How To Line Your Entire Eye With Eyeliner

From the Corinna B series, here is a quick video on how to line your entire eye with eyeliner.

image Kelly Cappelli

How to Line Your Entire Eye With Eyeliner — powered by ehow

So, to recap:

1. Think about the shape of your eye.
If you have small eyes, keep the liner thin as completely ringing your eye with liner can make it look smaller.
If you have very close set eyes, don’t take the liner all the way into your inner corner, as it can make your eyes look even more closely set together.

2. Use a moderately sharpened pencil – don’t sharpen it to a tight point as it will probably crumble. Don’t use a completely blunted down pencil either, as you will lose definition. You want to have control of the line you are creating.

3. Lie the pencil on it’s side and move it through the lashline, using small, even strokes.
Start in the middle of your eye, move the pencil through the outer corner, ans then come back through the inner corner.
Don’t try to pull it through in one perfect sweep – chances are it will bounce across the eye and make a bumpy, uneven mess.

4.Using an eyeliner brush (like the Corinna B Taklon liner brush) and a powder eyeshadow that matches your eyeliner pencil – dark brown shadow with dark brown pencil / black shadow with black pencil etc

image Kelly Cappelli

firstly set the pencil with shadow to stop it moving and disappearing as the day/night wears on, then secondly using feathering motions, buff through the pencil and soften out that line.
Tipping the angled liner brush on its side, slide it under your lower lashes, and buff a soft smudgy line, accenting your lower lashes. (I prefer not to use pencil under the eye as it doesn’t have much staying power and can look too severe)

5. Top it off with a couple of coats of mascara.

How To Get Gel Eyeliner To Stay On All Day ~

From series of makeup tutorials I recently shot for
How to Keep My Eye Makeup From Disappearing — powered by ehow

How To Get Gel Eyeliner To Stay On All Day.

Its annoying when you put on your makeup in the morning, and by lunch time its mostly gone.
Here’s how to make your gel eyeliner last all day.

1. Start with a well cleansed eye area. Make sure yesterday’s mascara and eyeliner are completely cleansed away.
Use an eyecream or eye gel to moisturize and hydrate the area.

2. Apply a very thin veil of foundation to the eye area and powder it to set.

3. Apply a good quality eyeshadow primer. This combined with the foundation and powder in the previous step will give your eyeliner to bind onto and hold onto.

4. Apply eyeshadow. If you are going for a look that doesn’t use eyeshadow, use a matte, neutral tone.
Again this gives the eyeliner something to bind onto and helps it to hold all day.

5. Use a good quality, synthetic eyeliner brush, like the Corinna B Angle Taklon Liner

6. Starting in the middle of the lash line using small, firm strokes, start applying your eyeliner.

7. Once the eyeliner has set, put on several coats of mascara.

Here is the video:


How to Get Gel Eyeliner to Stay on All Day — powered by ehow

How To Keep Eye Makeup From Disappearing ~

From the makeup tutorial series

How To Keep Eye Makeup From Disappearing

image by Kelly Cappelli

When you apply your eye makeup in the morning, does it still look the same by lunchtime? What about by mid afternoon? Is it still looking as fresh and beautiful as when you first put it on?

There are a few tricks to making your eye makeup stay on all day.

image by Eric Cassee

1. Start with clean skin.
Make sure all of yesterday’s eyemakeup, eyeliner and mascara have been completely removed.
Use an eye gel or eye cream specific to your skin type and hydrate your eye area.
(if the area is dry or under-hydrated makeup will grab to the skin and look blotchy and patchy, and also make you look old).

2. Apply a sheer veil of your foundation over the eye area. This helps to create a smooth, even canvas to work with. Set the foundation with a light coat of powder. If the foundation is not set, or if you don’t use foundation, the eye shadows have nothing to grip onto, and will slip away as the day progresses.

3. Use an eye shadow primer. These will help the eye shadow to go on evenly and help it to bind nicely to the eyelid.Eye shadow primer also helps to get the color of your shadow to look really good and true.

4. Use a really good quality brush to apply your shadow. A good quality brush will pick up the shadow better, glide it across the eye without shedding it everywhere, and deposit the shadow into the skin much better, allowing it to stay all day.

I use badger hair brushes from my own line, available at

Here’s the video:


How to Keep My Eye Makeup From Disappearing — powered by ehow