the flexibility to switch out curling irons and wands without having to buy multiple curling irons.
Today I’m changing up my look and using the “beachy waves” wand.
Read about the Amika Switch kit here: Amika Switch Kit
Order an Amika Switch Kit here 

Sonic Diamondcare Toothbrush

Sonic Diamondcare Toothbrush

You can’t beat a great smile with gleaming teeth!
This is the ultimate way to get superwhite, super clean teeth.
I love the travel pack too – it’s convenient and functional

Q Redew

Q Redew

It looks like a torture device but its actually a hair refresher!
When your hair is looking flat, curls are lacking luster or maybe you just need to squeeze one more day out of your blow out, the Q Redew works like a cool air humidifier paired with a steamer. You won’t make your head wet, and the steam won’t give you crazy frizz, it just revitalizes the ‘do and makes it look like you just finished styling your hair.
Order a Q Redew here:

Nuface Trinity Facial Toning Device

Nuface Trinity Mini

I’m a huge fan of microcurrent facial treatments.
Basically on a muscular level they tone and shorten the fibers, and on a dermal level they stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, the combined result being significant anti-aging. 
The Nuface Trinity Facial Toning Device lets you give yourself these amazing (and expensive!) treatments at home, saving you a small fortune.

Order your Nuface Trinity Facial Toning Device here:

Summer Boobie Lovin

Tis the season of the boobie.

Kate Upton’s boobs

Summer is in full swing, necklines are plunging, sundresses are cut low, and from bikini tops to loose tanks, chests are out and boobies are in.
This is the time of the year that is all about gorgeously bronzed, glowing, skin skin skin.
But did you know that you might actually be doing irreparable damage to your twin assets??

Kate Upton’s Breasts

The super tanned, golden chest of today is the wrinkled up, deflated chest of tomorrow.

Sun damage makes them fall.

Just as the sun breaks down elastin and collagen and is the leading cause of premature aging in your face and neck, so it does to your breasts.
Although they may look ripe, full and firm right now, sun exposure can have them looking old and saggy way before their time.

However much exposure you are giving them this summer, whether it is just top boob or side boob, cleavage or full blown topless, use a self tanner on your chest to get the golden glow, then save the girls from both the UVB burning rays and the UVA aging rays with a broad spectrum SPF of 50+
To avoid looking like a sideshow on the beach reapply sunscreen via aerosole, opting for a waterproof, high SPF)

The same applies to your decollete.

Sofia Vergara Decollete

This summer’s super bronzed, glamour decollete can wind up looking like next fall’s wrinkled, crinkled, discolored, uneven textured, old lady chest. Using high powered broad spectrum SPF protection can keep it looking completely delectable in low cut necklines for years to come.

Scarlett Johannson’s boobs

With the extra skin exposure of the warmer months comes the need for extra skin care.
Smooth on a moisturizer high in antioxidants every morning, followed by your SPF, and in the evening help lift away dead skin and debris, as well as SPF build up by using a Clarisonic. Alternatively use a gentle body exfoliant like
Ren Guerande Salt Exfoliating Body Balm 
once a week, followed by a firming moisturizer rich in retinols, or a luscious cocoa butter to keep the girls glowing.

Anti-aging – How To Keep Your Neck Looking Young

Neck beauty

image by Kelly Cappelli

In my early 20’s I developed a manic fear

of getting a Warren Beatty-esque “turkey neck”.

After endless dollars spent on skincare products

an hours of fruitful discussions with my equally

neck conscious dermatologist,

here is the game plan we came up with,

and that I’ve used for years.

 Starting with the cleanse

Ever a huge fan of Clarisonic, I am a great believer in extending the nightly cleansing ritual beyond the face, and actually encompassing the throat and chest.

The Clarisonic not only gives a 6 x deeper cleanse, removing impurities and product build-up, but it also removes debris from the surface of the skin, keeping it smooth and fresh. With the surface debris removed, products can be better absorbed.


I couldn’t live without my serums! Whether I’m using simple or complex oils, firming, lightening or brightening serums, I always extend them beyond the jawline to the throat and chest. When applying products to the throat always work from the base of the throat upwards toward the jawline.

NYC based dermatologist Patricia Wexler recommends in Allure magazine that you use products containing tetrapeptides (such a s Strivectin TL) below the jawline, as they help make new collagen and elastic tissue, which help make the skin look firmer and younger.

Wexler also recommends Niacin, a B vitamin that penetrates the skin barrier and strengthens it, dramatically improving the texture of the throat and neck.

Sun Protection

Don’t stop at the jawline – every day, come rain or shine, use a facial SPF product with a broad spectrum protection of 50+ on all exposed areas of the throat and chest. Regardless of how much youth you have injected, lasered, peeled into your face, if the accompanying throat and chest look ruddy and worn, you look old. Nothing does more skin damage or ages you faster than sun damage.


Lotions and Potions

Neck and throat creams are typically heavier/more powerful/more concentrated than face creams.

Use products designed to protect and repair.